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Due in June........let's all go dancing naked under the full moon

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DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 01-Jun-07 16:51:16

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Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow Fri 01-Jun-07 17:02:21

Didn't know how to do it

Keep on getting bogged down with work... Trying to get everything finished so I can start mat leave - but finding it hard to concentrate so everything is taking 2X as long!
Will have to do another extra day on Monday!

annobal Fri 01-Jun-07 17:22:22

Sorry - went off to make dinner and got caught up... Hate to wish time away but I am so glad today is almost over ('on duty', that is). I've put in an order for Millie's cookies from DH who is on the train on his way home.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 01-Jun-07 17:22:45

Were you meant to finish up today then?

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Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow Fri 01-Jun-07 17:25:09

meant to finish up yesterday with today as annual leave - but can't seem to get my finger out and get all my stuff done

foxybrown Fri 01-Jun-07 17:40:37

you've been busy on here!

How exciting for Brownsuga!

foxybrown Fri 01-Jun-07 17:44:56

who's having a hot curry for tea tonight then, with Mango juice??

annobal Fri 01-Jun-07 17:48:53

Hi Foxy, have you had a nice day?

Sorry you are not going to finish today - must be a pita.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 01-Jun-07 18:09:52

and pineapple for desert

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annobal Fri 01-Jun-07 18:16:20

DH has just got home with an ENORMOUS box of Millie's Cookies - all with chocolate in them. I think I will be waiting til the next full moon to do my naked dance, there's cookies on offer...

foxybrown Fri 01-Jun-07 18:26:17

<<whispers>> been at the gym this afternoon.

but I did go and by New York cheesecake immediately afterwards! Actually I'm having curry for tea, but in no way is it to induce labour, just fancied it. But I am 36 weeks today! Just another 5 to go before she's allowed out.

You are very lucky Annobal, my DP will just come home pissed as a fart, as he's been to Epsom derby today. And he's got a stag do there tomorrow. Some people have all the fun

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 01-Jun-07 18:31:45

I'm waiting for DH to bring home fish ans chips for tea.....well just chips for me.

I've eaten 3 Magnums today .....well I need my calcium.

I reckon if I'd eaten sensibly throughout this pregnancy, I'd probably only have just put on the weight associated with the baby.....but weighrd my self this morning and my slow weight gain early on, is now at 2 stone. And I reckon more than half a stone of that is just the last two or three weeks!!

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DesperateDerlor Fri 01-Jun-07 18:39:00

i've just had the most delicious tea, - fishfingers, chips and beans why does that sort of food just taste SO good?????
Liked the link to that thread annobal -
Daisy - any more twinges?
Brownsuger - are you pushing yet?
Foxy have you eaten your chocolate yet - it there lost of white in there or have you landed lucky?
DKMAFME - get a move on with your work girl and just start enjoying your mat leave (wags finger)

Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow Fri 01-Jun-07 18:40:37

My DH has come home with Pineapple juice and is going to cook me a chicken curry!

If I can get him drunk enough he might even shag me?!

DesperateDerlor Fri 01-Jun-07 18:42:21


Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow Fri 01-Jun-07 18:42:51

Ok delor!

I'll knuckle down for the next hour or so - and see if I can finish this bit I've been working on ALL AFTERNOON - that should have only taken me about 2 hours!

DesperateDerlor Fri 01-Jun-07 18:44:40

"ALL AFTERNOON" (wags finger again faster this time) YOU'VE BEEN SKIVING ON HERE MISSIE!!!!!!!

Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow Fri 01-Jun-07 18:46:52

DesperateDerlor Fri 01-Jun-07 18:47:57

bet you're glad you're not one of MY children!!!!!!
the pull of MN is just too much huh?

Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow Fri 01-Jun-07 18:52:46

Not looking - can't see you!

Am only looking forward towards my work computer - not to the left to my personal computer! Have now put MN blinkers on ....

Am not going to press the refresh button till I've finished this now!

annobal Fri 01-Jun-07 18:57:43

LOL DKMA - that is one way of starting maternity leave!

Foxy - you inspired me - I just rang the gym to book DSs in to playtime and their computer's collapsed ('call back later' - it's taken me 2 days to remember to call in the first place!!)

So who do you think is going to have their baby tonight (I am not including myself in this)?

DaisysGotSausageFeet Fri 01-Jun-07 19:10:05

Twinges are back...they kind of went earkier so I thought it was just my imagination, but then I realised I'd tsken some co-codamol for my sciatic pain...dur (pregnant women should not be allowed near strong drugs...ever)

Big twinges on RH side....lesser twinges on LH side....but no discernible pattern. It ain't gonna be me tonight that's for sure!

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foxybrown Fri 01-Jun-07 19:11:35

Got lucky Derlor - no white chocolate in either box!!!
slightly disappointed that both boxes are the same, but even the marzipan ones taste good (but they are flavored with Ameretto -yum!)

Unfortunately DP opened the door to the postman, so I had to 'fess up to him about my chocolate deliveries!

Annobel, it was not meant to be then. Take it as a sign and don't go to the gym.

Talking of returning phone calls, I got a text from a good friend yesterday. She's got a 'pre-labour' present for me - she's organised her hairdresser to come round and do whatever I want! How lovely is that?! I feel very lucky

annobal Fri 01-Jun-07 19:15:51

You never know though Daisy, full moon and all that

Foxy, that is so lovely of your friend.

Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow Fri 01-Jun-07 19:17:38

have you seen this- awe - so lovely, and what a wonderful DH!

Ok - now back to work!!

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