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Due in June - we'll be holding babies soon, whos first? bets on!!

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NattyThomasandEllen Sat 12-May-07 20:16:32

Hey guys new thread!
(i stole the title )

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foxybrown Sat 12-May-07 20:20:00

We'll be critisised for nicking a thread title, you just wait

daisybump Sat 12-May-07 20:22:26

It doesn't matter what we do though....if we didn't have a title we'd be criticised for lack of imagination.

I like that though....makes me go all gooey just thinking about it.

And, unless someone goes early, I think Lilkel will be first with her section on 25 May....that's less than 2 weeks!

foxybrown Sat 12-May-07 20:23:27

Where's your head at now Daisy?

hollyandalice Sat 12-May-07 20:24:12

Bollocks, I just posted on the other thread! Please someone tell me if i can take Imodium before my poor bottom explodes ! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

NattyThomasandEllen Sat 12-May-07 20:27:17

oh dear ur poor bum.
sorry for lack of imagination on thread title, but i too not feeling up to sillyness of the other MNters, so a perfectly normal title for once

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foxybrown Sat 12-May-07 20:29:32

I think we are due an uncontroversial one Natty. Honestly, I find the whole malarky really stressful. I was quite depressed after the last one and couldn't face MN!

I wanted to save the Oral Progthingy one up for next month anyway

NattyThomasandEllen Sat 12-May-07 20:30:07

and i wanted to do it as may be last chance i get baby due in 16 days and moving on 23rd (fingers crossed) so i may just disapear for a while. plus if moving will lose internet for a while promise to pop into an internet cafe tho and update every few days.

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NattyThomasandEllen Sat 12-May-07 20:32:20

hey i just realised i might be first due date is 28th, so if go into labour early might beat lilkel.. (thinking where to get a large amount of pineapple and RL tea from..)

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hollyandalice Sat 12-May-07 20:34:01

You'll be fine natty! I moved house when dd was 2 weeks old and dp took no time off work to help, was v stressful, but we managed!

I have taken an Imodium, looked on google and it looks like it's ok to take so I have done it. My tummy is churning and it's really painful so hopefully it'll work soon!

P.S. Good work on the non-controversial thread title!

foxybrown Sat 12-May-07 20:34:47

give us your email address so we can stalk you if u disappear for too long

NattyThomasandEllen Sat 12-May-07 20:35:16

yeah we moved when thomas was about 3 weeks old lol, so hopefully this time she will hold on the extra 5 days to give me time to organise lmao

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foxybrown Sat 12-May-07 20:36:32

I've had tonight:
Chips with Chilli and cheese and a choc ice.

Blardy marvellous!

NattyThomasandEllen Sat 12-May-07 20:36:48

god i have images of my email box being full of emails asking where i am! will do very level best, and am looking up places with wi-fi in croydon as can then just sit with coffee and laptop somewhere! i know sum starbucks have it so will check them out.

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hollyandalice Sat 12-May-07 20:38:06

Oooo lovely foxy! Glad I didn't have that, I think I may have passed out through bum explosions by now!

NattyThomasandEllen Sat 12-May-07 20:38:22

i had mac d's at 3 and havent eaten since, i am very naughty.. poor ellen is being starved, mind you i have plently of stored mac d's on my ass if she gets peckish... (not to mention the cakes, pastys, chocolate, burger kings, i could go on forever)

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daisybump Sat 12-May-07 20:38:24

Head currently under fluffy goose down duvet....unfortunately the rest of me isn't with it

Don't know what's wrong really...well apart from being 8mo PG and hormonal as f* and tired to bits with sore joints and puffy ankles.

Actually I think it's the puffy ankles that have done for of my worst fears is having chunky ankles/lower calves when I'm older. They started puffing up the other day and it's horrible. Didn't have this at all with DS. Please someone tell me they'll go away???

foxybrown Sat 12-May-07 20:38:25

Cafe neros do I think.

Yes, we will fill up your inbox!

BTW, where has Seansgirl got to????

NattyThomasandEllen Sat 12-May-07 20:40:14

what books are people taking into hospital? i have a jodi picoult saved for me, but im itching to read it!

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hollyandalice Sat 12-May-07 20:41:05

I was thinking that this morning foxy, she hasn't posted for ages. Hope she's ok. Her dh doesn't like her being on here too much, so she might just be having some family time.


foxybrown Sat 12-May-07 20:41:08

Oh, I nearly had MacDs today, told myself Tuesday. Such willpower!

Poor Holly, a runny bum is no fun.

Poor Daisy, you seem to be having a really, really hard time emotionally lately. Are you panicking a little? Deep breaths, it will all be fine - honestly!

foxybrown Sat 12-May-07 20:42:35

I emailed her the other day, but heard nothing back.

Emailed you today Holly too.

Books? Hospital? I'm having my baby down the bottom of the garden, burying the placenta while I'm down there, then its knickers on for the school run!

hollyandalice Sat 12-May-07 20:45:28

Thanks foxy, I've just checked my email. I'll email marslady in a min, I'm seriously confused!!

No hosp for me either natty! Though I shall be taking a trip to the library soon for some trashy books to read whilst bfing. Then again I might just watch daytime tv and cbeebies!

NattyThomasandEllen Sat 12-May-07 20:46:09

i wish i could have a home birth feeling more and more disapointed i cant have one as we get closer

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daisybump Sat 12-May-07 20:47:40

Foxy, I think the realisation has just sunk in that this huge lump has got to come out somehow. But, I'm seeing the mental health nurse on Thursday...on account of the fact that I is mental, obviously.

Just had a quick look for Seansgirl...her last post was 25th April...hope she's alright. It's weird when someone disappears for a few's starting to feel like you lot are my surrogate family.....see.....mental

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