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Decided on boys name, help with girls name ...

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pinkorblue Tue 29-May-07 11:32:41

Hi, can anyone help with a beautiful girls name (with the meaning). We have decided on Lucas (light) for a boy. Thks.

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hotchocscot Tue 29-May-07 11:48:48

I've always liked Sophia for wisdom. Also like Jessica, Caitlin (pronounced Kate-lyn, scottish), Ruby, Callie, Erin, Eden. You'll find loads of threads on names - look up nappyaddict, she has tons...

mummyto2littleprincess Tue 29-May-07 11:53:29

but dont know the meanings

3andnomore Tue 29-May-07 12:12:14

Anoushka- form of Anna/Hannah meaning Grace/Favour

Tatyana-can't find the meaning, sorry

Lina- in arabic: Palm tree or tender, in sanskrit: absorbed or united

Melina- black/dark

Shawna- gracious

Lydia- means from Lydia/ In the New Testament this is the name of a woman converted to Christianity by Saint Paul

Aime- beloved

Jade- from teh name of the precious stone . a stone that is meant to relieve colic

Carissa- grace/ kindness

bobsyouruncle Tue 29-May-07 12:23:43

Freya is lovely, don't know meaning sorry.

yogimum Tue 29-May-07 12:48:22

freya is lovely, means norse goddess of beauty.

yogimum Tue 29-May-07 12:50:46

I like pheobe, the greek meaning "the shining one"

mumzarello Tue 29-May-07 13:04:29

What about Lucy/Lucia, also meaning light

tortoiseSHELL Tue 29-May-07 13:10:02

Sarah - princess
Claire - light
Ruth - friendship
Hannah - grace
Katharine - pure
Beatrice - bringer of joy
Cecilia - blind of self beauty(!)
Naomi - beautiful, gentle

kid Tue 29-May-07 13:10:56

I like Katelyn (pure)
I also like Mollie, but it means bitter

I saw this website. It gives you girls names in alphabetical order and includes their meaning.

HonoriaGlossop Tue 29-May-07 14:02:15


I like:


Amapoleon Tue 29-May-07 14:04:38

what about the female equivalent, Lucy or Lucia?

PizPizPiz Tue 29-May-07 14:16:54

Elise - short for Elisabeth
Clara - bright

pinkorblue Tue 29-May-07 15:52:00

A couple of you have mentioned Lucia (also light), that's very pretty. Thks.

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