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Scan will confirm dates! (anyone else unsure?!)

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Martha200 Sat 02-Jun-07 08:57:31

Unlike first time around which date wise was straight fwd I have been told to go with expect end of Jan BUT it could also be start of Dec so the scan will at least give a date, but that seems a lifetime away!

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lizziemun Sat 02-Jun-07 21:31:37

yes both times.

I didn't have an AF for 6months when i found out i pregnant the first time. My doctor arange for an early scan and was already 10 weeks.

This time i could have been anywhere between 9 and 13 weeks. The doctors and midwifes (new doctor practice) decided to go with the 9 week so i could a scan as soon as possible. I was actually 13 weeks when scanned.

When is your scan date.

Martha200 Wed 06-Jun-07 09:49:04

Not got a date yet.. am having to go with 7 weeks, but I do think it is more than this.

Guess I will have to wait and see!

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Ladymuck Wed 06-Jun-07 09:51:00

You can scan at 7 weeks though - can't you just self-refer to your local EPU?

Ladymuck Wed 06-Jun-07 09:51:35

If you really could be 7 weeks out by dates then you need to find out or you'll miss your chance of a nuchal scan.

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