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May "Secret Baby Shower"

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twelveyeargap Thu 22-Mar-07 15:41:40

For Mars...

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Mrsjaffabiffa Thu 22-Mar-07 15:48:37

Just wanted to say thanks again Mars for arranging our secret shower. I don't know about anyone else but I had fun buying and wrapping. lol

I wonder who will be the first to receive? I've sent mine but only as I'm concerned about it arriving from France. Post is normally pretty good though.

twelveyeargap Thu 22-Mar-07 15:51:42

FYI to SOH's secret buyer...

SOH likes gingerbread. And lots of it. She also like porridges and broccoli and baths. Mathilda likes gingerbread, porridge, broccoli and baths too.

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twelveyeargap Thu 22-Mar-07 15:53:19

I like presents... In general. I have no objection to any colour, fabric...

I like handknits. @ SOH.

All baby stuff is cool with me.

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MarsLady Thu 22-Mar-07 16:03:15

Pebblemum Thu 22-Mar-07 16:31:05

Im the same as you TYG, I just love getting presents no matter what it is, it could be an empty box for all i care as long as i can unwrap it lol.

LupinsBigLump Thu 22-Mar-07 16:59:56

Lol ohhhh what fun!!

aprilmeadow Thu 22-Mar-07 19:36:11

Brain is having to kick into action to think about what to get my secret stork! Shopping trip next week me thinks...

cinnamontam Thu 22-Mar-07 19:41:57

Getting anything other than bills in the mail is a very exciting day for me. Can be anything

aprilmeadow Thu 22-Mar-07 19:52:34

Please can someone tell me if we have a set budget for the shower? Brain cells packed in!!

twelveyeargap Fri 23-Mar-07 10:06:14

£10 budget

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aprilmeadow Wed 28-Mar-07 08:08:19

HEEELLLLLLPPPPPPP me - really struggling with the stork present! ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH

largeginandtonic Thu 29-Mar-07 15:51:21

I have my secret shower pressie, im in shock. Someone did not stick to the rules, i am so happy with it i really dont know what to say. I have NEVER had such a thoughtful lovely present arrive in the post and after the week i have had im sobbing with happiness.

I cant say thank you enough to whoever it was, i think they should own up though as i owe them freshly baked cakes delivered to their door for life and a personal hug visit.

Im going back to hug my Cath Kidston cowboy nappy bag now, i may take it to bed with me. xxxxxxxx

Mrsjaffabiffa Thu 29-Mar-07 16:19:15


Mrsjaffabiffa Thu 29-Mar-07 16:19:37

largeginandtonic Thu 29-Mar-07 16:22:10

I have spoken to my secret shower lady, her pressie has not arrived. I have more pressies to come. This means i have a very nice nappy bag from a very naughty (lovely) May mummy. I know the secret is out with my shower lady but it was necessary Mars. Sorry for rule breaking.

Im still beaming

Mrsjaffabiffa Thu 29-Mar-07 16:29:18

Think you may have guessed anyway lg&t when a package arrives with ANGLETTERE sprawled all accross it.

Soooooo cross at the blimmin postal services, I sent it a week ago, normally packages take 2-3 days to get to the UK from here. I'm soooo gutted!

MarsLady Sat 31-Mar-07 20:12:48

So what about the rest of you

Any more pressies arrived yet?

Bensonbluebird Sat 31-Mar-07 22:23:42

Yes! lovely baby clothes and a baby record book. V.good idea. I have been writing things in a book for this bean but have been pretty crap at remembering so it will be useful to have some reminders to write things down. DS' book is crammed with stories, poor second child so neglectged already.

The parcel came the day after my birthday so it was like having a second day of celebration.

MarsLady Sun 01-Apr-07 01:10:50

ShowOfHands Sun 01-Apr-07 15:20:36

I received mine last week!

Beautiful little knitted white matinee jacket and a tea blend (raspberry leaf, nettle(!) and elderberry). Surprisingly delicious and also has lots of iron/labour-inducing type properties. Drinking it as I type.

Sending mine tomorrow...

Thank you to my sender- I think I know who you are from the postmark- and thank you Mars.

Mrsjaffabiffa Sun 01-Apr-07 18:45:08

Mars..... Just knew this would catch on didn't we. I don't know how you feel about doing it again but the June ladies are now discussing doing the secret shower. It's probably been the bain of your life, but thank you soooo much for organising it for us.

bumperlicious Sun 01-Apr-07 20:32:03

Hi again, yep we definitely think it's a fab idea, but I am happy to co-ordinate it myself. But would appreciate any tips Mars.

Mrsjaffabiffa Sun 01-Apr-07 21:06:56

bumperlicious, thats great, it is good fun. We had a closing date for entry and then an e-mail with who to send to, address and any other useful info, first baby, girl, boy, likes and dislikes etc....and then a date set that our gifts should arrive by.

I hope I didn't offend you by sggesting another person coordinating it, If I did, I'm sorry, just thought you might want to be part of the secret fun.

Good luck

bumperlicious Sun 01-Apr-07 21:16:32

No no, you didn't offend me at all - sorry if it sounded like that! That's the internet for you . Just wouldn't want someone else to have to do all that work for us!

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