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Due May 07 - w/c 19/03/07

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Lwatkins Mon 19-Mar-07 09:28:28


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twelveyeargap Mon 19-Mar-07 09:35:05

Morning LW - How is your dad? Are you back at home yet, or is that still to come? I'm confused!

Welcome back SOH. Can't believe how acitve you were! It would have been hard to get me out of bed if I'd been on holiday.

So glad they're retesting your DH. I know it's a long wait, but it HAS to be all ok.

Glad you liked the gingerbread. You would have got one just before you left had it not accidentally ended up in my belly instead. However, the icing was pink on that one, so I thought it best not to insult your tastes .

I am SO tired today. I woke up at about 2am and remembered that I was in work early today and had set my alarm 45 mins too late. Reset it and then woke up about 5 more times after that with that panicky "Oh my God, have I over-slept?" feeling. Boo. I just want to go home. In fact, I'm seriously considering whining to the boss and saying I don't feel well. Could take the expenses home and sit and relax (?) whilst doing them. Get my laundry done and get to bed really early tonight.

Poor DH is knackered. He did tons of jobs yesterday, including treating 1/3 of the VAST amount of decking the house's previous owner left to rot. Of course it bloody poured rain in the night and snowed this morning and it's been wrecked.

Got some paint samples and colour charts for the nursery. Think I'll do three apple-white walls with apple-green stencils and one green wall with white stencils. Maybe... I'm rubbish at actually making a decision on this stuff. I'm afraid I won't like it when it's done. Going to talk DH into repainting our living room too. Prev owner has it a rich, dark red. It looks great, but only in someone else's house iyswim. It's too heavy for me to live with. I think it will make me feel hot and depressed in the summer as well.

You've been a busy bee Mrs JB. Another active holiday person! Fair play to you for skiing. That's great about DD. Did she stay in the bed last night?

largeginandtonic Mon 19-Mar-07 10:23:04

Morning all

Happy sucks

Having bad morning, woke up feeling rubbish. Ears hurt, throat all scratchy and head pounding. Took kids to school and got accosted by husband of woman who whacked my wing mirror last week. She has obviously gone home to him moaning and passing blame. I pointed out to him i was not speeding as was turning left at the time and i pulled over immediately. She drove off and round a corner. Grrrrrr

Got home to to school on the phone saying DS2 whinging a bout a headache as his glasses are broken, he was fine this morning.....

Then a debt collectors letter about some outstanding gas bill from the last house that exp has obviously tried to palm off on me.

Im not answering the phone or going anywhere alone today....the world is out to get me

SOH im so glad you are back and had a lovely holiday. Also very glad to have you back on here

TYG your nursery plans sound lovely, the baby will be next to us for the first year, no room for a nursery.

MrsJB really hope the scan goes well, come back and let us all know soon xxxx

twelveyeargap Mon 19-Mar-07 10:38:53

NOT a good start LG&T. Was there any damage done to either car? Stupid woman.

Debt collectors?? Was your name on the acct? Is there anything you can do? Your ex is a c'ck. I hate him.

Pebblemum Mon 19-Mar-07 10:46:17

Morning all

Hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day. I actually got breakfast in bed which is very rare for me but then again it could have been because i refused to get up until Dh had done it It was nothing fancy but it was nice to be waited on, only problem was i was joined in bed by both ds's eating their toast so it was more like a chimps tea party than a relaxing breakfast lol

Spent the day visiting both mothers which was nice and then Dh cooked his special omlettes for tea so i got away with doing practically nothing which was nice. I still felt incredibly tired though and kept dozing off from 9.30pm but i was being stubborn and refused to go to bed, wanted to spend time with dh without the kids running around alas i didnt manage it and Dh finally convinced me to go to bed at 11pm (id been asleep most of that time and i think my snoring was disturbing his tv lol)

Baby is getting more and more uncomfortable, its as though he/she is trying to push its bum up out through my ribs and then just as that eases it pushes on my other side. I know its only going to get worse as the baby gets bigger so im keeping my fingers crossed that the next 9wks fly by.

Welcome back mrsJB and SOH, guess its going to get harder to keep up with the posts now We now know who the chatterboxes are, it was so quiet on here last week

Lwatkins Mon 19-Mar-07 11:03:47

Ello ello ello! Have had no sleep and am feeling very wired!!!

TYG - morning to you too lovely, dad is.....going to take a long long time to get better. Some of the damage done to his lung cannot be repaired - ever, but the whole collapsed part of it should hopefully uncollapse itself with some time and lots of steroids! <<LW's twitch makes a sudden return>> And mum is coming to get me on saturday and take me home for 3 weeks for easter, then bring me all the way back - ain't she good!

SOH welcome back, glad to hear you had a nice holiday. Hope the re-testing for your dh goes all ok this time, I'm sure it will.

LG&T - dear lord woman it's only 11 o'clock and all this drama! You should star in your own soap, we could all have mini parts in it. 'Pregnant With Problems', sounds good Sorry your having a crappy start to the day x

Pebble - know the feeling! I can't even sit down without being hassled by little miss, I'm just going to lay claim to LW's ENTIRE body even though I'm still very small! Me and this baby are having serious words when we meet!

Have just had a bit of a rant on a thread in the pregnacy boards regarding alcohol in pregnancy! Am very tetchy now, it's got me all fired up cause I'm so sick of being hassled and told what to do all the time just cause I'm knocked up

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twelveyeargap Mon 19-Mar-07 11:15:09

I'm with you on that thread LW. SO bored of it all. In similar vein, was accused by woman working in the office canteen that grated cheddar cheese on my baked potato couldn't POSSIBLY be good for the baby. Eh, WHAT?

Same woman told me about a week ago that I shouldn't be in work. I WISH I wasn't, but shouldn't be is probably a bit strong.

Stupid cow. I used to like her.

Summerfruit Mon 19-Mar-07 11:24:27

Message withdrawn

Lwatkins Mon 19-Mar-07 11:24:35

Did you slap them, both?

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twelveyeargap Mon 19-Mar-07 11:28:12

Welcome Summerfruit. Of course you can join. We're VERY talkative... OK, well I am.

Lwatkins Mon 19-Mar-07 11:29:24

Chedder cheese - bad? <<Snarf>>

I swear it's these people let loose in public that puts pregnant women and their unborn babies at risk!

Hello to Summerfruit! Of course you may join lovely, if you pass around some of that daily wine of yours.....!!!

What a load of sh*te, I think my blood pressure has gone up considerably whilst on that thread!

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Summerfruit Mon 19-Mar-07 11:30:44

Message withdrawn

Summerfruit Mon 19-Mar-07 11:35:59

Message withdrawn

Lwatkins Mon 19-Mar-07 11:36:12

Right am of for a shower cause I'm mingin after being glued to prison break all weekend in my pj's, moving only for bathroom breaks and to pick up the next kitkat bar I wanted to eat. Then I might go do some shopping, see if I can pick up some more baby things and attempt to kid myself into thinking I'm prepared for her arrival <<gulp>>

Catch you ladies and bumps later

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Summerfruit Mon 19-Mar-07 11:37:36

Message withdrawn

twelveyeargap Mon 19-Mar-07 11:58:16

Forgot to say, that whilst DH was rubbing moisturiser into my ruined belly on Sunday he goes, "Awhh, you look so cute. A bit like a manatee ."

and I had to laugh.

SKYTVADDICT Mon 19-Mar-07 12:09:00

Afternoon all

Welcome back SOH and welcome Summerfruit.

Bless your DH TYG - I saw manatees in Florida once!!

Got some good bargains at Nearly New sale on Saturday - now have a moses basket and bouncy chair both mamas and papas and costing £40 for the lot. Looked on M&P website - moses basket not there but the Zeddy and Rhubarb chair with mobile is (I got it for £10) costing about £70

Also got lots of blue clothes - it better be a boy.

Now just need to wash everything, my mum coming tomorrow to motivate me!

twelveyeargap Mon 19-Mar-07 12:34:35

Oh great bargains SKYTV. Glad you mentioned the sale becuase I just checked and there's one on near me next week. Rang the NCT to see if my membership card is on the way and they said this week or early next week. Hopefully it will be this week so I can get in that bit earlier.

twelveyeargap Mon 19-Mar-07 12:50:35

Has anyone gone off "meals"? I just want to snack all the time. I'm sitting here wondering what to eat for lunch and I can't think of anything I want save for maybe crackers and cheese and yoghurt and stuff. Even the thoughts of a sandwich is making me go, "Bleugh".

It's making it VERY hard to get off my a'se and cook of an evening...

LupinsBigLump Mon 19-Mar-07 13:00:36

TYG Lol at your dh a manatee bless him

SOH glad you got the clothes ok - good they are goin to be used

Welcome Summer

I am sure this baby is going to fall out soon - he is soooo low i keep getting foot stabbings in my bits - no joke, also BH's have beeb taking my breath away. Been to the hospital today have got to monitor my blood sugar for a week, then they will reassess if i need the insulin next week - but am going to have to monitor for the rest of this pg, have also had to change consultants as mine doesnt cover diabetes,

Just got a couple of nursing vests in m/care, dont want to go wearing a bra just after a section - thought they would be ideal as I can still stick some breast pads in - keep thinking my hossi bag is done and keep finding things to put in it hmmmm!!

ShowOfHands Mon 19-Mar-07 13:37:24

Good afternoon pregnant people.

First things firsts, oi Pebble, I am not a chatterbox. I am loquacious I thank you. It's TYG, LG&T, Scoot and MrsJB that do all the chattering around here. Talking of MrsJB, I want a scan update...

Well, I'm back at work and finding ever more preposterous ways of avoiding doing anything work-related. I have discovered that if I push a trolley full of books round looking purposeful, they all just leave me alone. It's officially easter now so all of the students have gone home/gone drinking. Nice and quiet. And for some reason there are 24 creme eggs in my office. Apparently a student brought them in for me. No clue why, but I'm playing marbles with them later (see afore-mentioned work-avoidance techniques). No less than 34 books arrived while I was on holiday as well, so I may fashion a fort out of them and barricade myself in. And who says being a librarian is dull?

TYG, I can't manage meals either. For lunch I am having yoghurt, grapes and a banana. I think my stomach is squashed, Mathilda's using it as a squeeze toy. She's been surprisingly active this week. I thought she'd be settling down a bit but she seems to completely change positions on a daily basis. Yesterday I'm sure she was transverse, today she's back to bum in ribs pose. Saw a foot for the first time last night too, sticking right out of the bump. Very odd. How did I get to be 32wks pg?

Started worrying slightly about the birth. I wake up in a bit of a panic in a morning with no idea how I'm going to get a person out of me. And I'm worried I'll just panic or get embarrassed about mooing/grunting/losing all control of my faculties. Anybody want to do it for me?

ShowOfHands Mon 19-Mar-07 13:38:28

PS Welcome Summerfruit.

Mantees are cute....

I look like a rhino.

Creena Mon 19-Mar-07 13:45:50

Howdy all.

We've been having some kerazy weather in my neck of the woods; one minute it's beautifully sunny and the next, hail stones trhe size of golf balls are pelting down! Had some snow last night too but only a light covering and it's all melted now.

Not much news to report, although I may be getting some help with the old SPD soon. Saw my GP this morning; he's signed me off for 2 weeks (which should take up to when I was going to go on leave anyway - hurrah!) and has referred me to the physiotherapist. Just got to wait for an appointment now but am so glad to think that I might finally get some help and relief soon.

MrsJB - glad you had a lovely holiday. Poor DD, though; hope she's all fine and dandy now.

SOH - so glad to see you back - I've missed you! Also glad to hear that you had such a fab holiday. Will keep my fingers crossed for your DH next week even though he won't need it; he'll be absolutely fine!

LW - so sorry to hera about your dad. Hope the steroids kick in quickly and sort him out. At least you'll be home soon with your family and can give him a big hug.

Summerfruit - hello and welcome! Please feel free to join in. It's great when we get new mums to be around here!

Gingerbear Mon 19-Mar-07 13:52:04

hello all.
That drinking in PG thread has got my back up. I didn't want to touch alcohol for the first 4 months, now I fancy the odd glass of wine, especially when a case of really nice stuff has arrived from the wine club. It wasn't that long ago that pregnant women were encouraged to drink stout for the iron content.

I know what you mean about not wanting to eat a proper meal. I have had a sandwich and soup for lunch and it feels like I have had a 3 course meal. Plus I find that snacky meals more often are less likely to lead to the dreaded heartburn.

I had a scan last Friday - baby is breech at the moment, have been seeking reassurance that there is still time for it to turn, otherwise the likelihood of my VBAC seems to get more and more distant.

I am not sleeping well at the moment - trips to the loo in the middle of the night and then worrying, like you do, in the wee small hours about everything to do with the birth. Maybe a glass of wine will help me sleep through!

twelveyeargap Mon 19-Mar-07 13:58:07

Talk to your baby Gingerbear. Doesn't have to be out loud. Just lots of positive thinking (this is what we did in Hypnobirthing), ask your baby to turn, visualise a natural, safe delivery etc. Spend like, 20 mins a day doing it. Lots of stories around about this sort of thing working - google it. It's worth a shot at least.

I also hear that acupuncture, if you can afford it, is very effective at turning a breech and also reflexology.

Oh and the "polar bear" position. Get on hands and knees, then sort of sit your bottom down on/ towards your heels and head on your hands. You can get comfy in that position and watch tv for a little while in it. It's supposed to open up space for the baby to turn.

You could probably google "optimal foetal positioning" or something and get some further advice.

Good luck!

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