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due in december

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cazzybabs Sat 24-Mar-07 23:42:50

ummm startign this first! Am worried might be first off it. Have 2 dds (4 and 2) and since dd2 have had 2 keeping fingers crossed etc. Am due 3rd Dec. Sort boobs so far. I am praying I get ms because with both the dds had ms and with both mc no symptons at all.

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Nemo2007 Sat 24-Mar-07 23:48:40

OMG due in dec again already!!! Congrates to you I was on due in dec 2005

cazzybabs Sat 24-Mar-07 23:50:47

well I think so...... Oh bet Nemo you are the 2nd best bit (the tiny sleepy newborn bit over) now you are at the start to do intresting things bit....

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cazzybabs Sat 24-Mar-07 23:51:36

ohh am a year out...well 1 and a bit is also cute!

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Nemo2007 Sun 25-Mar-07 00:06:45

lol cazzybabs you would ne 1yr out if I hadnt had another one in jan just

Katy44 Sun 25-Mar-07 09:43:55

Congratulations cazzybabs

Mrsjaffabiffa Sun 25-Mar-07 12:48:00

Congratulation cazzybabs. Everything crossed for this pregnancy for you, I'm sure your thread will be inundated with due in Dec ladies soon.

BTW, I didn't have any (not one, ziltch symptoms, with my ds and dd this one currently 32weeks cooked has given me NO end of problems. So no sympyoms don't always mean the worse, be positive.

twoplusone Sun 25-Mar-07 20:25:32

Congrats cazzybabs,

cazzybabs Mon 26-Mar-07 08:49:15

Thanks boobs are so sore (not as bad as 1st time but still sore).

Thanks for keeping me company whilst I wait for other....(erghhh hurry up and test. CBs drums fingers impatiently)

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EdieMcredie Mon 26-Mar-07 11:04:57

Well done Cazzy. I love the fact that there is a dec thread as it makes my due date seem closer Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

EdieMcredie Mon 26-Mar-07 12:23:56

Sore boobs are a good sign...although not very comfortable!

cazzybabs Mon 26-Mar-07 12:27:39

When are you due?

Am slightly worried that sore boobs are in my head? Anway - nothing I can do about it now. Just have to hope this baby has all the right chromosomes and my body is helping it along!

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EdieMcredie Mon 26-Mar-07 12:35:18

I feel for you. I had a missed miscarriage and now am 15 weeks pg. Due Sep. I know it's bloody hard not to but please try not to concentrate on the symptoms, I had probably the same amount of symptoms both times but didn't mean much in the end. I would say it's extremely unlikely that you would have anything much at this stage? However I guess its hard for you not to concentrate on the symptoms based on what you have said about ms with both kids etc.

Good luck, if you need to talk we can start another thread. Im sure you will feel anxious for a little while yet. xxxxxxxx

Loopymumsy Mon 26-Mar-07 21:39:50

Message withdrawn

cazzybabs Tue 27-Mar-07 08:54:31

I have been 10m days late with both of mine (not that I am allowing ymslef to think this far ahead till I get to 12 weeks honset )

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cazzybabs Tue 27-Mar-07 10:00:34

OHH I feel a bit sick....hope that it is a good sign and not the fact I made a cake yesertday with out of date eggs or in my mind or the fact I am tired....

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cazzybabs Tue 27-Mar-07 10:01:10

AND BTW I am a little lonely here...hurry up and test people....

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BornToBeAPrincess Tue 27-Mar-07 10:50:57

Hi Crazzybabs
I'm due on 1st December. I already have dd1 3 and dd2 6 months.
This 1 was kind of unplanned....

BornToBeAPrincess Tue 27-Mar-07 10:51:48

Sorry 'cazzybabs'

cazzybabs Tue 27-Mar-07 10:52:46

HORRAH - a friend! Are you feeling anything yet?

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BornToBeAPrincess Tue 27-Mar-07 10:57:29

Nothing yet. Don't suppose I'll get sore boobs because I'm still breastfeeding!
Only tested yesterday so I'm still a bit shocked.

cazzybabs Tue 27-Mar-07 11:00:02

My dd1 was unplaned - only been going out with dh (then bf) for 3 months.

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BornToBeAPrincess Tue 27-Mar-07 11:07:36

I've heard 3 births are meant to be the worst Not looking forward to that!

cazzybabs Tue 27-Mar-07 11:13:24

i am not thinking about the birth...just waiting till I get to 12 weeks.

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BornToBeAPrincess Tue 27-Mar-07 11:20:20

I'm sorry about your mc's. It must be very hard for you been excited and scared at the same time. I really hope this pregnancy goes well for you.

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