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Due April 07: one REAL baby and one pretend one so far

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Katy44 Sun 25-Mar-07 09:56:35

>>>By Katy44 on Sun 25-Mar-07 09:10:18
Congratulations WCL!

>>>By nellyhel on Sun 25-Mar-07 09:04:32
Congratulations WCL!!!! Also said with tears in my eyes! Reminded me why I was up for two hours last night and now I don't feel so fed up. Am delighted for you and hope it all went as you planned.

So exciting, hope the babies are coming along like (SMALL) buses very soon!

>>>By Eddas on Sun 25-Mar-07 08:25:46
Congrats WCL

Our first baby, at last!!!

>>>By muminabigtumi on Sun 25-Mar-07 07:50:00
Blinks back tears - WCL - I am so happy for you!
Just logged on - not caught up yet but I am so so pleased - is that our first or is there more excitement to come?? Best go get my tissues!!!!

Well done love! Hope you are feeling ok xx

>>>By liath on Sun 25-Mar-07 07:34:08

Congratulations WCL, looks like I missed some excitement on here last night. Wonderful news, well done!

>>>By WestCountryLass on Sun 25-Mar-07 06:32:47
Anyone else have a baby this morning?

Little boy born at 4.05am, 7lb 4 oz, details to follow

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EllieK Sun 25-Mar-07 10:04:12

thanks Katy!

Congrats WCL, glad I didn't wait up tho x

twinkle183 Sun 25-Mar-07 10:08:13

Congrats!!! I wish it was me... but I am so happy

geordiemacminx Sun 25-Mar-07 10:08:38

Congrats WCL - so pleased for you. Cant wait for the rest of the details!!!

Sexonslightlypuffylegs Sun 25-Mar-07 10:15:45

WCL, fantastic news!! Like everyone else, read it through tear-filled eyes!

Hope you are all doing well, and look forward to the full details.

So pleased for you all. xx

hensden Sun 25-Mar-07 10:42:30

Congrats WCL
goosebumps and tears here, hope you're all doing well, WOW a baby

babysopiniontakesover Sun 25-Mar-07 10:48:57


Emmymummy Sun 25-Mar-07 10:49:29

Oh my goodness I don't believe it! Congratulations WCL, well done honey! Am getting all emotional that someone's actually had a real baby!

weeonion Sun 25-Mar-07 11:05:18

WAYHEY!!!!! a baby!!!!! fab news wcl - was following your posts this mornig and hten couldnt believe it when the real news came though..... hope you are all doing well and it didnt happen on the kitchen floor. xoxoxoxooxo

zazas Sun 25-Mar-07 11:05:41

Congratulations WCL - wonderful news and brilliant that the homebirth went so well. take care xx

zazas Sun 25-Mar-07 11:14:48

Hello to everyone else too. Have been reading these past two weeks so know how you are all doing but so little time to post. Still working so no ML for me yet... But I have enjoyed sntaching little moments to read about the ups and downs of the last few weeks of pregnancy. My heart really goes out to the twin carriers - hats off to you both.

I have passed the 37 weeks so can go for the homebirth option now, so that is exciting. Sorted everything out as am convinced this one will be early rather than late - too much action going on to imagine this lasting longer than 2 more weeks!

Off to take the kids swimming - they have suggested that it would be good to have a water birth in the pool we are going to They are cute - every morning come into the bedroom and say 'did the baby arrive last night' - maybe I haven't painted a realistic picture of childbirth to them

Take care all and looking forward to welcoming the babies!

AngeG Sun 25-Mar-07 11:51:25

Fantastic news WCL. Well done you. Looking foward to hearing the details later. You were first due so I suppose it's only fair

Katy44 Sun 25-Mar-07 11:51:34

CaptainDippy - cheque is written, in an envelope, addressed, stamped and in my bag ready to go in the post in work in the morning. Sorry I've been messing you around - hopefully you haven't been shaving baldie bits into my lambskin in revenge!

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oooggs Sun 25-Mar-07 11:59:42

FANTASTIC at last we have a baby to coo over. Hope all is well WCL and I take it home birth went as planned

We must be well hormonal cos this news has made me all tearful as well, bless.

Right then, next please................

eca Sun 25-Mar-07 12:08:32

OOOOOHHHH !!!!! !!!!!!

CONGRATS WCL! Well done you! Fantastic news!

Can't believe I go away for a couple of nights and woohoo! Someone has a baby! Shall I go away again to get the rest of us going!

octopussyinyummyeastereggs Sun 25-Mar-07 12:20:04


CONGRATULATIONS WCL!!!!!!! Well done xoxoxoxox

Like the others am sat here in tears - so pleased for you - you must be sooo proud

The pretend one had some sympathy contractions this morning to celebrate and sends big kisses to number 1! xxxxxxxxx

mammyjo Sun 25-Mar-07 12:26:36

HHHHOOOOOORRRRRRAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations WCL, such wonderful news! Hope you are doing ok, so so pleased for you. Made me cry too as I was reading. Looking forward to the rest of the details later.

maveta Sun 25-Mar-07 12:51:08

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! Oh WCL I am so so happy for you, thank goodness someone has finally got the ball rolling

Take care of yourself and we will all be waiting on the edge of our seats for more news.. good one girl!

Bugmum Sun 25-Mar-07 13:16:59

Oh, how LOVELY . Can't wait to hear name, details and so on xxxx

Sexonslightlypuffylegs Sun 25-Mar-07 13:43:24

Texted 1b3 with your news WCL, and she sends her congrats and love. And love to everyone else.

She is still in hospital being monitored as her BP is quite eratic. She is seeing the consultant tomorrow, so shuld have more news for you then.

Off to another birthday party soon - hope B is in a better frame of mind after yesterday when she spent most of the time crying!

See you later. xx

CaptainDippy Sun 25-Mar-07 13:54:52

Congratulations WCL!!!! Our 1st bubba - soooo proud of you!!

Ooooooh, I guessed correctly (that WCL would be 1st to "drop") What's my prize?? What's my prize!!!?

Can't wait to know details, esp his name - So emotional .... wonderful stuff!

Ooooooooh .......

Whose next?? .....

How is everyone else doing?? Doing well here in Dipsville - Girlies sleeping so DH about to go and tackle the dreaded pond some more and I am going to catch up on, erm ..... stuff! Neeeeed to buy boxes to sort baby clothes - they are driving me crazy now!!

CaptainDippy Sun 25-Mar-07 13:56:06

SOSPL: Send oooooodles of love from Dipsville to 1B3 - hope she gets super postive news tomorrow from the consultant ..... Hope the Party is MUCH better than yesterday's fiasco. [[[[hugs]]]

CaptainDippy Sun 25-Mar-07 13:57:14

So we decided against the threat titale I came up with late last night then ....

How is your naughty pussy today, Octo!!!?

CaptainDippy Sun 25-Mar-07 13:57:44

thread title even - what am I like - brain is melted ....

Birdiebump Sun 25-Mar-07 14:02:45

More congrats to WCL who is no doubt enjoying those wonderful first new baby hours.

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