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due march 2005

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misdee Thu 01-Jul-04 01:20:34

is anyone gonna join me?

due 3rd march.

motherinferior Tue 06-Jul-04 22:18:55

Girly, drop me an email - I want to ask you all the Anglo-Indian stuff we were talking about before!

Almost getting broody at this thread, no no NOOOOOOOOO....

munchkinsusie Wed 07-Jul-04 12:10:38

can i join in? i just got a positive HPT last night - still realing from the excitement!

also, can someone help me figure out my due date please. my last period went from 28-30 may and i ovulated on 24th june.

we've decided not to tell anyone yet, which means lying to all my friends who know we're trying - i feel bad about that but my DH feels its important that its just us that knows for a while.

Toothache Wed 07-Jul-04 12:15:20

Munchkinsusie - I'm not part of this thread, but wanted to congratulate you anyway.

You're due date going by the 1st day of your LMP is 4th March. But maybe a week later going by your ovulation date. HTH!

Enjoy your pregnancy.

Girly Wed 07-Jul-04 12:30:37

Congratulations Munchkinsusie, welcome

Is this your 1st?

PreggieMum Wed 07-Jul-04 12:31:04

Congratulations munchkinsusie

We haven't told any friends or family yet either. It's really difficult keeping it a secret though isn't it?

Still no cravings, but morning sickness is still bad and I'm also feeling a little tired.

How's everyone else doing?

munchkinsusie Wed 07-Jul-04 12:49:43

thanks toothache, girly and preggymum.

yes, this is my first and i've just turned 28.

i'm feeling pretty good so far, although noticably more tired and running to the loo! i've woken up at 6am the last two mornings bursting for teh loo - i never wake up before 7.30!

preggiemum, how far along are you? for that matter, how far along am i - do i say four weeks now?

PreggieMum Wed 07-Jul-04 13:18:52

Hi munchkinsusie,

My due date is 1st March, so by my reckoning I think that makes me about 5 1/2 weeks, so you would be around 5 weeks? (could be wrong though as I'm hopeless with dates)

munchkinsusie Sat 10-Jul-04 12:06:04

so hows everyone doing? i had my first bout of nausea this weekend which was exciting! i tried to do some DIY (sanding down of woodwork) but i felt really weak and feint and then i started to feel sick so i had to stop, how infuriating! i think it's only beginning to dawn on me that this will be quite a change in my lifestyle. we've decided to give the little one a nickname so we're not always saying 'it' (which seemed disrespectful) so 'it' is now 'squirt' - i know, strange but my DH came up with it and it stuck! i was out at a ball this weekend, not drinking which several people noticed and asked if i was pg and of course i had to lie and say not yet. but it was really nice thinking that it was only us that knew. my DH is noticably more protective and 'touchy-feely' (ie i'm getting so many hugs and kissses throughout the day) which is wonderful, i'm really enjoying that and i'm pleased because it shows how excited and pleased he is about the whole thing.
we're starting to think about how to tell our parents now and our brothers - which i'm most excited about because i know how pleased they will be!
anyway, thanks for the chance to share my thoughts for the day - it's so great to have an outlet like this!

Pidge Sat 10-Jul-04 12:07:21

Welcome munchkinsusie and congratulations. Wow, this thread is getting to be a busy one!

We've now told a few people, on the grounds that if anything went wrong we would tell them anyway. But it's strictly just some close friends and parents at this stage.

I can't remember when morning sickness really kicked in for me last time round, but I guess about 7 weeks. I lost half a stone in the first trimester last time, so hope it's not going to be like that again. Feeling very fit and healthy at the moment, I think I'm about 5 1/2 weeks now.

misdee Sat 10-Jul-04 17:38:28

well started today with dry retching, lovely. have been to the gp, done some paperwork, she is gonna get me 'in the system' so wont have any appts till around 12 weeks, when will have scan, blood work, midwife appt etc etc. i am 6 weeks gone, and have been given a due date of 5th march, but i say 2 weeks b4 that is more likely. also got perscription for gaviscon as had some gheart burn last week and dont fancy having to suffer for long without gaviscon.

Girly Sun 11-Jul-04 15:29:26

Morning sickness is starting to kick in now, have got my wrist bands on, but they are no good when changing ds' nappies, he has cloth nappies and the urine in them really makes me gag and retch, oh its awful, I do hope that i do not have to resort to disposables!!! One tip I have found that quickly holds the nausea at bay is a quick gulp of diet coke.

Am off on hols on Saturday, to spain for a week so hope its not too bad when I am away

How is everyone else doing?

munchkinsusie Sun 11-Jul-04 16:36:42

i'm not doing too bad with 'morning sickness' yet - the odd bout of nausea here and there but nothing major. however, i'm really suffering with tiredness and i'm very emotional. i'm finding it really difficult not to break into tears at the slightest thing at work at the moment which is annoying! i think i'm going to try to go to bed an hour earlier than usual to see if that helps tomorrow.
however, one positive note was i went swimming last night (i swim competatively in a club) and found the session fine - no problems at all which was good. i told my coach just in case but he said that there should be no problem with me continuting to train and compete because i've been doing it for so long - he's had a couple of other pregnant ladies in the club in recent years and they were fine.
it looks like i'm 5 1/2 weeks based on the books i've read so another 6 weeks before i can let the secret out - i'm rubbish at keeping secrets!

munchkinsusie Sun 11-Jul-04 16:41:54

i thought i'd do a roll call of the march ladies so here we are so far:

munchkinsusie, 28, due 4th march, 1st baby
misdee, ?, due 3rd March, ?
milkybarkid, ?, due 3rd march, 2nd baby?
preggiemum, ?, due 1st march, 2nd baby?
ermentrude, ?, due 1st march, ?
girly, ?, due 2nd march, ?
pidge, ?
beetlebug, ?

any more to add?

Pidge Sun 11-Jul-04 17:05:47

Am 33, this will be my 2nd, due 2nd March, I think. Used an online due date calculator to work this out, but am at work and my screen froze for several seconds with due date emblazoned all across the screen. Gulp. Hope no-one noticed. Good job I work mostly with blokes! My dd will be 2 in a couple of weeks and is the best thing that ever happend to me, so am pretty excited about doing it all over again.

PreggieMum Sun 11-Jul-04 20:48:51

I'm 27 and this will be my 2nd. My morning sickness is so much worse than last time and it has started a lot earlier. I'm beginning to wonder if I could be carrying twins!!!! Any tips to combat morning sickness?

Hope everyone is well.

Girly Sun 11-Jul-04 20:56:26

I am 33 and this will be my 3rd child, am due on 3rd according to gp.

The nausea bit is the worse part of pregnancy imo so hard esp with 2 young energetic kids to look after one day they will invent a safe miracle cure for m/s. I think some people have it so bad that they don't want any more kids because of it.

Labour and delivery I can cope with, the constant (all day) nausea is the worst thing ever!

munchkinsusie Mon 12-Jul-04 11:37:38

preggiemum, there's some advice on another thread that you should use those seasickness wrist bands to combat m/s. i've not been bad enough to try it yet but it might be worth it. they also say you should not let your tummy get empty (ie munch on crackers all day) and some people swear by ginger biscuits. (all second hand information of course since i don't have any actual experience of any of these - yet!) sorry to hear you're not doing so well, and hope this helps. just keep focusing on the wonderful reason that you're feeling ill.

i'm off to the doctor today to say i'm pregnant. i did another test this morning - for some reason i was worried i'd imagined it all and i didn't want to go to the doctor if i wasn't pg! luckily the red line appeared really, really quickly so that put my mind at rest!

also, i think our best friends (another couple who we see alot of and live down the road) have guessed that we're pregnant. i want to tell them since they've obviously guessed but DH doesn't, i think he's still so worried about the worst happening. he woke me up this morning by giving squirt a kiss which was so sweet!

hope you all have a good day!

Pidge Mon 12-Jul-04 12:06:13

The first three months of pregnancy were definitely the worst for me last time round - totally agree with Girly, even my 3 day labour was better than the feeling sick and exhausted for weeks on end!

Muchkinsusie - one thing to think about when considering whether to tell people about your pregnancy is whether you would tell them if something went wrong. We made a decision that there are friends and family who we would want to talk to if I had a miscarriage, and so we are telling them that I'm pregnant. But work colleagues on the other hand are not going to know for quite some time yet.

Girly Mon 12-Jul-04 12:54:45

Hey did you notice, 33, 3rd child and due on the 3rd, 3 is my lucky number!!!

A few more moans to get off my chest, heartburn, spots and bloated, am feeling so attractive NOT!!!!!

Now that is all off my chest I feel better I promise not to maon all though the next 8 months, honestly!

Girly Mon 12-Jul-04 12:56:40

I agree with Pidge about telling people, it makes sense, I think my family and close friends would want to support regardless of the outcome. iyswim.

CantBelieveItYet Mon 12-Jul-04 16:27:20

Add me to the list - have just tested positive and reckon I'm due on 13th March. This will be baby no 3!
Not got any symptoms yet but am sure it won't take long.

misdee Mon 12-Jul-04 16:39:33

i'm 24 and this is my 3rd. still retching every morning but not been sick yet. which is good. i have told family that i'm pregnant but not many people outside the immediate family know, altho my mum keeps telling people when i've said not to yet.

munchkinsusie Mon 12-Jul-04 18:39:50

congratulations cantbeleiveityet and welcome to the march board! we're getting quite a few now!

missdee, sorry you're still not doing so well. i hope it eases up soon.

i'm going to speak to DH about me telling one of my friends, i think it's going to be important for me to have someone there apart from him whatever happens. i might choose a different friend to the one i said before, just so that he can still tell his friends seperately later. i'm still not going to tell my family yet. my mum has been abit wierd about the whole issue of me getting pregnant whenever i've raised it recently so i'm not totaly certain what reaction i'm going to get - although i ususally get on really well with my mum.

today i went to register at the doctor, she was very nice but there didn't seem much to do apart from weigh me (oh dear!) and take my blood pressure. she didn't give me any leaflets or anything or even ask if i was on folic acid! i have booked my 'booking in' appointment with the midwife though for about three weeks time which sounds more involved, blood being taken etc. sounds exciting! i also went to the dentist today - i've been having work done to get a crown and today was the second of three appointments. when i said i was pregnant she said she wouldn't do the work now - something to do with the reccommendations are that you shouldn't have amalgam filings when pregnant? anyone heard of this? i'd actually had the filling last time but she would have been 'filing' it down to size today which she said she wouldn't do and that the filling should be fine until after i've had the baby, and she'd do it then. she also said it would be free then! cool! (although i thought that dental work when pregnant was free as well?) it was really strange making an appointment for after the baby will be born - end of april 2005! she asked if 10am was fine and my first thought was "i can get out of work fine for that time" then realised i wouldn't be working!! i then remembered a friend telling me that in the first few months it used to take her ages to get out the house in teh mornings so i made it 2pm just in case. so wierd thinking about the practicalities of my life next year, with baby!

milkybarkid Mon 12-Jul-04 20:51:20

Havent been around for a while cos had bleeding and thought I was miscarrying. doc said cervix was closed so Id be okay, but just had scan and they cant see an embryo. I'm posting this on miscarriage board too but has anyone here had anything similar and is it normal to have free fluid. radiographer mentioned this but didnt say whether it was good or bad

PreggieMum Mon 12-Jul-04 21:28:45

Hi Milkybarkid,

Sorry to hear that you're having a bit of a tough time.

No idea about the free fluid I'm afraid - will google later to see if I can find out anything for you.

I don't think scans always pick up an embryo until around 6 or 7 weeks - therefore it's not necessarily bad news, maybe you're only 5 1/2 weeks?

Sorry not to be of more help. Hope everything turns out okay for you.

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