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Due in April 2007 - For WaspElly a girl, for Hensden a boy, the stats are all even, will baby Eddas please stop being so coy!

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EllieKthePA Tue 10-Apr-07 18:46:21

like it?

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EllieKthePA Tue 10-Apr-07 18:49:15

please ignore the duplicate of this thread, keyboard playing up again

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Sexonslightlypuffylegs Tue 10-Apr-07 18:51:19

Like it!

Ellie, I think Bramshott's baby is called Orla, but not sure what Bubblez called her dd in the end.

EllieKthePA Tue 10-Apr-07 18:57:29

found a way to make our point

this one was for you katy

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maveta Tue 10-Apr-07 18:57:46

Oh poor Eddas! How many thread titles have you been hounded by now??!

I´m all waxed and ready to go.. normally takes 45 mins but took 1.5 hours!!! Because the woman was SO EXCITED about me being about to burst that she did not stop talking about babies and childbirth etc etc the whole time. And she´s one that stops what she´s doing whenever she really gets going on a subject. somewhat drawn out but to her credit she was determined to leave me in better presentation that I have never been for my big day Then off somewhere else for my eyelash tint, paid for with the leftovers of a birthday voucher (from december!!) so that was a nice little bonus. Had a lovely nap followed by a walk in the country in the rain (that´s meant to sound enjoyable, not yuck) and just now a lovely hot bath. Very VERY healthy egg and chips planned for dinner - but to our credit we had a very healthy salad for lunch - mmmmmmmm.

Sorry I was such a grump and moan this morning, I have been refreshed by a boring but ultimately relaxing day and have decided I can´t spend up to 4 more weeks (aaaaargh) sitting around being bored so have made a big long list of things to do that will keep me busy. Now feeling very motivated.

.... the big question is whether this motivation is still there tomorrow morning..

EllieKthePA Tue 10-Apr-07 18:58:03


wrong 'b' name!

obviously i meant bubblez

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twinkle183 Tue 10-Apr-07 18:58:28

Hi guys - just a quick post to let you all know that I have had a little girl called Evelyn Catherine! This was born this afternoon at 12:33, weighing 7lbs after a 2 and a half hours of labour!!!

Hope everyone else is okay...

Take care

twinkle183 (P.s. will put some pics up soon)

EllieKthePA Tue 10-Apr-07 19:00:36



what is it with you all having such quick labours and being back here within hours?

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Pinions Tue 10-Apr-07 19:01:16

Sneak preview - Hi ellie !!!

Sexonslightlypuffylegs Tue 10-Apr-07 19:01:19

Wow Twinkle, fantastic news. Congrats to you, and another quick labour. Lovely name, and look forward to seeing some pics. Take it easy. xx

EllieKthePA Tue 10-Apr-07 19:02:41

hey pinions

how many hours sleep have you managed so far?!

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EllieKthePA Tue 10-Apr-07 19:03:40

and why do you all wait til i've created a new thread to do it?!
now i need twinkle in the title too

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oooggs Tue 10-Apr-07 19:07:09

Congrats to Hensen and to Twinkle great name

who's next?????????????????

Still shattered!!! But happy with my pushchair

Eddas Tue 10-Apr-07 19:07:22

PMSL at the thread title, think you'll have to include me in a few more before the baby's out Can the one after it's born be 'she's actually had it, no really she has' or something to that effect. Ellie you're much better at them than me, but you get what I mean, LOL!!

Twinkle, well done, and congratulations.

I am so hoping for one of these short labours everyone's having, yeah right!!!

charNbump Tue 10-Apr-07 19:10:11

congratulations twinkle!!!! so happy for u!!! hope my labour goes summit like that! ha xx

Bugmum Tue 10-Apr-07 19:10:40

Blimey, Twinkle is my buddy - she obviously didn't need me! Congrats to her and to Henden xx

EllieKthePA Tue 10-Apr-07 19:12:33

I like it Eddas

altho at this rate i'll be giving birth when that thread needs creating

I'll have a think on it and then we'll make sure everyone knows!

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nuttygirl Tue 10-Apr-07 19:17:52

Congratulations Twinkle .

Maveta - not sure I'd say 1.5hrs of waxing was a relaxing day ...glad you're feeling better.

Given all the short labours we've been having are us lot that are still waiting gonna have really long ones to even things out ????

Had mum on phone earlier all stressed out cos Dad walked out of his job at lunchtime (apparently his boss had said something nasty or summat). Anyway she rang back later to say his other boss had phoned and sorted it out and he's going back.

Why is my DH so stupid? He's going to the supermarket and I told him to get some decent oven chips (ie ones we've had before that cook alright) and he's rambling on about not knowing which I mean...FGS I wasn't saying a specific type I just meant any that we know are ok...

Pinions Tue 10-Apr-07 19:18:19

Hi girls, great to be back.Just a little teaser for you all I suppose.

Well it is great to be back and to FINALLY NOT be pregnant. I have lost 1 and half stones since sat (babys weight inlcluded) and feel great.

My baby is the LOVE of my life I never thought I would be so emotional but I adore him and yes wait for it am BROODY for another one and am seriously considering it am I totally mad I ask myself.

All the tension and worry that has been building up over the last few weeks and months and I suppose the whole pregancy seems to have vanished and it feels great. I can finally relax and enjoy my baby. BF is going really really well which is also a great relief and he has not had a really "hungry" moment or cry yet which I am trying to avoid at all costs. Bit sore in various places but thats what happens with a one hour labour (highly recommend tens machine, this was great until about the last hours which lets face it is then a bit useless but then nearly all over anyway, just take in AS MUCH gas and air as you possibly can!!!).

Anyway back to the baby Theo. He is a real joy, a great sleeper and feeder and much easier than NO 1.

Choclate cravings seem to be going away slowly but surely, and the new so called diet will be starting very soon! BF seems to great for the body, cos my uterus is nearly back to pre pregnancy shape according to MW.

What else have I been wanting to say erm ...

ADVICE if it helps anyone!!!

TENS deninitely. Great for first and second labour, useless at the end but still great.

For stitches to heal, take vit c and use salt water spray to stop infection.

2ND timers - first part of labour very slow and really not that painful. From the start of contractions getting to be painful and 5 mins apart YOU HAVE NOT GOT TIME TO WASTE AND GET TO THE HOSPITAL - TWO HOURS MAX!!!

Raspberry leaf tablets. I am a bit biased but I would say that they had a LOT to do with quick labour you have been warned!

I did not have any show whatsover, and neither did my waters break, only 5 mins before the baby was out so to speak, so don't rely on that too much.

And of course don't forget mini bottle of champers for hospital most importantly.

And before I forget:

ELLIE - you are a real superstar and thanks so much for "being there".

LESLEY - same to you. Am so sorry to hear about your friend. Hope you are concentrating on your birth now x

EDDAS - I can assure you it won'e be long and 2nd labours are VERY QUICK so be warned if this is 2nd.

TWINKLE and HENSDEN - many congrats x

DIPPY - not sure if I've got this right but there were some signs of labour at one point.

OCTO - no NO-ONES still believing that old "I'm in labour" chestnut are they???

Sorry really haven't got a clue about anything else that I have missed so apologies to those I have missed. Anyway thats about all from me I have been away from my baby for far too long.

Good luck to anyone due now, and anyone overdue!!!

I feel very very "not pregnant" anymore and I LOVE IT!


charNbump Tue 10-Apr-07 19:25:11

wow what a message pinions!!! so happy for you and glad everythings ok. so of you!!! xxx

LesleyR Tue 10-Apr-07 19:25:51

Congratulations Twinkle, lovely news and lovely name

It might just be because I've never given birth, but I find the idea of these speedy labours quite scary. Probably tempting fate now and will have 2 day marathon of pain

Ellie, I really feel for you and agree that it's right for you to be angry with J and not want to communicate with him. You shouldn't have to put up with his crap. Just concentrate on what is best for you, Matthew and LO.

I'm having a crappy day. Spent this afternoon in floods of tears trying to write sympathy cards to my friend's husband and her mum. Then got a phonecall from my dad to say my gran has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Can't wait for DH to come home (shouldn't be long) I need a hug.
Sorry to be so down, it helps to put it down on here.

On positive side one of my friends from school who now lives in Manchester is coming overto see me with her 2 DS (aged 2 & 4)on Thursday. Hoping that planning a day out might get LO moving (sod's law)before then, or having a day out might also start things off

LesleyR Tue 10-Apr-07 19:29:52

Pinions X post!

Lovely to hear that things are going so well with Theo thanks for thinking of me.

Sexonslightlypuffylegs Tue 10-Apr-07 19:50:41

Pinions, you sound on top of the world. Fabulous!!! Can I ask what strength the tablets were that you took. The ones I have seem to require taking several a day, several times a day and I just want to have 1 or 2 as hate taking pills.

Lesley, so sorry to hear about your gran. You are certanly having a rough ride atm, and my heart goes out to you.
I hope you enjoy seeing your friend and her 2 dc's.

Hope everyone else is ok.

Octo hasn't been on all day - do you think she is winding us up???

nellyhel Tue 10-Apr-07 19:50:51

Twinkle - congratulations!!!

Ellie - good thread title. Didn't get chance before but wanted to say you are perfectly right to rant! Hope it helps.

LesleyR - sorry you have more bad news, hope things at least feel better in the morning.

Pinions - agree with your tips. My waters didn't break until dilated either, think I will be scared if it happens at home this time! at you losing weight already, I am fed up being such a whale.

I am still a bit grumpy, feels like pmt and bit achey and tired. Hoping it doesn't last for days like others are having - I don't do long labours and don't want to be the one evening up the stats (hope junior is listening!). Need to sort out grumpiness though, otherwise dd will be getting her head bitten off for saying "two days to go mummy!!!!" all tomorrow, no matter how often I say yes BUT maybe it will be longer...

nellyhel Tue 10-Apr-07 19:54:40

SOSPL - my RLT are 640mg, that was all they had in shop. I think it says take two, three times a day but that's not specifically for labour? I've probably been taking two twice a day as I don't always remember either. So much better than the tea, wish I'd known last time. I guess even taking two once a day would be of some use?

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