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Women's experiences of High Risk Care - Antenatal Advice.

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MrsMac1489 Wed 08-Aug-18 12:59:02

Hello Lovely people 💕

I'm a midwife working the the UK.

I am putting together a training package, to devise a antenatal class geared towards "high risk" women.

Women who know they will be having or have had their babies on delivery suite/Labour Ward.

We want to know:

• what we could do to prepare you for the experience of high intervention care?
• what shocked or surprised you?
• is too much information a bad thing, or would you rather be prepared?
• Do you have any burning questions about your care that you don't feel confident to ask?

If you're a birth partner you can help too! We'd like information from both sides.

Also, we'd like to know:

• how you perceive your stay in hospital, was it a shock to be an impatient?
• Did you know how long you might have to stay in after having your baby? Or during the induction process?

Please, no naming of the hospitals or specific midwives or doctors. Anonymity will be respected.

Thank you so much for all your help 💕

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