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5 weeks pregnant - had depression with 1st so very scared- anyone else feel like this

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moominmonster Wed 16-May-07 13:20:28

Although we planned to have another it happened so quickly its still a shock and I am wondering if I have made a mistake am spending sleepless nights worrying about EVERYTHING from lack of spare bedrooms to how my 4 1/2 yr old will react to a sibling!

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Muminfife Wed 16-May-07 14:00:43

Message withdrawn

hertsnessex Wed 16-May-07 14:10:26

did you have and or pnd?

sal13 Wed 16-May-07 14:38:09

I have ds 18mnth, and ds 5 months, found out at the weekend I am expecting another. It wasn't planned, I was due to get the coil fitted, and we were soo careful. I'm about as far on as you are, so maybe we can cheer each other up, moominmonster

moominmonster Thu 17-May-07 14:38:28

thanks sal13 that must have been a real shock! How do you feel about it now? I am not sure what and is hertsnessex but yes I did have pnd. Am seeing the doctor today to discuss things so hopefully will feel a bit more relaxed. Trouble is my marriage is a bit on the rocky side aswell and my husband wasn't very support the first time round. I think he was suffering with some sort of pnd depression too.

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sal13 Sun 20-May-07 11:33:00

I'm fine about it now thanks !and after the initial shock waves around the family, we're all becoming excited. With yourself, at least you are aware of the possibility of getting pnd again, so you are kind of prepared. ( I know that doesn't make it much easier, but what I mean is, the first time you had it, you would be terrified of your feelings and thoughts; at least now, if it starts to happen to you, part of you will recognise these feelings as familiar, and you can at least know it's normal) - i'm not putting this very well, am I I hope you know what I mean. Just keep talking.

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