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The March-ers 2019 #4

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Angelmiracle Wed 15-Aug-18 09:25:26

#4 already ladies please check in 👣🤰🏻🍼

@olivia2019 - EDD 25/02/19 First Baby
@Frenchgal - EDD 26/02/19 - first baby
@hamandpease - EDD 28/02/19 - first baby
@Wineandchoccy- EDD 01/03/19 - 2nd baby - dd is 3
@Shampooeeee- EDD 01/03/19- 1 DS (2yo)
@thefirsttimer- EDD 01/03/19 - first baby
@ladycarlotta- EDD 02/03/19 - first baby
@pushit - EDD 02/03/19 - one daughter (2yrs9m)
@LittleKitty1985- EDD 02/03/19 - first baby - team blue
@toastfiend- EDD 02/03/19 - first baby
@puravida31- EDD 03/03/19 - first baby
@orangekitkat13 - EDD 03/03/19 - first baby
@Velcro88 - EDD 03/03/19 - first baby
@MoosterTheMoose- EDD 03/03/19 - DD (4yo)- baby girl
@ClaireMcd13- EDD 03/03/19 - DD (4yo)
@wordsmithereens- EDD 04/03/19 - first baby
@Murphyrocks- EDD 04/03/19 - 1 DS (2yo)
@MistakenHoliday- EDD 05/03/19 - one DD (3yo)
@TheWanderlust - EDD 06/03/19 - first baby
@AssumeItWasSomethingClever - EDD 08/03/19 - first baby
@Marmite2018 - EDD 09/3/19 first baby 🍼
@sarahandduckarehigh - EDD 09/03/19 - 1DS (almost 2)
@jenlou1992- EDD 14/03/19 - first baby
@HidCat -EDD 14/03/2019 - 1DS (5yo)
@myotherbagisgucci 14/03/19 - 1DC
@MisBit1 - EDD 15/03/19 - 1DS will be 3yo
@gronk27- EDD 16/03/19 First Baby
@NatashaRomanov- EDD 16/03/19 - 1DD (8yo)
@ballanj - EDD 16/03/19
@bluebelltulip- EDD 19/03/19 - 1 DD 18 months
@SquirtlesMumAgain- EDD 19/03/19 - 1 DS (3yo)
@Orville82 - EDD 20/03/19 - 1 DS (3yo)
@ALRM - EDD 20/03/19 - first baby
@Jenfur- EDD 21/03/19 - DS (2yo)
@penguins18- EDD 22/03/19
@BadBadBeans - EDD 23/03/19 - 1 DS (2yo)
@TheOneWithTheBaby- EDD 23/03/19 - first baby
@nightmanagerfan EDD 23/03/19 first baby
@Minichuch- EDD 23/03/19 - DS (3yo)
@Angelmiracle- EDD 24/03/19 - DS (5yo)
@fanks- EDD 24/03/19 - 4 DC
@Jadeelx- EDD 24/03/19 - 1 DS 8 months
@Newbie2703 - EDD 25/03/19 - first baby
@sherbertdibdab -EDD 27/03/19 - 1 DD 21 months
@TeaRexx - EDD 29/03/19 - first baby
@thecherryontop - EDD 29/03/19 - DD (4yo)
@BuffaloGiraffe - EDD 30/03/19 - 2 DC
@Fredders - EDD 30/03/19 - first baby

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Angelmiracle Wed 15-Aug-18 09:26:13

Thread 3 link

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myotherbagisgucci Wed 15-Aug-18 09:32:32

Wow thread 4!!

BuffaloGiraffe Wed 15-Aug-18 09:34:17

Checking in, feeling really queasy and tired after aqua aerobics. How is everyone else today?

Angelmiracle Wed 15-Aug-18 09:34:48

March 2019 pregnancy thread:

@Purpleflower1983 - 01/03/19
@TurquoiseWeekend - 01/03/19
@Barleyfive - 2/03/19
@Pushit - 2/03/19
@WhataLearningCurve - 2/03/19
@Smilenow2008 - 03/03/19
@Mamawithnumber2 - 05/03/19
@TheWanderlust - 06/03/19
@MrsLCW - 08/03/19 (will be induced around 15/02/19)
@chamcourts - 08/03/19
@Welshgal18 - 12/03/19
@Mum2bejac - 12/03/19
@loopyloo85 - 12/03/19
@Hans123 - 13/03/19
@Harlennjerome - 14/03/2019
@Ballanj - 16/03/19
@melissa112 - 17/03/19
@Angel0071987 - 18/3/19
@HoldOnToHope - 19/03/19
@Elizabeth134 - 21/03/19
@Charlotte1x - 22/03/19
@LovelyFishy - 23/03/19
@Doodles1234 - 23/03/19
@Trevor - 25/03/19
@cardboard33 - 27/03/19
@AceyMac13 - 28/03/19
@Moleeye - 28/03/2019
@Funnybunnyfluff - 28/03/2019
@Sictransitgloria - 29/03/19
@absolutehush- 29/03/19
@silvertongue - 29/03/19
@Villagefete- 01/04/19

Inviting you ladies on the pregnancy boards over! 😀

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Murphyrocks Wed 15-Aug-18 09:36:26

Checking in, just caught up on 5 pages of messages after being off a couple of days! Can't believe how big the group is now!

For all the new joiners I'm an admin on the Facebook group so do send me a pm here with your real name and a description of your profile pic if you'd like to be added.

Angelmiracle Wed 15-Aug-18 09:36:26

80 in total blush

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Velcro88 Wed 15-Aug-18 09:38:02

Checking in! Thanks for setting up.

I've just been signed off work for this week and next and struggling with guilt. I'm feeling incredibly tired all the time and have constant nausea but not being sick much (averaging roughly once a week!), but just finding the daily slog at work stressful and a bit overwhelming. Took last week off and first day back yesterday I was in tears within the first couple of hours over tiny things. Worried I'm being super wet and I don't think my boss really buys it. Feeling both pleased to have the time at home, but also incredibly guilty and wondering if this is the right thing or if I'm taking the piss. Argh! 😩

Angelmiracle Wed 15-Aug-18 09:46:02

@Velcro88 take the time and rest forget about work. You and baby are no.1 priority. Few days off and you'll forget about work 😊

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barleyfive Wed 15-Aug-18 09:49:20

@velcro88 don't feel guilty, you have to look after yourself and if taking some time out helps then it is so worth it. Work will still be there when you are feeling up to it, but try and relax smile I am in my second week off, and physically and mentally feel so much better, and feel in a much better place to go back next week.

orangekitkat13 Wed 15-Aug-18 10:11:16

I feel like a hot air balloon today. All I have done since getting up is burp constantly! But disputes that I still feel so bloated! 😭 thankfully I'm working from home today but can't see myself getting much done!

@Velcro88 definitely take the time to rest, you're not being wet. It's bloody hard work growing a person!

ALRM Wed 15-Aug-18 10:11:49

Checking in!

AceyMac13 Wed 15-Aug-18 10:14:31

Hi all hope it’s okay to join. Was on the March thread on the pregnancy board. Had an early scan last week and slightly confused on due dates as most of the pictures say 26/03/19 but a couple say 28/03/19!

Bluebelltulip Wed 15-Aug-18 10:22:29

Velcro88 hope you are feeling better soon, take the time to rest and look after yourself as others said work will wait.

puravida31 Wed 15-Aug-18 10:30:26

Checking in, thread 4 already- we’re a chatty bunch!

@Velcro88 I hope taking the time out helps and you start feeling better soon. I understand the work guilt completely, but that little bean is your number 1 now and work will just have to accept that.

puravida31 Wed 15-Aug-18 10:31:44

Welcome @AceyMac13 it’s nice to have us all in one place!

Angelmiracle Wed 15-Aug-18 10:36:52

@AceyMac13 welcome! Thats very confusing! Maybe wait until your dating scan to confirm which one it is!

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Squashbanana1 Wed 15-Aug-18 10:51:22

Hello all!
Can I join you all? My EDD is 2/3/19! First baby! smile
I've been lurking reading all your messages, although I haven't posted as I didn't want to tempt fate I guess - these first 12 weeks can be so nerve racking before actually seeing the baby! I haven't done a early scan or anything so still waiting until next week for mine! smile
I had horrible symptoms - best described as a 3 week hangover! All up until last week in my 11th week when I felt much better! I didn't need to eat so much to counteract the sickness! Has this happened to anyone else?
Excited for this journey ahead with you all

SquirtlesMumAgain Wed 15-Aug-18 10:52:53

Checking in.

The smells are just awful - I can still smell the onions I cut on Sunday and I must have washed my hands (and myself) about 1000 times now!!!
I am going to my parents for a week next week and just can't wait. Dh and G&G to look after DS.... I think I will end up just sleeping, I can barely stay awake as it is!

myotherbagisgucci Wed 15-Aug-18 11:13:01

Just a quick question about the Facebook page @Murphyrocks

If we join the page, will is show up on our friends news feed? As it currently does when you like a post or a page etc. smile

TurquoiseWeekend Wed 15-Aug-18 11:22:11

Hi everyone!
I've just come over from the other thread in the hope they merge and I don't have to keep checking both! I'm in the FB group too.
Due 1st March and we have our 12 week scan tomorrow. So excited!
Hope everyone is doing well.

Murphyrocks Wed 15-Aug-18 11:37:31

@myotherbagisgucci no absolutely not, it's a secret group so no-one can see it unless they're a member, it's not even searchable, so totally private from your friends!

Angelmiracle Wed 15-Aug-18 11:52:29

Hi @Jenlou1992 I just read your achievement on thread 3. Congratulations that is amazing!!! How did you have the energy at all?! I barely manage a brisk walk 🙈 You must be very proud!

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NatashaRomanov Wed 15-Aug-18 11:56:59

Just checking in.
9+4 today, really hoping the sicky feelings vanish by 12 weeks! And the nasty, sour taste in my mouth.
My trousers are already feeling uncomfortable sad. I know that can be normal for subsequent pregnancies, but my DH is scared it's twins! But I have a dating scan on the 29th, so two weeks to wait.
I also had a letter stating that my recent GTT showed a raised level. I haven't even had my booking in bloods done yet, let alone a GTT! So that's a phone call to make later.

AssumeItWasSomethingClever Wed 15-Aug-18 12:00:26

Just checking in.
@NatashaRomanov hope your sickness gets better! Mine seems to have calmed down a little bit this week. Touch wood! I'm 10+5 X

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