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The March-ers 2019 #6

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Angelmiracle Fri 28-Sep-18 23:04:30

Welcome to no.6 mamas 😄 We love to chat 😁

Check in 👣🤰🏾🍼

Thread 5

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Jenlou1992 Fri 28-Sep-18 23:06:40

Wow number 6! We are a chatty bunch haha . Wonder what thread we will be on come March

Angelmiracle Fri 28-Sep-18 23:07:46

@thefirsttimer- EDD 23/02/19 - first baby - Boy
@Wineandchoccy- EDD 24/02/19 - 2nd baby - dd is 3
@olivia2019 - EDD 25/02/19 First Baby
@Frenchgal - EDD 25/02/19 - first baby -Boy
@Sjohn81 - EDD 25/02/19
@pushit - EDD 25/02/19 - DD(2yrs9m)- baby twins
@squashbanana1- EDD 26/02/19- first baby
@orangekitkat13 - EDD 27/02/19 - first baby
@Velcro88 - EDD 27/02/19 - first baby
@hamandpease - EDD 01/03/19 - first baby
@Shampooeeee- EDD 01/03/19- 1 DS (2yo)
@Purpleflower1983 - EDD 01/03/19 - baby girl
@TurquoiseWeekend - EDD 01/03/19
@puravida31- EDD 01/03/19 - first baby
@PartridgeJoan- EDD 01/03/19- first baby
@SDP84- EDD 01/03/19 - DD (8yo)
@LittleKitty1985- EDD 01/03/19 - first baby - team blue
@Sophlou- EDD 01/03/19 - 2 DC
@toastfiend- EDD 02/03/19 - first baby
@wordsmithereens- EDD 02/03/19 - first baby
@Barleyfive -EDD 2/03/19
@ladycarlotta- EDD 03/03/19 - first baby
@MoosterTheMoose- EDD 03/03/19 - DD (4yo)- baby girl
@ClaireMcd13- EDD 03/03/19 - DD (4yo)
@Murphyrocks- EDD 03/03/19 - 1 DS (2yo)
@MistakenHoliday- EDD 03/03/19 - one DD (3yo)
@NotDoingThat- EDD 03/03/19 - first baby
@XxsimonexX- EDD 04/03/19 - baby boy
@Mamawithnumber2 - EDD 05/03/19
@sunnywithachanceofpanic- EDD 05/03/19
@TheWanderlust - EDD 06/03/19 - first baby - Girl
@Buttons2 - EDD 06/03/19 - 1 DC
@MrsLCW -EDD 07/03/19 (will be induced around 14/03/19)
@chamcourts - EDD 08/03/19
@starheart- EDD 08/03/19
@7415N1d0r1391117- EDD 08/03/19- 2 DS - Boy
@sarahandduckarehigh - EDD 09/03/19 - 1DS (almost 2)
@1986mumof5- EDD 09/03/19- 4 DC
@Marmite2018 - EDD 11/3/19 first baby 🍼
@lemonsorbetinthesun- EDD 11/03/19
@Mum2bejac -EDD 12/03/19
@loopyloo85 - EDD 12/03/19
@WhataLearningCurve - EDD 12/03/19
@Smilenow2008 -EDD 12/03/19
@Hans123 - EDD 13/03/19
@Gronk27- EDD 13/03/19 - First Baby
@myotherbagisgucci -EDD 14/03/19 - 1DC
@Harlennjerome - EDD 14/03/2019
@Agnie- EDD 14/03/19
@ballanj - EDD 14/03/19 - first baby
@Welshgal18 -EDD 14/03/19
@melissa112 -EDD 14/03/19 - Boy
@MisBit1 - EDD 15/03/19 - 1DS will be 3yo
@HidCat -EDD 15/03/2019 - 1DS (5yo)
@Jenlou1992- EDD 15/03/19 - first baby
@NatashaRomanov- EDD 16/03/19 - 1DD (8yo)
@pearcrumble- EDD 16/03/19 - first baby
@Spud2019 - EDD 16/03/19
@cactusplant- EDD 17/03/19 - 2 DC
@Angel0071987 -EDD 18/3/19
@bluebelltulip- EDD 19/03/19 - 1 DD 18 months
@HoldOnToHope - EDD 19/03/19
@Kee80 - EDD 19/03/19
@modgem - EDD 19/03/19 - first baby
@Orville82 - EDD 20/03/19 - 1 DS (3yo)
@ALRM - EDD 20/03/19 - first baby
@RMack22 - EDD 20/03/19 - first baby
@SquirtlesMumAgain- EDD 20/03/19 - 1 DS (3yo)
@BadBadBeans - EDD 20/03/19 - 1 DS (2yo)
@Elizabeth134 - EDD 21/03/19 - first baby
@cornflower1- EDD 21/03/19
@Daisy2990- EDD 21/03/19 - DS (5yo)
@Charlotte1x -EDD 22/03/19
@penguins18- EDD 22/03/19
@SoBoredofWaiting- EDD 22/03/19
@TheOneWithTheBaby- EDD 23/03/19 - first baby
@Minichuch- EDD 23/03/19 - DS (3yo)
@Doodles1234 - EDD 23/03/19
@Jenfur- EDD 23/03/19 - DS (2yo)
@MyMumDimensionJumps- EDD 23/03/19- 1 DC
@fanks- EDD 24/03/19 - 4 DC
@Jadeelx- EDD 24/03/19 - 1 DS 8 months
@Newbie2703 - EDD 25/03/19 - first baby
@Trevor - EDD 25/03/19
@Bellendejour- EDD 25/03/19 - first baby
@AssumeItWasSomethingClever - EDD 26/03/19 - first baby
@sherbertdibdab -EDD 27/03/19 - 1 DD 21 months
@cardboard33 - EDD 27/03/19 - first baby
@Hurradieweltgehtunter- EDD 27/03/19- baby twins
@nightmanagerfan - EDD 27/03/19 - first baby
@AceyMac13 - EDD 28/03/19
@Moleeye - EDD 28/03/2019
@Tiffbump- EDD 28/03/19 - 2 DC
@Villagefete -EDD 28/03/19 - DD(9yo)
@MsLioness - EDD 28/03/19
@absolutehush- EDD 29/03/19
@TeaRexx - EDD 29/03/19 - first baby
@thecherryontop - EDD 29/03/19 - DD (4yo)
@Angelmiracle- EDD 29/03/19 - DS (5yo)
@BuffaloGiraffe - EDD 30/03/19 - 2 DC
@Fredders - EDD 30/03/19 - first baby
@Sictransitgloria -EDD 30/03/19
@silvertongue - EDD 30/03/19 - first baby
@LovelyFishy - EDD 31/03/19

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Murphyrocks Sat 29-Sep-18 06:58:47

Checking in!

Wineandchoccy Sat 29-Sep-18 07:29:38

Wow thread 6 already.

Hope everyone is ok? DH kindly booked our boiler and fire in for a service at 8.15 on a Saturday and he is at work so I have had to get up and it’s the one day dd is still fast asleep so normally I could be having a lie in angry

AssumeItWasSomethingClever Sat 29-Sep-18 08:15:20

Checking in 😊

PurpleFlower1983 Sat 29-Sep-18 08:16:52

Checking in!

Angelmiracle Sat 29-Sep-18 08:29:15

@Wineandchoccy that always happens me with DS it's the most aggravating not getting that lie on!

I've now taken the head cold a lot of you have had plus a burning throat 😭

We got telling our family and friends yesterday- all over the moon for us they weren't expecting it after nearly 6 years since DS 😂

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SquirtlesMumAgain Sat 29-Sep-18 08:42:56

Just had my flu jab... What a way to start a Saturday morning!

Sictransitgloria Sat 29-Sep-18 08:54:48

Keeping tabs!

I haven’t been able to keep up on the thread so hope you are all well smile

I think I am out the other side of the feeling like 💩 stage and only having it on and off during the week. What symptoms have you all been having? Pregnancy is so weird and wonderful.

Velcro88 Sat 29-Sep-18 09:20:33

Thanks @Angelmiracle, checking in!

BadBadBeans Sat 29-Sep-18 09:32:10

Checking in!

Nightmanagerfan Sat 29-Sep-18 09:53:11

Thanks for the new thread!

Had my worst day ever yesterday in terms of sickness - constant vomiting from early morning. I was meant to be working from home but spent the day in bed. Awful. Just threw up again and trying to eat some toast. At 14+3 I thought things would be better. I’ve also developed a cough, which really doesn’t help with being sick...

Think I’ll csncel all weekend plans and just rest. Maybe do some pram research to keep up with you all!

wordsmithereens Sat 29-Sep-18 10:01:31

Checking in!

Thanks @Wineandchoccy - I'm still torn cause I can see benefits and downsides to both having a solid pram or a super lightweight one. Guess in the end you won't know until you've used it.

@ladycarlotta your sausage rolls story added me loling!

Think I'm still more ill than I thought, managed to have a meltdown at DH last night about prams, because I'd done so much bloody research and spreadsheets and then he comes in belatedly trying to be helpful, but being anything but. (At one point he tried to reassure me by saying that "it's easy to find a pushchair" confused)

In hindsight was totally overtired and sickly though, and also disappointed that after feeling so rotten during week midwives weren't able to have a quick peak at the heartbeat again to reassure me little one got through it all right. Rationally I know it's ok, but it would have been a weight off my mind. And having to repeatedly liaise with ex employer cause they keep messing up my final pay is also not ideal...

Enough rant - sure next week will look a lot brighter! Supposed to go to a baby fair with my sil tomorrow so hope I'll feel well enough for that.

Marmite2018 Sat 29-Sep-18 10:10:11

Also checking in! Feeling frustrated as never heard back from my midwife re: my sample! I did try and get in touch but nothing, guess I shouldn't be worried?!

@Nightmanagerfan I'm sorry to hear you're still suffering the dreaded sickness as well, it is SO shit!!! Feel better soon and take care of yourself. Rest is the only answer.

Shampooeeee Sat 29-Sep-18 10:13:26

Thanks for the new thread.

@MsLioness I think you will be ok. My DS is 28 months and I put the pram away in the garage about a month ago because we just weren’t using it anymore. Does your DS have a scooter? Mine scoots or walks most places or occasionally goes on my back in the sling (eg if I want to walk the dog when he’s sleepy).

Nightmanagerfan Sat 29-Sep-18 10:18:41

@marmite2018 it is isn’t it? Thanks for the solidarity smile I had organised quite a lot of social stuff to catch up with friends, thinking I’d be better by now, it feels so rubbish having to cancel.

Anyone having lower back pain too? Mine is on and off. Mind you at pregnancy yoga last week everyone had back pain

melissa112 Sat 29-Sep-18 10:21:52

Checking in, thanks for the new thread!

@Nightmanagerfan sorry to hear you've had such a bad day sickness wise. I thought I was getting better around that time (and I was) but had a really horrible day one Friday when I was working from home too and was sick constantly throughout the day. Then the next day it had calmed down again so I'm hoping you have the same. Hopefully your cough passes soon too.

@wordsmithereens sorry to hear you're also still feeling rubbish. Feeling so rotten definitely makes me a bit more irritable so I'm with you on that one. Did the midwife give a reason for not listening to heartbeat or do they not routinely do it in your area?

I'm finding pram researching overwhelming. We don't live in a city or town so there won't be any public transport. I'd like one with an overnight suitable carry cot for daytime naps, but if not then I could get something else for downstairs. Also need something that will be ok in country parks and more slightly off road places with the dog too. I've not had much chance to try anything out. Mothercare seem to have them tied down so can't really try them. I did try an icandy strawberry that I like the look of which got good reviews but don't hear of many people who have one/want one so makes me wonder why. Typical!

melissa112 Sat 29-Sep-18 10:23:03

@Marmite2018 I always think no news is good news but maybe give her a call if you are concerned. Did she say she'd ring you either way?

Bluebelltulip Sat 29-Sep-18 10:52:58

@melissa112 that's strange I've always found Mothercare good at letting you try them out, even let me put DD and a weighted newborn doll in them to try.

wordsmithereens Sat 29-Sep-18 10:59:44

@nightmanagerfan, constantly having to cancel social engagements is a right pain. Do hope you feel better soon as well- how far along are you now?

@marmite2018, I try to aim for a "chase assertively but don't worry" policy. I think usually not hearing is a good sign but you still have a right to find out for sure.

@melissa112 Apparently listening to heartbeat isn't a full "wellbeing" check, as it's only a point in time, so nice guidelines don't recommend it, only a full scan would count. And I didn't have a scare as such as there was no bleeding or anything so they wouldn't scan. (Which I agree would be overkill.)

Totally get their rationale, it's just a bit frustrating because they've been banging on about my mental health nonstop (when I've felt well in myself!) insisting they can come round for more support if i feel i need it etc etc. So from my perspective that was pretty much why I was asking, a purely emotional reassurance visit with a bit of placebo heartbeat because I know how I tick mentally and that that'd put me on an even keel. So it's a bit lame to ask for that support and get a no.

Tbh I think my primary midwife would have done it, she seems quite in tune with emotional stuff. But she's just phasing into the team as a new member so has to run everything by and learn all the processes from what was meant to be my primary mw, who I got a much less compatible vibe off when I met her. Guess the upshot is that I lucked out not being with her!

Sorry, this turned into a novel, but helped me process it a bit writing it all out, I think!

melissa112 Sat 29-Sep-18 11:00:31

@Bluebelltulip I'll have to have another look. We're going there today. Did you have to ask or are they just moveable? I don't know if it was just the ones on the higher stands that we couldn't but we didn't try many.

melissa112 Sat 29-Sep-18 11:02:44

@wordsmithereens that's a shame. How far along are you? Is your next scan due soon? Sure everything is fine anyway, I'm like you though, even though I know it's just a snapshot in time, I know it makes me feel better at the time.

wordsmithereens Sat 29-Sep-18 11:08:31

Oh, and re: buggies @melissa112, if you're not as stuck for room as I am and open to silver cross, there is a really good deal on the the pioneer here at the moment. It does sound like it fits your spec quite well? I'm only torn cause of the city dwelling! I only pushed the wayfarer about in mothercare a bit (model down where suspension is meant to be stiffer and less manageable), and even that felt very smooth to me.

wordsmithereens Sat 29-Sep-18 11:14:21

@melissa112 Thanks for listening! I'm 18 weeks now, so thankfully just gotta wait it out to the 20 week scan which is in a couple of weeks and a bit. And yeah, I'm sure it's ok, but like the midwife said it's that weird stage where you can't feel movement yet so probably the external reassurance counts for more because of that.

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