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May 2017 #14 'A baby each day in the month of May?...'

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RasperryInAMelon Fri 28-Apr-17 22:16:09

Thread 14... I'll post the other page links below too!

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mrscrocopop Fri 28-Apr-17 22:20:59

Thanks for setting up a new thread.
Sorry I have been somewhat awol - I am struggling to keep up with all the chatter!!!

RasperryInAMelon Fri 28-Apr-17 22:22:45

Previous Thread 13

Bump Photos

Birth Stories

Google Spreadsheet

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Ghostonthedancefloor Fri 28-Apr-17 22:33:29

Place marking on this thread. I simply could not keep up, however I've finished work now so maybe there's hope?!
Hope you don't mind smile

CoxsOrangePippin Fri 28-Apr-17 22:40:51

If everyone from the first threads came back, there would be two or three babies a day!

Adventuregame Fri 28-Apr-17 23:08:27

Good thread title raspberry !
I'll just post again :
Anyone got any tips for a streaming cold ? Not much fun at 38 weeks pregnant !!

MrsJW15 Fri 28-Apr-17 23:21:34

Oh poor you Adventure. I'm coldy too. Hot water with honey, lemon and ginger, plus hot baths?

MrsJW15 Fri 28-Apr-17 23:22:06

Thanks for the new thread Raspberry!

1004Rise Fri 28-Apr-17 23:32:22

Thanks @RasperryInAMelon good title. grin

Went out for dinner tonight to our favourite local pub to celebrate my last day at work, last time til we come back up as tourists 😢

@Adventuregame that's rotten! honey & lemon and boiling water, soothes the throat. Menthol crystals in boiling water breathe in to unblock nose and the usual midwife cure, 2 paracetamol and a warm bath.... and sleep. Not a whole lot else you can do 😕 I was just wondering today where you'd gone because we hadn't seen you for a while, hope you're enjoying peace and quiet! grin

@teainbed can't believe that's 2 weeks already! Time definitely flies!!

@beanturnipandspud exactly! I always thought I'd be "I'm pregnant not ill!" And that I'd carry on regardless, no-one warned me that growing a person was such hard work!! And now I feel stupid because obviously growing a person is hard, why did I ever think it would be easyconfused

@Badgerbird hope your chimp enjoyed his tea brew

beanturnipandspud Sat 29-Apr-17 00:40:44

Placemarking 😊

teainbed Sat 29-Apr-17 02:00:52

Sleepily plscemarking!

Rustler74 Sat 29-Apr-17 03:45:24

Wow I thought I'd nearly missed it! For some reason I had to go online instead of in the app, as I could not seem to reply in the app.
Insomniac nr 2, waving to teainbed although I haven't got a scrumptious baby to stare at.

Rustler74 Sat 29-Apr-17 03:51:01

Now I can join in on the app! Crazy! For some reason it would not let me reply until I was 'watching' the thread.
Just came out of bed, as I'd been tossing and turning for 45 minutes anyway with a blocked nose, and OH demanding 3/4 of the bed, him snoring as well and me worrying about my maternity pay.
- how much I'm getting
- until when am I getting it
- how much to pay back to the one employer I don't want to return to (or shall I just go back for 3 months of stress and unhappiness just so I won't have to pay back?)

Anyone else awake?

1004Rise Sat 29-Apr-17 04:07:29

<waves at @Rustler74 and @teainbed >

This is what I get for "boasting" that I'd had 3 good nights sleep confused

@Rustler74 what a thing to be thinking about confused

Rustler74 Sat 29-Apr-17 04:16:19

@1004Rise I know right! It's actually not so much my fault. My OH had asked me earlier this week to give him an idea, but due to having the 2 employers I really don't have a clue where I'll be getting that pay from and how much each one is! They put it down in a letter, both, but I don't know if it's accumulated or if it'll come from one pot somewhere else? Plus one of the employers has now changed to virgincare (was NHS) and although I'm tupe'd across with same terms and conditions, I'd be surprised if the other one still sees it as an NHS job. Sorry rant over, I shouldn't apply such nightly rants, because now someone else thinks there's a party in my belly (born DJ?) and it's serious jockin in there now!

ClaireSunflower Sat 29-Apr-17 04:20:38

Hi team insomnia @Rustler74 and @1004Rise no sleep for me either and dh is snoring his head off so got up and am now on the sofa 😔

Adventuregame Sat 29-Apr-17 04:33:13

Yep I'm awake !! Blocked nose seems to have improved but considering getting up and having a cup of tea !?
Update - new bathroom is all finished and cleaner comes tomorrow ! Phew !!

1004Rise Sat 29-Apr-17 04:37:40

@Rustler74 sounds complicated!!

I resorted to reading the the thread "Random shit your dog is scared of" quite amusing grin

Going to put on one of my hypnobirthing tracks and see if I can get a couple of hours more blush

mrspage1985 Sat 29-Apr-17 06:37:24

Placemarking! Just had a massive catch up of the last two days, congratulations to new arrivals ❤️❤️

Finally finished work yesterday for maternity leave after a crazily busy last week. Cannot wait to start to chill now and get better from the cold that I have had for at least three weeks now...convinced it's just from tiredness. Have had some beautiful presents from my colleagues - was quite overwhelmed with the amount bless them.

Looking forward to getting stuck into mat leave now 👍🏻👍🏻xxx

dreamofhungarianlanterns Sat 29-Apr-17 07:01:51

Morning all!
rustler bless you for your middle of the night wonderings! I remember your second job has been stressful and a hassle for quite some time, my friend has just had her 3rd week back after ML at NHS in a job she does like and is finding it quite stressful so for what it's worth I would suggest maybe working out what you would have to pay back if you didn't go back and making a decision on facts if you can. A question only you can answer for yourself is something like will you remember/ need that amount of money in a year/ two years time verses the feelings and actual hassle that going back may bring up for you?

Badger and Rasperry I did wear the maxi dress (tucked into bra band wink ) yesterday and would highly recommend. No tights necessary and it hid my ankles which I could feel swelling as the hours went on, plus the fact that I had to swap my heels for flats rather more quickly than planned! The wedding was lovely but quite individual, the invitations stressed we should wear what we felt comfortable in and there were 3 well defined camps; those that wore full tweed suits, those that came in normal wedding suit/ posh dress and those that came in t shirts, jeans and trainers and looked like they had nipped in on way to supermarket. It worked!!

Wish we loved the MLU, it's so quiet and friendly with a lot of retro peach décor! Because of it's location they have a high transfer rate but I am happy to have less pain relief options and the possibility of a 30 min average ambulance transfer to try and go there for the atmosphere. They also encourage you to stay there for as long as you want after birth if you do have to go to hospital and friends have found that invaluable. Would definitely recommend your sister goes for a visit at some point.

Could I get some advice / views please? Have just received a wedding invitation from my step sister (she is quite a lot younger than me, we have never really bonded as lived together only for a matter of weeks and she ate all meals in room - we're very different people I would call her extremely self centred and she has been awful to my dad in her teens and into her twenties but I'm sure she'd have a thing or two to say about me). I would have been totally fine with not being invited. It's 2/3 hours away from us on a Friday when our LO will be about 4 months old. We're hoping to breast feed. I'm invited to whole wedding, 1pm onwards, DP (she's never met him) invited to reception from 7pm. How would that work? Would it work? DP would have to take day off but one of us would be separated from the baby most of the day. Would we even be there much after 7pm? confused

EsmesBees Sat 29-Apr-17 07:05:20

Thanks for the new thread Raspberry.

Cold sufferers- you can use a salt sinus rinse from the chemists. Not pleasant but works.

Glad your bathroom is finally​ done adventure

jennymac31 Sat 29-Apr-17 07:18:54

Morning ladies

Hope you're well and are looking forward to a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Am quite tired after a manic week of carpet fitting, furniture building and window replacing (not physically done by me, I was just project managing as it were).

Dd has a birthday party to go to today bur am hoping to have a quiet afternoon once the party has finished.

Can't believe we're on thread 14!

Sipperskipper Sat 29-Apr-17 07:24:40

Thanks for sorting the new thread raspberry!

I've found olbas oil & vicks helpful when I had a cold a couple of months ago.

savagehk Sat 29-Apr-17 07:37:02

dream it could work provided baby can come to the evening do. Ideally your dp would be at the 1pm start in case (nearby, or outside venue dependant) baby needs feeding and is a bottle refuser, you may also need to feed or express for comfort even if baby takes the bottle.

MrsJW15 Sat 29-Apr-17 07:57:35

Morning all, terrible night's sleep here, and now in bed with horrible rib pain.

Rustler that sounds complicated. I hate it when that stuff gets stuck in your head all night.

Slipper I wasn't sure we could use Olbas Oil?

Tricky Dream. Do you know how much of the day they want baby to attend?

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