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Due April 2007 - The buns are coming out of the oven, if they don't - Octo will be dragging them out!!

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CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:28:02

Ta Da! (At last...)

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Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:30:32

about bloody time

CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:32:55

D'oh! I created the thread twice by accident and we've linked to two different ones!!!

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CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:33:08

What are we going to doooooooo

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Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:33:11

this is a test of intelligence, now go to the new thread

CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:33:47

Nice one!

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Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:35:35

if you are here, you shouldn't be

don't ask, just go here

Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:36:57


cd, you could have checked my link


CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:41:18

Whoops - Sorry!

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Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:42:17

stop adding more posts cd, i'm trying to hide this thread

new thread here

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