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June 2019 - The Early Birds

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SassehMonsta Wed 19-Sep-18 16:22:23

Hello there,

A new thread for those who are due in June 2019. The Early bird catches the worm! Or, in my case, the sickness.

Feel free to introduce yourselves and make yourself at home.

I'm Sarah, 28, and currently super-early into my pregnancy at 3+1. This will be my second child, and I have in the past, and currently still do, suffer from HG (severe morning sickness).

So come one, come all, let us start our journey with sticky thoughts! Welcome, to the June 19 bus!

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rollerskaterdata Fri 21-Sep-18 08:51:08

Hi Sarah, can I hop on? We're in quite similar positions 🙂 Just found out today I'm pregnant with #2, 27 years old and currently 3+3 so still super early! EDD approx 3rd June. I also had horrid HG with DS until my second trimester started, nothing yet though so hoping I may not get it this time round ha! I'm sorry to hear you're already feeling unwell. I'm a wee bit nervous as AF due date (Monday) hasn't come and gone yet, when it does I'll feel a lot better! Sticky thoughts sticky thoughts! X

SassehMonsta Fri 21-Sep-18 09:00:34

Ahhh very similar - yes, 3+3 today apparently and already back on my sickness medication. Plenty of sticky thoughts - my Due date seems to be 6th June! I will double check though!

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SassehMonsta Fri 21-Sep-18 09:04:00

It's now recalculated to 4th June. Meh, it's late may/early June. smile

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rollerskaterdata Fri 21-Sep-18 11:51:50

He he mine has recalculated at least once too, but yes it's beginning of June at some point!

I'm in a fair bit of discomfort atm, before I tested I could've sworn AF was coming! I've got a dull ache in my lower back, hips, butt and even my lady parts! I'm also getting the odd bout of lightning crotch! I know it's hormones and my body preparing to grow a baby but jeez, I don't remember it starting this early with DS! It's like my sciatica is being triggered super early!

SassehMonsta Fri 21-Sep-18 15:59:25

Blergh - how old is your DS? I have supersmell, combined with nausea. It's an awful combo.

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rollerskaterdata Fri 21-Sep-18 16:58:20

He'll be 4 in December 🙂 how old is your LO?

RC000 Fri 21-Sep-18 17:07:24

Hi all can I join? V faint bfp today for number 2 and due date says 3rd June. Strong metallic taste but no sickness-really feel for those with HG. I have hashimotos hypothyroidism (triggered by first pregnancy) so rather nervous about that and the fact that it is still so early! I'm 33.

Kescilly Fri 21-Sep-18 17:34:57

I'm anxious about joining in because of how early it is, but thought I'd say hello. I'm 35 and this will be our first.

I'm not sure how far I am, if I go by ovulation than I am likely due June 1st. If by LMP, then June 4th?

SassehMonsta Fri 21-Sep-18 18:01:22

Welcome welcome! Yes, super early birds us lot, sending plenty if sticky thoughts.

My DD is 4 IN Dec to! You aren't a secret jingle pregnancy are you?

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rollerskaterdata Fri 21-Sep-18 23:05:03

@SassehMonsta lol I have to confess I don't know what that is! He was born on the 19th. How about yours?

Hi @RC000 @Kescilly 🙂

SassehMonsta Sat 22-Sep-18 04:27:23

@rollerskaterdata "the jingle babies" was the name of the Dec 14 due date bus on here, that moved to Facebook- no worries!

She's the 15th smile I'm glad we aren't having another winter baby but also worried about how we may cope in the heat of summer. (We have 8 family events in December alone, including birthdays, Christmas Nd winter solstice!).


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rollerskaterdata Sat 22-Sep-18 08:58:25

@SassehMonsta ah ok, no I wasn't on that group. And I know what you mean, I'm glad we're having a summer baby next and we planned for it, I really struggled in the cold weather with DS and had PND, and I think the weather had a small part to play in that. I like to think the warmer weather will be easier to deal with (I hope!)

I took another test this morning just to make sure I'm really pregnant! I'm still 2 days away from when AF would have been due and a little bit of me is annoyed at myself for testing so early, as I'm not going to relax until the beginning of next week comes and goes!
I purposefully didn't buy the one with the weeks indicator because I knew I would worry and obsess about the numbers going up at the right time (or not)

RC000 Sat 22-Sep-18 09:26:05

I struggled with PND too so whilst happy, v nervous about all this! I tested again this morning and another VERY faint line!

Kescilly Sat 22-Sep-18 11:37:48

I want to test again but I’m not sure it would tell me anything. I had a lot of cramping last night and some bleeding, so it might be bad news. I’ll have to wait and see.

RC000 Sat 22-Sep-18 11:53:50

Fingers crossed @kescilly - I know that that can be normal x

SassehMonsta Sat 22-Sep-18 12:21:11

Everything crossed for you. Just took a weeks one (never used one before!) And expected 1-2, but actually got 2-3! Maybe I ovulate later than everything predicts as usually when you get 2-3 they date you between 4 and 5 weeks!

I'm going to look into an early scan, so we can tell DD and family.

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Littlemissamy Sun 23-Sep-18 11:36:13

Hello! Can I join? I got my BFP yesterday, but I’m still in the unconvinced stage - even with 4 very positive tests! Looks like my EDD is 3/6/19 :D
I’m very scared after 2 losses last year, and the impending doom of the return of HG which I had with all 4 of my previous pregnancies.
I have a 4 year old son, a 2 year old stepdaughter and I’m feeling very nervous!
How is everyone?

RC000 Sun 23-Sep-18 14:56:09

Hello! Littlemiss same due date as me I think! Feeling very anxious too already 😳 Took 2 more tests this morning - still so, so faint on a waitrose own cheap test but got a pregnant 1-2 on cbd! Hope everyone okay. Any symptoms? I feel exhausted and metal taste in mouth but not sure if too early and all in my head!

SassehMonsta Sun 23-Sep-18 15:24:40

Yes, exhausted and sick here with HG again. Also, super smell which is a bad combo. And acid reflux. Already! Hoped to stave off reflux into l3rd trimester again.

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Littlemissamy Sun 23-Sep-18 17:00:47

I feel really sick but I don’t know if that’s just nerves and tiredness to be honest!
I bought a digital this morning but I’m too scared to take it in case it’s all a big horrible false positive experience sad
My OH has just got home, hungover and gone straight to sleep pretty much (he was on a stag last night!), and I’m bursting to tell him but what if the digital is negative and it’s all wrong?
Honestly, loss completely changes you doesn’t it?!

SassehMonsta Sun 23-Sep-18 17:18:01

sad Take it first thing tomorrow? Then it's first morning urine and more concentrated. More accurate reading. Then you can tell him/not tell him xx
Losses are hard - but there's lots of people out there that can help! Just the anxiety never stops.

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rollerskaterdata Sun 23-Sep-18 18:33:35

Hi @Littlemissamy, I'm sorry to hear about your previous losses. False positives are very rare so you most likely are pregnant, but I understand your hesitation. I would test again tomorrow to ease your nerves and then tell him?

I'm feeling sick already (had HG with last pregnancy), metallic taste in mouth, tired, achy lower body and boobs really hurt (almost like let down feeling I got when breastfeeding DS?!). Testing for the last time tomorrow morning on AF due date and then stepping away from the tests!

Littlemissamy Sun 23-Sep-18 18:58:57

I’ve done it, but I made him look at it and tell me! Pregnant, 2-3 weeks!
I’m still super nervous and not quite convinced but I suppose I better get used to the idea!
Roller, sorry to hear about HG previously, it’s horrendous isn’t it? Hopefully we’ll both dodge it this time!

RC000 Sun 23-Sep-18 19:04:16

Hurrah! I am still going to test due to super faint lines still! Bravo girls!

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