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May Mummies, w/c 7th May, OMG, it's week 2 of May, time sure is flying now. Aghhhh

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Mrsjaffabiffa Mon 07-May-07 07:46:47


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LupinsBigLump Mon 07-May-07 08:11:28

Doh!! just posted all this on old thread

Westendwoman congrats on your new arrival, well done on holding on till May

Well have spoken to dp, I think the realisation finally caught up with him, I gave him a few home truths, anyway the long and short of it is he said he always loves me and i told him he has to play a more active role in the family otherwise whats the point, what a turn around, he offered and went and did the shopping (gave him a list) he spent lots of time cuddling Arlen even winded him after instruction, sat and watched tv with me anf told me to sit with him so we could cuddle up (oh my god affection) and i got lots of kisses and cuddles , he has even gone and collected hedge trimmers from his mate (our hedge is taking over the path i have been asking for 6months, so it seems the spare room idea done the trick, I do agree with some of you that there is some sort of depression and he did have an appt the other day but didnt get back from work on time so could be worth making him another one, thanks yo all of you, dont know what i would have done without you xxxxxx

LGT I will come and visit anyway, are you staying in plymouth for sometime, dont have the money to get down there atm, cant really ask uncle if its not urgent what with aunt have chemo, would love to meet up, I really love it down by the hoe in plymouth, ice cream van down there does these lovely ice cream clotted cream and fruit thingys mmmmmmmmmmmm!!

Enjoy the rain all xx

LupinsBigLump Mon 07-May-07 08:12:03

BTW Morning MJB xx

Mrsjaffabiffa Mon 07-May-07 08:18:28

Lups, I'm really pleased he appears to have seen sense. it takes two for these things to work, he must realise that and not let you do it all. Glad he's making an effort hope it lasts.

Off to the midwife, I'll report on the state of my cervix for you all later. I'm sure you will all be very interested.

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AbbyLou Mon 07-May-07 09:07:39

Good morning guys, hope everyone is feeling well - with or without bumps!
Lupin I'm so glad you and dh managed to find some time to sit down and talk together. Maybe it was just the kick up the bum he needed. You need to be treated with more tlc than usual at the moment, perhaps he is starting to realise that. Long may it continue!
I feel like I'm moving further away from delivery rather than nearer. Due date is next Saturday and I had been having loads of niggles and strange pains but everything seems to have gone away now. We went to Wollaton Park in Nottingham yesterday to a steam rally with ds, in laws, step brother in law and his girlfriend and daughter. I walked for ages and was in agony around my pelvis when I got home. I really thought that might get thnigs going but no such luck.
We're paying for a day out today though as when ds has spent a day with his grandparents he is always a little s* the day after. He gets so much attention from them, they dote on him and then he expects the same when he gets home!
My sister has predicted that I will have the baby today - no signs but I hope she's right.

drkgpink Mon 07-May-07 09:10:41

doh i also posted on wrong thread

MOrning all, again recently finished early morning feed, I still can't believe how good he is at the mo, last night again half an hour each side woke up to play then put himself to sleep with his baby mozart from prepregnancy, woke at 5:30 and guzzled for an hour and ten minutes. My mum keeps telling me he's going to long, but each nappy he does at least 2 wees over us and he poos every feed so I'm sure he's getting enough, am i right??

Thanks for all the messages re photos, likewise dejags your LO is gorgeous aren't we all lucky!!!

I have tried to catch up a bit.

Lupins - I'm not 100% whats been happening but it sounds rotten, i'm sure you've got the strength to get through.

Lwatkings - glad you're home, must have been rotten in hospital for that long, I was fed up after 1 night. The silver cross 3D is lovely my friens had it in blossom. I have the silver cross linear freeway which is simliar but the carrycot is separate and I am very happy with it.

Sky and WEW congrats on your births

Gingerbear - fingers crossed stays cephalic, pleased you reminded me about mile for maude its on the calendar now, haven't got any sponsors so think I will but something from shop. Recently found out that one of the twins I delivered in barnsley last year died of cot death at 16 months, the mum worked with my dh. Poor girl I can't imagine it let alone having identical boy twins and losing one. I remeber those sleepless nights well the good news is I'm getting more sleep now

Camerron - I'm thinking of you and your friends.

HOpe thats all for now,

Yesterday was mega stressful for me, went to a bbq on sat at KatzG, she rang me yesterday to tell me her DD1 had just started with chickenpox. At over day 7 and with me possibly not immune this is worst case scenario and joshua may need immunoglobulin otherwise if he gets the pox at 9 days old it can be fatal. My mum says i had 3 spots when my brother had them but the GP wasn't sure at the time. We're waiting for my blood results to know if he needs treatment. We're well within the time limit though as the earliest he could catch them due to viral transmission is wed and my results will be back tomorrow, I have spoken to the prof personally and if he needs drugs they will be blue lighted to the house last thing tues night so we are still within 24 hours and it guarantees him no to catch them as its artificaial immunity. Oh the joys and stresses of being a doc. however I'm pleased i was as the Mw on call tried to bullshit me as it was sunday and tell me that as he was out now we just had to watch for spots - WRONG WRONG WRONG thank god I knew the royal college guidelines and told her otherwise if I hadn't been on the ball i hate to think what could have happened. I am thinking carefully about what to do as everything will be fine but if i hadn't been a medic that mw could potentially have made a fatal mistake - should I complain??? Then I hung up on my mum as she told me thats why they don't recommend taking babies out until after 7 days, she didn't seem to understand that its largely irrelevant as if I haven't had chickenpox the timing doesn't really matter that much. Talk about laying on the guilt trip!!!! needless to say she rang back but told me to calm down as my milk would slow down _ hilarious me calm down i was calm until she put her awe in!!! all fine now we were bound to have these discagrements, she keeps telling me to offer him cpoiled boiled water as I'm over feeding him, is this a thow back to the 80's when i was born??

GOing to have a much better day today to distract from waiting for results, going to the jewellers, we have picked out a lovely platinum and diamond crucifix for my born present - oh how lucky he's an april babe not may - diamond's instead of emeralds!!! and he says I can have a silver charm bracelet too maybe the tears yesterday were worth it!!! (musn't let him see this).
We bought joshua a loverly wooden train and letters spelling his name from the international market in sheffield yesterday. WE have a service of thanksgiving arranged for may 20th, my birthday so also getting ideas for presents form other people as they keep asking and as i have a huge family don't want to end up with 50 money boxes if anyone has any nice original ideas please let me know.

Another mammoth post from me, I am a gas bag.
better go shower and put washing on.

Have a good bank holiday monday all.


ShowOfHands Mon 07-May-07 09:50:00

Just a really quick one.

Lupins, I am more happy and relieved than you can imagine. Not wanting to be the voice of doom but a couple of days of good behaviour is not enough- he must, must, must think about his role at home and make some permanent changes. The very fact that he's trying though is absolutely fantastic. Long may it continue.

drkgpink- feels weird even offering my twopennoth as you're a dr and know far more than me. Scary time regarding the chicken pox, but like you say you're well within the time limit and most people have immunity don't they? Even if you never had a symptom of it? RE breastfeeding, sounds like it's going very, very well indeed. I read up on offering cooled boiled water to babies for a friend last year after her MIL hounded her about it. Such a bad idea with bf babies. Why oh why would you offer something with very little nutritional value and fill up his tiny stomach with it when all he needs is milk? I think breastmilk's something like 88% water isn't it? And cleverly during hot weather it will change its 'wateriness' to meet hydration demands. Don't listen, your milk supply is paramount, as is building Joshua's immunity. And if he's happy and you're happy I'd say you have the thing cracked.

Anyway, tis my anniversary today and we're off in the rain to enjoy it.

Hello everybody, early and late risers alike. Have lovely days and will catch up with you all later.

LupinsBigLump Mon 07-May-07 09:54:55

Abbeylou - hope your baby gets moving soon xx

DRK what a worry for you, not what you need right now, grr at your mum if baby is feeding and its not coming back up then long may it continue,

Arlen has decided no more booby, he is not making any effort, just messes around not latching on for more than a few seconds, so its bottles for us, not going to worry myself about it at least I know he is eating well from the bottle, he is such a differant baby to Willow who was every 1.5hrs and guzzled for ages

I have also done myself an injury moving all that furniture around and powerwalking to parties, feeling very sore today, hurts when i walk (not legs, my cs) - oh well that will teach me for trying to be invincible

LupinsBigLump Mon 07-May-07 09:56:22

LW sorry forgot to say glad you are home at last, wow doesnt seem long ago and this final stage seemed ages away for you, put your feet up and forget uni and all the hassle you have had what with flatmates and all and look forward to holding your lo xx

LupinsBigLump Mon 07-May-07 10:02:59

Happy Anniversary SOH enjoy the rain (how romantic), how long have you been married? and yes i agree, dont worry at least i know i can run away to my mums if he gets slack

Mrsjaffabiffa Mon 07-May-07 10:40:23

Drkgpink, sounds like your bf is going a treat, well done you.

Lupins, I think you are doing so well, Arlen sounds like he is too. Don't worry about the bf whatever makes you both content is what is important.

Well, I have just got back from the midwife, had my half hour on the CTG machine, all fine there active little bubba. MW had a good prod of tummy and said baby is not a big one. I knew that though. Then she had a go at my cervix, all is soft and short and she did a sweep, but she did say it was only one finger so maybe another week or so yet before anything is likely to happen. I chickened out of discussing Induction with my gyne this week, the MW offerered but I resisted and said I'd wait on the medical Induction for another week. Feel quite happy to wait a bit longer and have a lot on this week so it's not conveinient.

Happy anniversary SOH, hope you enjoy the rain. Not great here either today.

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twelveyeargap Mon 07-May-07 10:48:55

Lupins, I'm really pleased you're making a bit of progress and absolutely delighted to hear that you DH at least had an appt to see someone. Would be fantastic if he does make another one. Enjoy being looked after as you should be. x

DrKG - Thank goodness you knew the drill for the CP. Everything crossed for you that you LO doesn't need treatment.

Happy Anniversary SOH! Looking forward to hearing about what lovely treats your DH had in store for you.

LW, at your sister. My DD would be stealing my stuff if her legs weren't already at least 3 inches longer than mine and her waist (ordinarily) about 10 inches smaller. However, I do keep finding things like pairs of my opaque tights in her washing and my handbags in her room - the larger ones of which she's been using as school bags. She's only one shoe size smaller than me now. It won't be long...

Have convinced myself that once I get my "lists" finished today, that I'll go into labour tonight. Ha. How disappointed will I be! Anyways, only came up to the office to print off said lists, so I'd better get on with it.


LupinsBigLump Mon 07-May-07 10:58:49

MJB Oh My Goodness all this talk of sweeps and inductions woo hoo not long now xx

toomanyprojects Mon 07-May-07 11:00:55

morning everyone, my Mum arrived yesterday so stealing a few moments on the PC.

Cameroonmama - thinking of you and your friends and family -

Lupins - great to hear that things have improved at home

Many congrats to the new babies - dejags, drpink, westendwoman, sky - babies are coming fast now..

Re the bf in hot weather - DD1 was born in August and I can remember a tearful call to the midwife at the Bank Holiday - we didn't give any water but I can remember my breasts feeling completely empty (very attractive they looked!), to stop her overheating if it got really hot was advised to sript her down and tamp down with a wet flannel. Always fed lying down with her slightly away form me.

Word of warning for those waiting for their LOs - please don't overdo it afterwards. I felt really great last week - discharged myself from hospital before Victoria was 24 hrs old. Took her to a Council meeting Tuesday night, milk came in and still felt great, mowed the lawn on Saturday then had a really bad night on Saturday and yesterday the hormones kicked in big time and my tummy muscles were in agony. For some reason I'd wanted to be Superwoman - luckily we had a fairly good night last night - well I got a total of about 6 hrs in between two feeds which is twice as much as the night before and I feel OK now. DH goes back to work Tuesday away til Thurs night - I'm sure it'll be OK but feeling very nervous - children will be making tea themselves I think.

Sorry for the long post - through a haze of tiredness I put a sanitary pad on upside yesterday ie sticky side up - managed to see the funny side.

Good luck to everyone queuing up patiently!

scootermum Mon 07-May-07 11:05:25

Morning all,

Glad you managed a talk with DH Lupins..

And so happy you are back home now lwatkins..although the jeans stealer will have to be made to pay!

4am largegandt?But that said DD decided she wanted to be up and playing by 5, so wasnt long after you to be honest..could do with a nap now for was you pic-er-nic yesterday?

Sounds like its going so well Drp..what was that about babies not going out before they are 7 days old?I never heard that before..dd was in Bluewater on day 6 though and no ill effects..

Happy Anniversary SOH-enjoy your day love..

Glad to hear it went well at midwife Mrs JB-wish someone would tell me I was having a small babY..DD was 7.7 and that was quite big enough for me-but I fear this one might be a little on the larger side..

I dread being catheterised again SKY-So my sympathies there-I found it so uncomfy and very frustrating as felt like I was bound to the bed frame by the gave me very good insight into what all my old people feel like when they are catheterized though!

Well the village is gearing up for the wheelbarrow race and hog roast, depite the abyssmal weather..I am manning the half way round drinks station, (ala London Marathon), but am going to get very wet as my Mac wont accomodate my bump anymore, (its one you pull on over your head and it will just about cover my boobs!)We have 6 mates about to arrive as well, and the house looks like a bombs hit it for some was tidy as anything last night..DD has been playing with all her toys simultaneously and DH was in charge of breakfast, which may go some way to explaining it..

The house we were going to buy and shelled out on getting surveyed went back on the market yesterday and has been sold already .Trying not to think about what the £800 survey money could better have been spent on..still trying to be philosophical, we are all well and healthy, touch wood and health is wealth as they say...
Thinking about Cams friends and that poor girl on the Algarve, neither of which I can stop thinking about, has put it all in perspective for me..(any news Cam?)

Off to start filling my beakers with orange squash now..

aprilmeadow Mon 07-May-07 11:07:39


Lupins - am so pleased that D seems to have seen sense. I really hope that it lasts for you. Try and take it a bit slower - you dont want to do yourself a nasty injury!

Drkgpink - i dont think you can over feed your baby.... surely they feed as often and for as long as they need. Some babies can guzzle a feed and others take their own sweet time. The fact that he is feeding is brilliant in itself Re the chicken pox - didnt realise it was that dangerous for tiny babies, i guess its a good job that i stayed clear of Jacks friends as a just in case! And lucky you on the present front!

Ella is a feeding machine at the moment! Feeding every 1.5 - 2 hours!! I weighed her this morning and she is 7lbs 5oz at almost 4wks old.

Hey MrsJB - looks like its all heading in the right direction then

Mrsjaffabiffa Mon 07-May-07 11:14:16

TMP, you are right, it's so easy to feel great and on top of everything and then it catches you up. It's hard to rest when you are on the first few days High though.

Lups, I'm not holding out any hope on the sweep. I had one with Maddie with the same midwife at 40+ weeks and it didn't work, I am only 38+3 today so I don't think it will do anything. I'm trying to be positive, it really isn't that long now, lol we've been saying that for weeks.

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Mrsjaffabiffa Mon 07-May-07 11:22:51

Have a good day scoot, even if it's a wet one.

I agree you can't over feed a bf baby, BUT I do think that you need to be careful that they are feeding whilst attatched and not just comforting. I remember being told to watch the ear if it's wiggling up and down then they are feeding. I made the mistake with ds of latching him on at every whimper and letting him feed for hours on end to realise that he wasn't actually feeding just sucking. By week two my nipples were so sore and he had learnt to rely on the boob for comfort not just for feeding. Sometimes they do take ages though and are actually guzzling. Ohhhh I can't wait to feed, I love it. <<excited emotion>>

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juliewoolie Mon 07-May-07 11:33:18

Morning all,

just popping in to say hi. I have had a quick squizz at all the post from the last couple of days.

Congrats to those of you that have popped your LO's out.

Those of us who havn't we are nearly there - I hope!

LW glad your home - your sister has done exactly what mine would do I have 3 sisters and they well I should add myself in there to jump into each others wardrobes as soon as any of us gained a couple of pounds.

Lupins am glad you have spoken to your DP sounds like you are having a really tough time at the mo I hope it works out for you.

TMP god I guffawed rather loudly at your upside down sanitary towel. ;)

Cam so sorry about your friends what an awful thing to happen.

I am sure I have missed out loads and forgotten people but to everyone enjoy the bank hol.


cinnamontam Mon 07-May-07 13:03:33

Hello all

DrPink, WE, Sky - congrats on your gorgeous LO's

Lupin - glad to hear things are a little better. Drove past Reading yesterday on the way home from a day out in the country and really thought of you having to deal with your DH and a new baby. Thinking of you

Cam - has there been any news? I'm so very sorry to hear about your friends.

DH has had to go to Italy all week for work so feeling bit low. I miss him. Sleeping really badly and having very odd dreams that I never remember. But I guess it's all part of being 8.5 months pregnant and worried that he is hours away if anything happens. The flight is only 1.5 hrs but he's 3 hours drive from the airport so just hoping Tilda doesn't make an appearance till Friday night at the earliest.

Take care all - enjoy the day

MKG Mon 07-May-07 13:26:02

Hello everyone.

Rough night last night. Slept really well even if most of it was on the sofa (dh and I had a knock down drag out fight).

Well I have my appointment today and am very excited. Thanks for the info LG&T I'm going in armed with information.
I've also decided to stage a "birth in". I am not going to leave the office until I give birth, because I'm done, and I can't take it any more.

Happy anniversary SOH!!

Lupins--I'm glad to hear that everything is getting better. It may take time, but you will get through it.

twelveyeargap Mon 07-May-07 13:36:51

Scoot, sorry to hear about the other house, but from what you said to me about it, it didn't sound like it was your "dream" house. I know it was lovely, the right price and size etc, but you honestly didn't sound overawed by it. I think a better house is on the way for you.

DD is driving me nuts. I will admit that I'm easily annoyed these days, but I gave her a couple of jobs to do yesterday before she met her friends at the cinema. She was to tidy her room, dust it and dust the floor and to clean her bathroom. She's the only one who uses that bathroom except on the odd occasion that DH has a bath rather than a shower, so it's not like she's got to clean up after other people or anything. Little sod went out and had half tidied room and swept the floor and done nothing else. So when I went to have the very first bath EVER since moving into this house in January, her clothes were all over the floor and it was a state. Arrgghh. Then this morning she said, "If I do all my jobs can I go to X's house". Yes of course. Have since reminded her THREE times about what jobs were to be done; I mean FGS, it's not that difficult a list. Told her to have a shower and clean the shower whilst she was in it, to make it easier. Came down a few minutes ago and she was watching TV, with wet hair (so had shower) wearing white jeans and a sun top (it's p'ssing raining and cold). "DId you do your jobs?" "Oh forgot, will do them now". Faaarrrkkinnnggg hellllll. I mean, do teens/ tweens just lose brain cells for a few years or something? She'll eventually go off to said mate's house at about 3pm and then be in a strop that it takes 40 mins to get there on the bus and I'll be telling her to leave at 6. Stupid girl. She was up at 10. She could have gone hours ago. OK, I admit, I'm being short tempered, but still... I think I might confiscate the SKY viewing card on Fri and Sat nights when I go to bed so she can't mong all weekend.

Mrsjaffabiffa Mon 07-May-07 14:50:08

TYG sounds like you've got your work cut out at the moment too. There's me moaning about the joys of Maddie being a toddler and we've got the teen bit to do yet. OMG, don't even want to go there. FWIW, all my teenage neices are the same. Job? What job? oh that, oh yeah, I'll half do it in a bit and then moan about it. Whatever!!!!! Don't care!!! It's not important!! yeah right!!!!

MKG, we'll be awaiting the birth announcment then shall we.

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Pebblemum Mon 07-May-07 16:06:12

Afternoon ladies

Congratulations to all the new mummies, its getting exciting now isnt it?

Im getting so fed up now. ive got to the stage where i think that every time i have a few twinges that something is finally happening and then sod all. Ive tried convincing myself that this LO is staying put until at least her EDD so that i can calm down and not get so impatient but its not working. It doesnt help that every night for the past week i have been waking up at about 4am with a feeling that something is about to happen. Most of the time its either because ive been dreaming im in labour or i wake up desperate for the loo

Last night i dreamt i gave birth to twins, first I delivered a boy who was 9lb 2oz adn because he wasnt crying they held him under a cold tap (wtf ive definatley lost the plot now)then they tried to deliver the placenta but it turned out to be another baby, this time an 8lb 7oz girl. Talk about a shock for everyone lol. Then they laid the twins on the bed side by side and they cuddled up to each other, it was so sweet, strange dream but actually quite nice, better than dreams of painful labour etc that i have been having.

Had quite a nice weekend, dh and ds2 spent Saturday at the IL's diggin their garden, ds2 came back filthy dirty and knackered id spent the day having a major clearout and going shopping with my dsis. That was great must be the first time in years that I didnt have any children with me. Ds1 spent the day out with his friends so he wasnt around either, it was so peaceful lol. Yesterday we went to IL's for the day, the men and ds2 carried on with the garden (well ds2 was digging holes in the places that the men had already levelled off lol)and i just spent the day relaxing. MIL did say that she was bored and that i could go into labour if i wanted as her neighbour is a midwife but i decided i couldnt be bothered After spending all day there we finally got home at 7pm and i had the sudden urge to tidy up even though i was tired. I would not sit down until i had every room spotless, i even made dh replace our toilet seat because the one on there moved a bit when you sat down (luckily we had a spare one)All i could think of was that if i went into labour i didnt want the house looking less than perfect lol. Dh thought id gone mad but knew better than to try to stop me. Funny thing is the house is now back to its normal lived in state ie toys in front room, ironing in kitchen waiting to be done and right now i couldnt care less so i dont think I can put last night down to my nesting instinct kicking in

Im off to Bingo tonight with MIL, SIL, her Boyfriend and her future MIL, should be fun. I think they have only invited me hoping that i go into labour and they get free bingo for a year lol

InTheseShoes Mon 07-May-07 16:42:35

Well, we have got the cot down from the loft, cleaned it and set it up in our bedroom gulp. Although ds/dd will sleep in the Moses basket initially, we are putting the basket into the cot, as, after five weeks of finding it difficult to settle ds, we discovered he seemed to feel safer with the firmer support and slept better than with the basket on the stand. So we're doing that from the off this time. Also washed another load of clothes that were secreted in the back of my wardrobe. AND made MarsLady's Lemon Drizzle cake this afternoon, so feel like a domestic goddess! Had some really painful movement this afternoon, thought ds/dd was going to do his/her own version of Alien and come exploding out of my tummy, but seems to have settled now thank goodness - maybe he/she was inching down a bit further as it does feel a bit lower.

Congratulations to preggerspoppet who I read had her home birth last night! Another boy (is there only Ella and Victoria so far flying the flag for the ladies?)

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