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Progesterone side effects?

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babayagga Thu 20-Jul-17 18:53:06

At 11 weeks, I have been placed on progesterone pessaries, due to cervical incompetence.

Suddenly, symptoms that had receded since the placenta took over are back with a vengeance: I am nauseous, gassy, crampy, and lethargic 24/7. I take two naps a day and still don't feel energized...

If you have taken progesterone, what side effects have you experienced?

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JanuaryJuniper Thu 20-Jul-17 19:18:34

I was pretty much the same and EXTREMELY bloated and had constipation also. I used it for two pregnancies was glad to come off it each time when the time came.

babayagga Thu 20-Jul-17 19:54:52

January - how long did you stay on it?

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MegsMog Thu 27-Jul-17 15:36:01

Watching with interest as I've just been prescribed progesterone and prednisolone. Feeling a bit nervous as I've heard that they can make you feel pretty grim.

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