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The March-ers (2019) #2

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frankiefumbles Tue 10-Jul-18 23:53:44

Eek! On thread 2 already...welcome over everyone!

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SuperSharpShooter82 Wed 11-Jul-18 00:10:33

Thanks @frankiefumbles! Realised I was the 999th post then and panicked!

Shall we do a roll call?

Will be DC2 - DD is 19 months
Due 1st March 2019

pushit Wed 11-Jul-18 00:21:17

Do the threads stop at a certain point then? I'm new to Mumsnet

Wineandchoccy Wed 11-Jul-18 01:33:39

pushit yes usually at 1000 messages you can’t post anymore.

Wineandchoccy Wed 11-Jul-18 01:34:33

Will be DC2 - DD is 3
Due 1st March 2019

Wineandchoccy Wed 11-Jul-18 01:36:47

Dd is having nightmares/dreams and keeps crying out in her sleep but settling really quickly but making just enough noise to wake me, I’m tired but I’m now wide awake

RachaelT Wed 11-Jul-18 04:15:00

Seems a bit silly for the length to be restricted but it's not the first forum I've been on that is.

West Yorkshire
1st DC
EDD 1st March (LMP)

Shampooeeee Wed 11-Jul-18 05:19:16


EDD 1st March

Love how us 1st Marchers are the keen ones, first on to the new thread!

Murphyrocks Wed 11-Jul-18 06:33:08

Hi all! Repeat of roll call

DC 2 (DS just turned 2)
EDD 7th March

Been awake since 5 - woke up enough for nausea to hit and that was that! Once more into the fray...

MistakenHoliday Wed 11-Jul-18 06:33:13

Hi everyone! I can't believe how quickly that last threat filled up!

Age 38
DC aged 3 already
EDD 12th March

I've had morning sickness he last three days and it is every bit as crap as I remember it being 🤢

MistakenHoliday Wed 11-Jul-18 06:33:48

Oh, and I'm in Leeds too!

HidCat Wed 11-Jul-18 06:39:31

Morning all!

35 yrs old
Ds5, 2nd child due March 14th
MC in Jan 2018
From Wales

Woke up a sweaty mess this morning! Felt so much cooler when I went to bed!

Sarahandduckarehigh Wed 11-Jul-18 06:52:09

Hi everyone. 2nd thread already!

Age: 34
DC2 (DS 20 months)

If anyone wants to join the Facebook group just drop me or @frankiefumbles or @hamandpease a PM.

peonylover22 Wed 11-Jul-18 06:58:44


Age 35
One DS aged 18 months
EDD 10th March

Anyone else constantly ravenously hungry?? This seems to be my main symptom 🙈 Last time I put on nearly 4 stone which I am determined not to repeat but it’s going to be a looong 8 months if this hunger continues. Any suggestions for filling yet low calorie snacks?

KneesupGaston Wed 11-Jul-18 07:27:28

Morning everyone.

Knees up Gaston
Age 32
DC 2. DC1 is 13 months
EDD 7th March

This was a nice post to get from Ovia today smile

Murphyrocks Wed 11-Jul-18 07:36:03

@MistakenHoliday yey for the Leeds crew! Will have to arrange a meet-up later down the line. I feel you, this morning was my first actual vomit - wouldn't mind so much if it actually gave me any relief! And now I'm all shaky and weak, can barely stand 😣

@peonylover22 I highly recommend homemade or graze packs of popcorn - count as part of your wholegrain requirement, lots of crunching and chewing to make you feel full and pretty healthy if you just use a bit of oil and sea salt instead of the horrible greasy cinema-style packs you can get!

ladycarlotta Wed 11-Jul-18 07:36:28

@peonylover22 I do get absolutely ravenous but it's tempered by the nausea... I'm averse>averse>averse and then BOOM! STARVING! so don't usually eat anything besides 3 meals. But this is not usual for me! I am a real snack person.

I would think aim for stuff that has crunch for satiety but is also mainly air, like popcorn or wotsits. Itsu does snack packs of crunchy seaweed sheets that are really nice - I quite like them with a hard boiled egg after exercising, if that isn't weird. Or boiled egg and a wee bit of smoked salmon - I know it's high in fat, but that does help with satiety, plus it's got loads of good nutritious stuff.

Fruit's so lovely this time of year so fill up on apricots, peaches, figs etc, but sometimes they do feel a bit... lightweight? Adding a few nuts or seeds helps - eg apple, sliced with a tablespoon of nut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon is quite filling. I also like thinly sliced orange with cinnamon, dates and flaked almonds (plus rosewater or orange blossom water if you have it), which has the advantage of feeling a bit fancy.

It depends what you like though. I wouldn't punish yourself with food you don't enjoy.

hamandpease Wed 11-Jul-18 07:52:50


You've made me feel very bad there 😂

Yesterday I ate a pot noodle, some bread and a yoghurt pot of rice pudding 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

crazyhorseylady Wed 11-Jul-18 07:53:31

1st DC
EDD 10th March

@peonylover22 we're EDD twins!

I still don't have any symptoms and I'm starting to feel like a fraud - maybe the positive tests were all a dream!

SuperSharpShooter82 Wed 11-Jul-18 08:12:21

Omg ladies, either I have eaten too many bacon rolls for breakfast the past few days or the bloat is real!! It's cooler here today and after two weeks of loose tops and flowing maxi dresses, I am back in jeans. I'm gonna need to buy some maternity jeans if this keeps up!!! shock

@hamandpease I'm with you on the rubbish food! All I want is carbs, can't stomach anything else!

@crazyhorseylady my symptoms fluctuate and last time I had none at this stage. Everyone and every pregnancy is so different smile

frankiefumbles Wed 11-Jul-18 08:14:35

@RedRobin7 I really hope you feel you are able to join us on this new thread. I understand you may not want to but we are still all here to support you. It was unfortunate timing that the thread broke mid way through that conversation. Sending hugs

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mostimproved Wed 11-Jul-18 08:22:08

Hello again everyone!

Age 27
North London but soon to be Oxfordshire
2nd pregnancy, I have a DS who's 7
EDD 1st March!

@SuperSharpShooter82 I'm planning to have a bacon roll this morning too! I am constantly nauseous but eating carbs gives me some relief and the dizziness isn't as bad if I manage to eat proper meals (if a bacon roll is a proper meal!)

ladycarlotta Wed 11-Jul-18 08:30:18

@hamandpease I didn't say what I was actually eating! I'm mostly craving cheesey pasta and smoked salmon bagels.

This morning is the worst yet. DP's VOICE is making me nauseous. Also the sound of his spoon against his bowl - I can literally feel the bile rising. Haven't a clue what I'll be able to eat this morning, but I keep some crackers by the bed for nibbling.

It usually eases by the afternoon, so here's hoping. Swimming's gone out the window - too queasy in the morning, too knackered at night.

RachaelT Wed 11-Jul-18 08:35:09

I'm trying my best to increase mine and DHs fruit and veg intake - he hates anything healthy I can count the options he'll tolerate on my fingers and I can't eat a whole stem of broccoli or bag of spinach myself and feel dark green veg is lacking.

Drinking plenty of orange juice and eating bananas, going to get some berries today as well.

Woke up at 4am and really fancied a nutrigrain bar so they'll be going in the basket too.

Heading over to Leeds to get decaf capsules for the nespresso machine (have one at home and there's one at work) then I can have more coffees which I'm missing at present.

Need another stretchy skirt so I don't have to go to work in jeans that cut me in half - there's so much walking and bending I daren't do the elastic band/belly band thing for fear of "builders bum" and loose/low crotch.

pushit Wed 11-Jul-18 08:53:52

Wow @ladycarlotta - your munching options sound super healthy and very fancy!!! I'm sure you're right that they fill you up in a good way.
Thankfully I can still eat fruit and salad this time. Last pregnancy and they sent my nausea through the roof. Last night I finished off the salad late at night with ham, ate way too much fruit bread and ended the night with a caramel wafer.

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