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Due in April 2007 - FLURRY OF BABIES PLEASE ......

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CaptainDippy Fri 04-May-07 19:48:56

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muminasaggytummy Fri 04-May-07 19:56:51


Congratulations on the birth of Charlie!

Come on babies!!!!
You must all have very comfy wombs

Emmymummy Fri 04-May-07 20:06:10

Lol at comfy womb!

Have just been for a v. quick pub supper - last one with just the 3 of us....scarey.

Eddas Fri 04-May-07 20:51:05

GK, I had pink stuff after my internal on the monday and had ds on the thursday so fingers crossed it means something for you too

Mmmmm pub supper!!!!!!!!!

nuttygirl Fri 04-May-07 22:27:09


Sending labour vibes EM!

Emmymummy Sat 05-May-07 05:16:21

anybody there?

liath Sat 05-May-07 05:19:33

I'm here - feeding ravenous baby!
What's up?

Emmymummy Sat 05-May-07 05:21:13

hi liath. appear to be having contractions!

liath Sat 05-May-07 05:44:34

Fantastic!! Ds going back to sleep so am putting my head down again - GOOD LUCK!!!!

Emmymummy Sat 05-May-07 05:46:05

thanks. forgot how much this hurts....

Eddas Sat 05-May-07 08:34:46

ooo EM are you still about, what's happening now?

Yey, hope they're still going on and you've gone to hospital. Come on baby EM

heidle Sat 05-May-07 08:40:48

anyone pop during the night?
EM - we're awaiting your news...........
I was convinced I'd wake up in the night with pains - what after a sweep, a whole pineapple and a chicken tikka pathia (couldn't face sex on top of all that) but nothing!!!
all I woke up with was a sore throat and headache. oh well, maybe being upright again will help today. I don't mind being last..........well maybe a little!

will catch up with you all later (I say all, is there only me now?) off to ds1 swimming lesson

CaptainDippy Sat 05-May-07 10:43:58

Quick post - Boobie Monster is summoning me!!!!!!

Hope you are holding your precious LO Emmymummy - HOW exciting!!!!!! Yey!! You are going to have your wonderful Homebirth!! and I will soon be able to go PostNatal!!

Off to Minature Railway this PM with all my girls & DH, should be fun - Called MW to tell her I would be out this PM (supposed to be coing round for 5 day check) and she gave me a complete earful ..... !! Well I AM sorry!!


Anyway - <<<<<<<<<<MEGA LABOUR VIBES>>>>>>>>> to those left.


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EllieKthePA Sat 05-May-07 11:23:27

Dippy, that title is way too boring, we were supposed to be going out with a bang

eca Sat 05-May-07 11:26:29

ooooooooooooooooooo GO EMMYMUMMY hope that you're not on here because you're having/had your lo.

hi heidie - you're not the last yet, i think glitterkitty and bumble are still waiting. Unless they've gone and had babies without telling us yet Is that allowed ?????????

hi dippy <<<<<<waves>>>>>> LOVE your photos!!!!!! Your girls are adorable! Can't believe how well you look! Well done hon, you're clearly a great mamma!!!

EllieKthePA Sat 05-May-07 11:27:49

it most definitely is NOT allowed

have sent EM a text and not had an answer so i guess that's promising?

EllieKthePA Sat 05-May-07 11:30:50

*** BABY NEWS ***

Sophie Rose born at 0957 at home. 8lb 12oz. All ok. Will log in later with all the details! EM xxx

Eddas Sat 05-May-07 11:32:01

Yey, well done EM

CaptainDippy Sat 05-May-07 11:42:54

YEY!! Congratulations!!!! - On the birth of Sophie Rose Emmymummy!!!!! [smile Sooooo delighted for you!!!!!!!!! Glad you got your Homebirth!! Can't wait to hear more & see pics etc!!

Oooooh, that's made my day!!

Right, mighty smelly newborn to bath before lunch, then off to the Miniature Railway.....

MW here!!

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eca Sat 05-May-07 11:43:14

HURRAY EMMYMUMMY Sooooooooooo pleased you got your homebirth. Fantastic news! Welcome to the world Sophie Rose. Lovely name! Especially having Rose as a middle name ( mine is too!

Sexonknackeredlegs Sat 05-May-07 11:50:56


Thrilled for you all hun. Hope it wasn't too painful ! xx

EllieKthePA Sat 05-May-07 11:53:38

am i being over-sensitive or did anyone else find that email a little offish?

Sexonknackeredlegs Sat 05-May-07 12:01:58

Ellie, what email are you referring to?

EllieKthePA Sat 05-May-07 12:04:41

from hellcat

Sexonknackeredlegs Sat 05-May-07 12:05:42

Don't seem to have got that. When did you receive it?

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