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due march 2005

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misdee Thu 01-Jul-04 01:20:34

is anyone gonna join me?

due 3rd march.

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milkybarkid Thu 01-Jul-04 14:28:42

Well, I am on feb thread, but I think its more likely to be March, especially as I went three weeks late last time. Periods iregular so hard to tell, but 3rd March was the first date I came up with, peiods very irregular since ds birth 5 months ago.

Yes, 5 months ago! That's all. Mad, arent't I

bunny2 Thu 01-Jul-04 14:34:24

gosh, a March thread already fab!

misdee Thu 01-Jul-04 15:39:31

yay, people to talk to

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misdee Thu 01-Jul-04 15:41:57

saying that, i should probably join feb board as well. dd1 was born bang on date, dd2 was 1weeks early.

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PreggieMum Thu 01-Jul-04 21:32:45

Congratulations Misdee!

Can I join you here? Due 1st March 2005.

Milkybarkid - my DD is currently 3.5 months, so I will have just under a year between them!

Morning sickness has started already (in fact started even before period was due). Fairly sure it didn't start this early last time. How's everyone else feeling?

ermentrude Thu 01-Jul-04 21:36:37

i am adviceplease...thought i wasnt preg - very long story but I am!!!
1st march - will explain story later on!

PreggieMum Thu 01-Jul-04 21:47:11

Congratulations Ermentrude

Look's like there's quite a few of us already!!

ermentrude Thu 01-Jul-04 22:50:32

See the trying to conceive thread for my silly story!!!
I am due 1st march but my first was early so I may be a February girl!

ermentrude Thu 01-Jul-04 22:55:50


Girly Fri 02-Jul-04 14:05:46

Another one here! Am due 2 March, but like misdee mine were on time and then 1 week early. Feeling quite tired, sicky if i don't eat often enough! Am also quite emotional, was reading a sad book this morning and was blubbing before i even got to the sad bits

Then went to really happy whilst playing with ds

Congratulations to all!!!

Azure Fri 02-Jul-04 20:42:47

Congratulations to you March people. Milkybarkid and Preggiemum - you must be mad!!!!

Angeliz Fri 02-Jul-04 20:47:04

Congratulations evryone++++++++++++++++

Girly Sat 03-Jul-04 14:14:09

Been to the gp, been weighed(OMG!!!) and had bp which is fine, got my notes and emmas diary thingy and am all set! GP was quite enthusiastic for a change.

How is everyone else this morning?

misdee Sat 03-Jul-04 14:47:09

i have had heartburn all weekend. driving me mad. still no morning sickness tho.

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Pidge Sat 03-Jul-04 15:40:31

Just seen this thread - count me in too. Tested positive on Thursday and very happy. I have one dd who is nearly 2. Due some time earlyish / mid March.

Beetlebug Sun 04-Jul-04 13:02:41

Good morning all!
Got a BFP on Sunday and I'm so excited I'm peeing my pants...literally! I'm on that toilet every five mintues but it's worth it. Not sure what date I'm due but I know it 's the very early part of March. Have my first Dr's appointment on Friday afternoon, yipee!!!!

PreggieMum Sun 04-Jul-04 13:13:55

Congratulations Beetlebug, Pidge, Girly

Morning sickness seems to be getting progressively worse No heartburn, cravings or other symptoms yet though!

Tried to make booking appointment with midwife for next week, but was told to phone back when I'm at least 10 weeks. I thought that everyone, regardless of where they live, is now entitled to a dating scan between 10 and 12 weeks. Not really sure how this will work if I am not seeing the midwife until around 11 weeks?

misdee Mon 05-Jul-04 11:55:29

i told dh i have a craving for chocolate. i dont, but any excuse eh!!

how is everyone this morning?

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Pidge Mon 05-Jul-04 12:11:36

Hi misdee and all ... I'm still on a little high of excitement, I'm so glad I have this constant metallic taste in my mouth or I wouldn't believe this was happening. Good job dp saw the positive blue line, because it must be even more unreal for him.

Personally I'm really enjoying this bit, because last time around the 6-7 week mark I became incapable of eating anything other than potato and oranges till about 14 weeks, so I'm making the most if it!

Am also dying to tell some friends - so far only dp and you guys are in the know.

Pidge Mon 05-Jul-04 12:52:28

Ermentrude - have finally caught up with your entertaining "am I, aren't I" story. So thrilled you're with us here on the march thread!

motherinferior Mon 05-Jul-04 19:20:54

Pidge!!! I came looking for Girly and found you!!! wowee, congratulations!!!

MBK, you're admirably bonkers IMO. Quite apart from anything else, the idea of enough activity to get up duff 5 months into a new baby...

Pidge Mon 05-Jul-04 20:09:39

Thanks MI .

Am pretty excited to say the least! Must do some work and stop browsing MN.

JonahB Mon 05-Jul-04 20:39:13

Congratulations to all of you on the march thread!!!! I'm from the Feb thread, and I can't believe this thread as started so soon, as I feel an utter newcomer to all this. Hope you are all fine and well.

Pidge - I'm so glad you've told me about your potato addiction on your last pg. Thought it was me being odd. That's all I want to eat at the moment: roast, boiled, mashed, any sort will do. I'm looking longingly at every chippy I spot.

Girly Tue 06-Jul-04 20:51:19

Hey Motherinferior I am here! I posted on the homebirth thread after you, we keep missing each other!

Lovely to see some more Marchers on here, I think March 2005 will be a busy month, competing with the Feb lot!

My symptoms so far are big sore boobs, indigestion and tiredness, but all not too bad so far, but I seem to remember that on the last 2 occaisions they did not really kick in properly til 6/7weeks. So am really looking forward to that (not) {grin]

Not had any cravings yet

How is everyone else doing?

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