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Strep b info??

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daisychain07 Sat 14-Jul-18 19:54:34

Hi, had a phone call from docs last night to say that they have found that I tested positive for strep b when carrying out a urine sample for kidney infection. Has anyone else been diagnosed with strep b and could give me info on what happened/ what I should expect? I am already dreading labour as I haemorrhaged badly last time and feel like this has added another pressure. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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LittlePotSoonHot Sun 15-Jul-18 06:02:39

Same has happened to me. Thread here xx

kshaw Sun 15-Jul-18 06:40:08

I was strep b positive. It means you have to be on a maternity ward and not in a suite as you'll have to be on antibiotics during labour. I also had my baby early, about 6 weeks. Research shows it's more likely. Baby had to also be on antibiotics after birth. That's all you have to deal with though extra as far as I'm aware. It is a brilliant thing you have been diagnosed, minimises risk now you know, without the knowledge the risk would still be there...good luck and enjoy being pregnant

NotAsGreenAsCabbageLooking Mon 16-Jul-18 19:45:43

How far are you? You could be positive now but test negative in s few weeks.

Many people are carry GBS and never know as it’s not routinely scanned for. They will ask for you to be on a drip during labour to prevent the infection being passed to baby, if you’re not and it is passed... your baby will need antibiotics.

I tested positive, opted for no drip in labour and instead my baby was monitored. We’re fine.

Had my booking app today for my 3rd DC, and discussed this Roth my midwife again.. she doesn’t think I am being silly by opting for no antibiotics in labour. I will be tested at 36 weeks and decide from there.

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