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May 2017 #7....... Final months, rapidly growing bumps

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RasperryInAMelon Mon 23-Jan-17 12:19:51

We are a chatty bunch!... smile

For those newbies who are joining or want to update your details on the spread sheet of EDD's...

May 2017

Also a link to the last thread Thread6

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PeachIcedT Mon 23-Jan-17 12:22:07

Thanks for new thread, we get through them quick on here!

I've just booked my NHS antenatal class, which I could only do from 24 weeks, still can't decide on NCT.

Adventuregame Mon 23-Jan-17 12:24:20

Moving over to the new thread. Thanks

MissMooMoo Mon 23-Jan-17 12:26:04

Place marking

CinnamonTwist Mon 23-Jan-17 12:27:44

Thanks for the new thread raspberry

How long has everyone got left at work now? I've got 10 weeks before I go on holiday then mat leave, I'm so tired now that I am really looking forward to the break (before the madness of a baby!)

Barnes79 Mon 23-Jan-17 12:29:37

Place marking grin

Sonnet18 Mon 23-Jan-17 12:36:01

I've got 10 weeks until holidays then back for two weeks then start mat leave. It still seems rather far away!

Adventuregame Mon 23-Jan-17 12:44:06

Mine is soon due to pre existing medical condition. I've got 6 weeks left including this one. Keep feeling a bit lazy to be leaving so early then I'll have a moment of 'bring it on, get me outta here' !!!

MissMooMoo Mon 23-Jan-17 12:54:53

I haven't finalised my dates yet but I think I am going off in 11 weeks.
2 weeks holiday and then start mat leave at 37 weeks.
I am waiting on my Mat1B form from my doctors surgery and I will hand it all in together with a letter stating when I want to start my leave although I have told my employer verbally.

I did request my Mat1B form over a week ago and every time I ring I keep being told it isn't ready, I really do need it by next Wednesday!

RasperryInAMelon Mon 23-Jan-17 13:03:27

I'm going on holiday in 7 weeks, I haven't finalised yet, but I think I'm going to come back for two and then take 3 weeks holiday followed by 3 weeks early mat leave from 37 weeks.

Roll on March 31st!

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Badgerbird Mon 23-Jan-17 13:09:58

missmoo how scary!!! So pleased you and baby are ok x

teainbed Mon 23-Jan-17 13:12:22

Just checking in. smile

Sipperskipper Mon 23-Jan-17 13:25:48

Thanks for the new thread!

Sauvignonismysaviour Mon 23-Jan-17 13:33:02

Thanks for the new thread!

I enjoy reading all the things on these threads but have to confess to feeling slightly overwhelmed now. I've really not got much at all for baby. I am holding off til we move house next week. Also my headspace seems to be taken up by so much other stress at the moment; my DH isn't that interested in my pregnancy, my stepkids are being hard work and his ex is causing trouble; work is busy for us both; packing to move; etc etc. I am lucky that I feel really well apart from insomnia but just feeling stressed and tearful over things the last few days.

EsmesBees Mon 23-Jan-17 13:41:13

Thanks raspberry!

Still got ages left at work. Working up to a week before due date but will probably take a few days of leave on days when DD is in nursery to get a bit of a break.

Aw sauvingnon I feel for you. Moving is stressful, as is working while pregnant. Plus all the other things. Don't worry about not being prepared for the baby. Newborns don't need a lot and Amazon will still be open in May. Be kind to yourself and try and find some time to have a bit of a rest.

MrsJW15 Mon 23-Jan-17 14:03:24

Just did a quick count and I still reckon I've got about 13 weeks of work left to go. I've got a week of holiday in a couple of weeks but then planning to work up until 38 weeks. Hope that's not too ambitious!

Baby is quite busy today - seems to be having fun kicking my ribs again!

teainbed Mon 23-Jan-17 14:06:20

Sorry to hear that sauvignon. It's a shame we can't indulge in a drop of your namesake. Don't worry about the baby stuff, it sounds sensible to wait until you've moved. If it's a temporary blip, the overwhelmed feelings will pass, if not then speak to your midwife or GP. There are so many ups and downs with pregnancy and babies and family life. It can feel very tough.

peasandquiet Mon 23-Jan-17 14:10:20

Hi everyone 👋🏻

Another week goes by, will be Feb before we know it. Taking mat leave from 2 days before due date and then having 3 weeks holiday before that so I'll finish at 36 weeks. Still have two wks holiday which I'll tag on the end.
With my first I bought everything after he was born - Amazon Prime was my best friend. Just buy what you feel comfortable buying and when your ready no mad panic at all.
Tiredness is coming back big time, worse someone because I only work half days so now I'm ready for my tea and to go to bed not to entertain a toddler all afternoon 😂

Spam88 Mon 23-Jan-17 14:21:31

Placemarkimg smile

mrscrocopop Mon 23-Jan-17 15:03:43

😩 I've also just worked out I still have 13 weeks left until mat leave.... I may go two weeks earlier as will be working up until 10 days before my due date... my fam have a history of coming early & I soooo don't fancy THAT at work!
Sauvignon - sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Sounds like you and your DP/DH have a lot on your plate at the mo. I'd be stressed with any one of those things going on. Hopefully he will be more interested/supportive once the house move is out the way. I think it's so different for men; my DP commented last night "oh it's just starting to feel real now the baby room is cleared". It's been feeling real to me for blinking months!!!

RasperryInAMelon Mon 23-Jan-17 15:36:11

Mrscrocopop I think you've hit the nail on the head in regards to a lot of guys.

My DH is been amazingly supportive, but I found him stood in the nursery the other day and asked him if he was ok. I got a blank stare and a comment of 'there's actually going to be a little person in here soon' thankfully followed by the cutest smile ☺

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Sipperskipper Mon 23-Jan-17 15:45:37

Sauvignon I'm the same! Have got a few babygros and some secondhand nursery furniture (which we need to paint), but haven't even stripped wallpaper or taken old carpet up in nursery yet - its still full of junk in there! We've got plenty of time.

FoxMulder Mon 23-Jan-17 15:53:13

To those of you stressing about not having bought anything - don't! There is so much stuff you can buy for babies but so little they actually need. As long as they have somewhere to sleep and something to wear you'll be fine. You might want some nappies and maternity pads too smile

CinnamonTwist Mon 23-Jan-17 15:57:59

Sipper and Sauvignon we are in the middle of major renovations... what will be the nursery is currently (and has been since we moved in 2.5 years ago) a temporary kitchen; the old kitchen was literally falling off the back of the house when we moved in so we had to relocate it pretty sharpish! We have been doing works ever since to knock down and rebuild the old extension and seriously update the house. Hopefully we should soon be able to put in the new kitchen and rip the old one out to make way for the nursery! I have so many things I want to make before baby comes, but don't dare start most of them until we at least have a room available!

savagehk Mon 23-Jan-17 16:08:33

^ what Fox said, but you forgot breast pads smile

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