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due march 2005

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misdee Thu 01-Jul-04 01:20:34

is anyone gonna join me?

due 3rd march.

sweeney Thu 25-Nov-04 19:42:30

hi shalaa
welcome.... have you ever talked about the panic attacks to a therapist? in my experience of working with people it's good if you can find out the underlying reason for them. anyhow i'm getting bits of heartburn too and a terrible left hip. a little patch of it gets pins and needles, very uncomfortable!
down to 2 half days a week working, and it feels so much better.
as for pelvic floor i do them at yoga and pilates, so 2ce a week, not very much. i hate the feeling.

popsycal Thu 25-Nov-04 19:47:31

anyone getting nighttime leg cramps.....
forgot about having them with ds.....

woke dh up last night screaming with agony and had forgotten what to do to get rid of them!

shalaa Fri 26-Nov-04 10:29:23

Yes i'm suffering from night time leg cramps! Also keep getting cramp in my butt and hip which is very uncomfortable!

Yes i'm booked in to see a therapist in December so hopefully we can get a better understanding of what triggers them off. Either way i'm a fighter and i'm not giving in!!

I also hate the feeling of pelvic floor exercises but i'm trying to do a few everyday, is worth it in the end im sure.

3mummy Sun 28-Nov-04 18:21:33

Hi, new here. I'm expecting my third, I have 2 lovely little girls and am looking forward to our latest addition due the end of March. Had 2 brill pregnancies and am now paying for it with this one!! Plenty of backache, heartburn sickness etc.... I am a bit worried about the pelvic pain I'm getting, having treatment with an osteopath, but was wondering if anyone else suffering too? Apart from all my gripes I am so totally excited and blissfully happy to be having another child. Nice to be here.

Pidge Mon 29-Nov-04 09:22:14

Welcome shalaa and 3mummy and hullo to everyone else.

Saw my midwife on Friday and completely forgot to take my notes with me! Also forgot to ask her about issuing a Mat B1. So pregnancy brain has definitely set in.

Contrary to what she said earlier in the pregnancy I AM being offered Anti-D at 28 and 34 weeks (due to being rhesus negative), so am now mulling over if I want it or not. Misdee I think you were having these jabs weren't you? Seems like the benefits of getting it outweigh the risks, but am always a bit hesitant about receiving blood products if it's not really necessary.

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 09:26:24

pidge, yes i am having anti-d injections at 28 and 32 weeks and after birth if nesscessery. i had the anti-d after the births of both my dd's, and after dd2 i was also sent for a blood test a month or so later (different health district). I was very caustious over blood products too as was bought up as a jehovah witness, so i looked into it a bit, asked my mum (fountain of knowledge), and decided to have it.

The benfits do outweight the risks, but you have to be happy with your decision.

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 09:27:21

i guess you could ask them just to check anti bodie tier at 28 and 34 weeks. then only have one jab after birth of bubs if needed. but i think that goes against new guidelines.

Leogaela Mon 29-Nov-04 09:52:03

Hi everyone!

I too have had pain in my hip, especially the left one, but only when I am sleeping. If I get out of bed and walk around for a while it eases it a bit. But I have tried the whole pillow between the legs thing and it doesn't help. Why is it that we are supposed to sleep on the left side? I know something is wrong with sleeping on my back (that's my normal non-pregnant sleep position) so I am trying to avoid it, but have no idea why the left side is supposed to be best.

As for cramp in the legs, magnesium can help that if you are not already taking it. But you are supposed to bend your foot up to stretch the muscle out as much as possible (not convinced about that though) but don't point your toe, that definitely makes it worse.

As for pelvic floor exercises I also do them at yoga once a week but also don't like the feeling and I am never sure if I am getting the right bit to work so I don't do them otherwise! Is it really bad not to?

We finally moved into a new place at the weekend - it was stressful and for me very tiring, but I am so glad its done and feel much, much happier now - and we have a room for the baby! Great! Anyone started getting baby stuff together and preparing yet or is it still too early. Any advice on that? I don't want to have everything ready too early or end up getting too much, but then on the other side I worry that I am going to be too tired and disorganised if I leave it too late!

misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 10:02:56

thought we should ahve a new thread, seeing this one is getting long so its here

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