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When to start TTC no 2 -NHS mat leave

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buzzbeebee Tue 01-Aug-17 21:09:31

It took me 2 years to conceive DD1 who is now 7 months and I will be going back to work from Mat leave in December. However I will be going back to a new NHS trust (I got a new job in a diff trust while on may leave). I am keen to get trying again in case it takes as long again to conceive. However does anyone know if I need to hold of and treat this like a new job (i.e. Never worked in NHS) and have to be working there so long in order to receive Mat pay. Or would it work like it did for current Mat pay and seen as moving within same organisation

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buzzbeebee Fri 04-Aug-17 12:43:50


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Percephone Sat 05-Aug-17 22:16:55

The good news is that it's all continuous NHS service so you don't treat it like a new job. You should qualify for mat pay already ☺

Can I ask you a question? Did you resign during your mat leave or time it so that your notice period was finishing as you were due to return? I really want to change jobs but I'm not sure how that affects occupational mat pay if you resign whilst still entitled to it!

buzzbeebee Sun 06-Aug-17 23:42:47

I resigned while on Mat leave but will have continuous service as I start straight into new job (still in NHS) both just had to agenda for change hospitals

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buzzbeebee Sun 06-Aug-17 23:44:45

Oh sorry I should say I am resigning when on Mat leave but have known since December I will be doing so but only handed in notice recently to continue getting Mat pay. So timing it to be when I should be returning. I did tell my work to give them a heads up. Best of luck

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Percephone Mon 07-Aug-17 23:21:03

Thanks, I think that's what I'll have to do too. Just feel a bit bad because they won't be able to advertise my post until I've resigned, which would be 6 months off!

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