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Due August '07 - Part 4

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tokentotty Wed 11-Apr-07 14:57:03

Welcome all !!!!

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bananabump Wed 11-Apr-07 15:37:14

Yay, new thread! Let's see how long it takes us to fill this one up...

Hersetta, glad I'm not the only one who isn't a skinny minnie smuggling a watermelon!

kiteflying>>> Bananabump - how does being overweight make you high risk? Is it an assumption that you are an unfit or am I just being dense? Sounds like a fight on your hands.

I'm not entirely sure how it makes me high risk, and god no, I'm not that fit it has to be said. I asked the consultant why I was there and he said "Your excess weight makes for complications in your care" but then when I asked further he just said the scans wouldn't be as clear (and they weren't, to be fair) but christ, scans are a recent thing, forty or fifty years ago they didn't even have them!

The only other thing I can think is that if you're carrying a lot of weight generally, it can be harder to do an epidural as the needle may not be long enough to penetrate to the right place in the spine. I'm not really THAT big, it's mostly on my tummy, bum and thighs. And of course I suppose there is the risk of blood pressure stuff and heart problems, but as I said, I've been totally normal so far.

I'm just hoping it doesn't lead to masses of intervention and monitoring. I've heard when the doctors start getting a bit overzealous some women are stuck in stirrups for hours with a catheter and a fetal monitor screwed into the baby's head, not allowed to move around. That'd be pretty crap in august's heat! I fully intend to be in and out of a cool shower like a fiddlers elbow, mooing away and amazing the midwives with my innate ability to pop him out without even a whiff of gas and air....

Hersetta Wed 11-Apr-07 15:45:04

Hey Banana - we should form our own club. Plus size mum's only !!

I've got loads of tops that will do as maternity wear (luckily the current trend of having smock type tops allows for lots of growth) and have managed to get hold of 4/5 pairs of maternity trousers, jeans and cropped cargo pants so I think I should be OK. Still not really showing though. i don't suppose anyone would know I was pregnant unless I happened to tell them. I know I am growing though as I wore my jeans for about 2 hours on Thursday on the way to the airport and by the time we arrived I was so uncomfortable that I changed them sor a pair on stretchy black trousers I had in my bag. Not bad for almost 21 weeks I suppose though.

bananabump Wed 11-Apr-07 16:06:36

Yay! I'm just almost 24 weeks and I've outgrown all my jeans and two pairs of smart black trousers, but all my tops still fit and I think they will last me to term actually. The smock one's ARE great aren't they? There were some awesome ones in New Look recently really cheap and perfect for summer.

Nope, still don't look pregnant, just extra fat, although my friends (bless them, the lovely liars) say my tummy has gone more round at the top, and bump like.

I did buy a pair of maternity trousers and a pair of maternity jeans from simply be, the trousers are ok but still massive on their tightest setting, really don't reccomend their jeans though, they're just HOOOOGE, I don't think they'll ever fit and stay up, I'm just too squishable.

I've found some lovely soft evans stretchy tracky bottoms for when I'm at home but boyfiend won't let me wear them outside (he says they're chavvy!) I think comfort is more important personally...was horrible in the last days of wearing my jeans, feeling the baby kick whenever I took them off as if it was stretching out, poor thing.

bresha Wed 11-Apr-07 16:12:27

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely Easter!!
I ate far 2 much choc, but i kept telling myself it was 2make up for not eating any choc / nice things at xmass

Well went to the dr last week about my itching and he gave me some cream, it has helped a bit but still itchy, i also have cystitis but am picking up some antibiotics 2 morrow. Had this in my last pg and just as last time there were no symptoms except for sugar in the urine. Last time they sent me for a glucose intolerance test and when that came back fine they then tested for cystitis, all this took time so i said to the dr can u just test for it now, and i am glad i did because it can be dangerous if untreated .

Glad2hear your rash has cleared up hersseta
I want to go baby shopping now, but i only have boring things to buy

I can’t make my mind up as 2 weather i will need a double buggy or not, dd2 is going 2 be 2 and 2months when this one arrives and dd1 was still in a buggy at 3,
any one else going to have a toddler of a similar age?

kiteflying Wed 11-Apr-07 16:18:35

Bananabump - I think it is ridiculous that they can classify you as high risk just because they cannot see very well through your wobbly bits!! Or because you MIGHT be more prone to high blood pressure etc.

I am still in the not-very-much-of-a-bump club despite not being overweight. My boyfriend says it is too too early to worry about it but I will be very relieved and happy to see the baby waving and dancing at the next scan. I would like some reassurance that my oxygen deprivation yesterday did not deprive the baby of oxygen as well.

Pleased to hear about GAP maternity but I think I will try and get along with what I have now .....until it gets really hot that is. I am also loving the trend for tunic tops. Did we not pick the best year ever to be fashionably pregnant?

lizziemun Wed 11-Apr-07 16:21:53


I'm with you about having this baby in hospital, i was offered a home birth as i had no problem with my first. I have to say it was less to with having the baby at home more to do with the mess of the birth, at least at the hospital some else will clean up .

I don't even want a water birth because the mess (i can't even get in the birth if there is a hair in it, I have to start again).

I hoping to have just gas and air this time.

I also only have boring bit to buy.

lizziemun Wed 11-Apr-07 16:24:19

That should be bath not birth oh god i have major baby brain.

Hersetta Wed 11-Apr-07 16:44:09

Hey banana,

yes confort is far more important, although to be fair the only time I venture out of the house in my trackies in to do my weekly shop at sainsburys.

I bought a a pair of linen maternity trousers for work in the summer and they say order your pre pregnancy size but they are absolutely huge. i can't think of any way I am going to grow enough to fill them. They have a drawstring waist bit as well but they are still huge and the drawstring makes them all baggy at the front with all the excess fabric. Can't wear my maternity jeans yet - they are a bit big and I'm sure if I did anything vigerous in them they would be round my ankles - not a good look. I'm going line dancing in two weeks (corporate thing for woman tax professionals) and I'm already worrying that half way through a number by jeans will be on the floor! I got some nice maternity cropped cargo pants from JD williams in their sale (only £11) and they fit OK with lots of room for growth.

Does anyone else cry all the time as well??? Coming home from the airport by myself on Monday I knew getting my r=train was hit or miss so I made a dash for it through the terminal and down to the train station (which the bump didn't like) only for my train doors to close in front of me when I was 20 yards from the train. With a 30 minute wait for the next one I just sat doen on the platform and cried (not just a little bit though - I sobbed my heart out and felt very sorry for myself). What a sap ! Also any sentimental advery or nature programme gets me reaching for the kleenex before I can say buck yourself up you sad cow !

make me feel better please. Anyone else like this??

tokentotty Wed 11-Apr-07 16:54:58

I felt a bit like that yesterday Hersetta. There was very, very nearly lots of tears at work about f*ck all which is incredibly unlike me as to be honest I've been jollier than ever and not stopped laughing for months.

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kiteflying Wed 11-Apr-07 16:55:06

Poor Hersetta - although to be fair missing a train is upsetting to the non-pregnant as well!

I cry all the time as well. I actually think it's the only time my BF is really aware of my hormones because I am normally such a self contained, stoic kind of gal. I was sobbing yesterday over the aircon incident, in front of THREE complete strangers. This would just never happen if were not pregnant.

JSer Wed 11-Apr-07 17:07:58

Hi there - I'm a newbie - well not really - I've been "lurking" for months and feel like you are all good friends!

I love the way you all make me feel normal!

I have to agree about the huge maternity clothes. i don't have an obvious bump (just look fat) but don't fit into my clothes anymore, so finally bit the bullet and started looking at mat clothes which just fell off me! I've never felt so slim in a funny kind of way.

I found a pair of trousers (smartish black) in mothercare that stayed up and have so many adjustable bits i reckon they'll last the whole time.

Hersetta Wed 11-Apr-07 17:11:52

Welcome Jser. Glad you made the leap from lurker to poster!

Thanks TT and Kiteflying for letting me know I am not alone with my hormones. My husband just thinks i am going mental!

funbun Wed 11-Apr-07 17:12:27

I'm due in August and am a bit of a chubby one. Am starting to show a bit now, defo can't get in my usual trousers. H&M are good for linen pants, hoping these will get me through to July, when I leave work.
Midwife and doc been fine about my weight but do have to have a GTT in a couple of weeks, they only do these for larger mums in my area.

conkertree Wed 11-Apr-07 17:13:00

yup hersetta - i think the train incident would justify tears even without being pregnant. just the frustration of it.

I thought i would be more teary than i am. the only time i really cried cause of hormones in the last few months was when purplerabbits ds wouldnt go to bed one night i was babysitting. he wasnt being bad, just wasnt tired and was playing with me - being very cute and it was very funny, and i didnt have the energy to catch him, keep him on the floor and get his nappy changed. he ended up still being up when purplerabbit got home, and he calmly laid on his back and she got the nappy changed and him into bed in about 5 mins.

am very excited about going shopping. but still havent bought anything for it yet. i'll probably wait so long there wont be time to get stuff as i go into labour knowing me.

conkertree Wed 11-Apr-07 17:16:38

hi to the new people.

a lot of people have mentioned h&m - think i will have to check them out soon. had such a nightmare trying to find something smart for a weeding last weekend - ended up wearing a skirt that i already had with an elsticated waist which worked fine, but just didnt seem to be any smart clothes in the high street shops (and i didnt want to spend what most of the proper maternity type shops seem to charge).

JSer Wed 11-Apr-07 17:18:57

I cried the other day when my dh asked me to meet him and bring him a mole wrench from home. I took the wrong tool and even though he said i'd brought exactly what he described and it didn't matter I was inconsolable - in the middle of town which was quite embarrassing!

Also last night I cooked some brownies but lit the top oven instead of the bottom oven and melted the grill pan - oops! Cried about that too.

tokentotty Wed 11-Apr-07 17:19:33

Welcome out of the 'lurking' room JSer !! Lovely you felt like joining in.
Can't believe you're all still able to get in regular clothes, even if it's only just. They are but a dim and distant memory for me! Starting to look like the florist might have been right yesterday....
Hey, you know what ? Am going to try and remember to measure my bump tonight and I'll report back tomorrow.

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conkertree Wed 11-Apr-07 17:23:08

i cant fit my normal clothes either tokentotty - certainly not the bottoms, and the tops i can still wear are getting fewer and further between. Really need to invest in some more very soon - i currently have 3 tops for work and thats it.

funbun Wed 11-Apr-07 17:25:51

Should have said I'm a newie. Nice to talk to others due at same time.
To conkertree -H&M are really good value -£20 for trousers, less for tops and have some pretty dresses. I've got a wedding in July - and think I'll get something from there

tokentotty Wed 11-Apr-07 17:26:45

I hear ya Conker.....! Tried to sneak into a pair of black work trousers this morning as I figured that even if I couldn't do them up properly it wouldn't matter as my top was long. Sweet baby Jesus !! These things wouldn't even think about starting to go anywhere near me !!
DH sent me 3 links this morning (completely unprompted) showing some maternity tankinis that he thought were nice for me to buy for Vegas next month. Plus, one of the links was for Next I think and he wrote that he thought there were some nice bits on the site and that I should treat myself to make sure I felt nice.... who IS that man I wondered ??

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tokentotty Wed 11-Apr-07 17:27:14

Whoops !!! Sorry Funbun - big, big welcome to you too xxx Have you popped yourself onto our stats page ?

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funbun Wed 11-Apr-07 17:30:07

No, what is it?

jem1969 Wed 11-Apr-07 17:30:21

TT- normal clothes are a dim and distant memory for me too. Haven't been able to get into usual trousers for about 8 weeks. I rather like this elasticated business- so much easier than zips and buttons- I may never go back to usual jeans. My bump feels enormous and rock hard most of the time.
Last night a friend asked me how many weeks I had left. Freaked me out a bit as still thinking about how many weeks gone rather than how many left-not quite ready for the count down yet!
Have organised myself the John Lewis 'nursery advisory' appointment- had to book ages ahead to get a Sunday. She said to allow 2 hours. I know DH will have lost interest in 10 minutes flat. I keep pointing out the Bugaboo to him as it's the only one I ever recognised so he's decided we may as wll get that. Doesn't realise that it needs a bit more thought! My Mum had said she'd buy us a pram and we were talking about a bugaboo at Easter as she had read something in the newspaper about it. When my dad heard how much it cost he was totally horrified so if we end up getting one, either my Mum will be buying it on the sly or it will be a joint effort!

tokentotty Wed 11-Apr-07 17:33:38

Really Jem ?? Phew - not just me then ! Big sigh of relief as was starting think that maybe I really was huge !

Have a look at the link below Funbun (and you too JSer)

our stats page

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