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So...what have you eaten far?!!

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auntymandy Sun 25-Feb-07 11:09:52

2 waffles one with chocolate spreap and cream and one with jam and cream and a finger of a twirl. 2 cups of tea.
Just off for cake!!

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twoplusone Mon 26-Feb-07 10:14:08

a banana, 3cups of tea, 2 slices of toast with 2 poached eggs 2sausages ans tinned tomatoes.. and a packet of crisps.. (been up for 5hrs) probably wont eat now till tea time.....

foxtrot Mon 26-Feb-07 10:29:08

cup of tea, some leftover cheerios, and a marslady lemon drizzle muffin. Coffee time i think.

oliveoil Mon 26-Feb-07 10:33:02

bowl of Cheerios, cup of tea
2 slices of granary toast with peanut butter, cup of coffee

lots of water

Tallie11 Tue 27-Feb-07 08:18:13

2 Chocolate biscuits , cup of tea. 2 shredded wheat with warm milk and a couple of fruit gums whilst waitging for milk to warm up.

For lunch I'll eat a peanut butter sandwich with mashed banana on granary.

Bad me lol


auntymandy Fri 02-Mar-07 06:53:34

glad we are all eating healthily!!!
Today I have had museli and 2 peppermint teas!

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ghosty Fri 02-Mar-07 07:15:11

I have had today:

Breakfast: A mug of hot water with lemon juice.
A slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter and apricot jam.

Lunch: A ham and salad wrap

A handful of crisps (sneaked from the cupboard when DD wasn't looking)

Half an apple and a handful of raisins.

A cup of tea

A cup of coffee

A glass of lemon barley cordial

Dinner: Chicken stir fry with singapore noodles.

Apart from the crisps a healthy day ...

foxtrot Fri 02-Mar-07 07:22:17

a mug of tea, a slurp of banania and a mis-shapen cheerio LOL

auntymandy Fri 02-Mar-07 14:36:34

add to my list a bag of crisps a bag of mini chedders a chicken tikka sandwich..lost count of cups of tea! and a fruit and fibre bar!!!!

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Nip Fri 02-Mar-07 14:38:32

cup of coffee
Cous Cous w/roast veg mid morning - random i know
Cheese & Cucumber Sarnies & an apple

Not bad me thinks?

auntymandy Fri 02-Mar-07 14:40:46

all you good people are making me feel bad!!
I am having a hungry day and need cheering up after my hospital visit on Monday..taking alot of getting where did I put my chunky kit kat?!

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DimpledThighs Fri 02-Mar-07 14:41:44

bowl of porridge and about to have a geobar to get me on the school run

Nikki76 Fri 02-Mar-07 14:46:06

I've been disgusting....had gateau for breakfast (honestly!!), a thortons turkish delight chocolate bar and some thorntons chocs.....oh and two cheese and tomato family are telling me I'm shrinking down post baby so I use this as an excuse to trough.....

DimpledThighs Fri 02-Mar-07 14:56:00

just accidently ate four brownies that fell to bits when I was gettingt hem out of the tray...

bakedpotato Fri 02-Mar-07 14:58:47

2 slices wholemeal toast with Marmite. Small saucer of burned beef stew. Flake.

MrsMar Fri 02-Mar-07 15:19:24

bowl of shreddies with semi skimmed milk and teaspoon of sugar.

One slice toast with half fat spread


Fish and chips (well, potato wedgy things really - cooked in oven, not fried) and mushy peas, yumm!


Feeling full... can't move... must snooze...
Damn! at work!

funnypeculiar Fri 02-Mar-07 15:23:11

banana porridge & two sips of tea...
pasta pesto with peas & bacon
two glasses of water
one peice lemon drizzle cake (thanks Marslady!)

auntymandy Sat 03-Mar-07 17:50:08

cant believe how healthy you all are!!

Not sure what I have had to day. Oh some apple and some pear. an alpen bar a chunky kit kat! " vieneese whirls. a twix finger. cauliflower cheese.

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ssd Sat 03-Mar-07 18:07:09

too much

mainly crap

auntymandy Wed 07-Mar-07 13:57:35

3 or is it 4 hot cross buns some chocolate flapjack a bag of crisps!
I do usually eat a healthy tea!! honest!!!

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eidsvold Wed 07-Mar-07 13:59:24

toast with philly cheese spread + juice

choc bar and choc milk

ham and cheese wrap + water

salmon and vege pie

mini milky way

That is my day done - almost midnight here.

auntymandy Fri 09-Mar-07 13:08:04

I'm going from bad to worse!! think its all the rushing around!!
2 croissants a pice of flapjack (homemade) and half a gingerbread man I found on the stairs!!!!

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PinkTulips Fri 09-Mar-07 13:10:38

half a packet of fruit shortcake biscuits and 3 cups of tea

snig Fri 09-Mar-07 13:17:26

Can i join in, just discovered am pregnent two days ago, i have had 3 slices of toast and marmite and a chicken and mushroom pot noodle. i hadn't had one for years and i really enjoyed it.

MrsMar Fri 09-Mar-07 14:32:53

Hi snig, congratulations!!! it's amazing the stuff we crave when we're pregnant. I hate ginger but I've been eating ginger biscuits like they're out of fashion. Nothing to do with morning sickness, just really like the taste of them! Also went through a crazy orange phase a few weeks ago, was having three a day!! Couldn't get enough of them!

Today I are mostly been eating...

bowl of shreddies with semi skimmed milk and teaspoon sugar

smoked salmon sandwich with homemade wholemeal bread (hmmmm yummy, could so eat another one!!)
one apple
2 ginger biscuits

for dinner I'm going to have a jacket potato and salad (cue shiny halo appearing above my head!)

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