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I'm new here and this is going to sound really stupid but........

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KKK747 Sun 29-Apr-07 21:01:18

I've just found out i'm pregnant - did test last tuesday, but haven't had ANY symptoms at all. Last time round I had it all in heaps - sick all the time, sore breasts, really tired, peeing all the time etc. But don't have anything. Really most surprised not to be absolutely knackered. Bit worried ( I am a worrier!) as m/c before. Anyone else had the same??

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fransmom Sun 29-Apr-07 21:03:27

diff pg's can have diff symptoms imho

hows you now?

funnypeculiar Sun 29-Apr-07 21:04:58

It's still very early days (don't think I had any pg symptoms with either of mine that early - defn not with dd as I was totolly shocked to discover I was pg!
There are a few threads on this which should reassure if you can figure out searching (I still can't)
Congratulations btw ... and there's time for the exhaustion & varicose veins to come

fransmom Sun 29-Apr-07 21:08:27

oops sorry

]congratulations from me too!

KKK747 Sun 29-Apr-07 21:08:27

I know you are right - DH insists on commiserating with me on feeling so well - he does sarcasm well! Will have to try and relax about it - and maybe search some other threads

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pinkspottywellies Sun 29-Apr-07 21:14:51

I didn't have any symptoms to start with - I needed to eat quite a lot all morning but that's not necessarily unusual for me!! Felt absolutely exhausted for a couple of weeks around 3months but nothing else until I started to show at about 20 weeks. I did wonder if I'd made it all up sometimes!

KKK747 Sun 29-Apr-07 21:20:46

I think that's it really - I don't feel pregnant at all so am wondering if its really true!! Should be grateful really as I had hyperemesis last time ( really really bad morning sickness) and it was pants.

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birdseed Tue 01-May-07 11:53:44


Come and join us on the new year thread
'due at new year...anyone else?!' if you feel like it! - there are more of us from a similar time to you lurking there!
Sorry I don't know how to do link!

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