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May 07 - W/C - 19th Feb 07

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Frenchsmallfry Mon 19-Feb-07 07:38:09

Happy Monday................

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Frenchsmallfry Mon 19-Feb-07 07:43:10

Lupins, I think we must have the same three wheeler maclaren. I too tried that trick and got ds finger caught in the hinge. Luckily I realised it was in there and hadn't tried to snap it back into place to hard. Phewwwww, not a great design in my opinion. Couldn't get mine through my front door either.

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lillaura Mon 19-Feb-07 08:31:54

well im defo going for urban detour altho knowing ds will want o walk soo i have decided to buy one fom ebay they are averaging around 60 - 70 pounds! i want the red one too or the navy and blue one! no prob with fitting it in car as i dnt drive so if me and dh out and about in car we take two single strollers only way it wirked last time round........ as for emotional - i cried cuz i set my moses basket and stand up last night - think it was third trimester blubbers or that its kicked in that i am having another baby !!!OPS ONLY JUST NOTICED LINK

LupinsBigLump Mon 19-Feb-07 08:32:03

Morning FSF no not good - wasnt even that good a 3 wheeler I had it a 2 weeks and all the tyres wore around the edges - that went back to the shop!!!

Am very tired today - my feet are throbbing - am supposed to be doing my housekeeping job today but am going to rest my legs a bit see if that helps

Hope ev1 is ok, chat later xx

lillaura Mon 19-Feb-07 08:36:53

lupins please email me your adress

SKYTVADDICT Mon 19-Feb-07 08:41:26

Morning all and Happy Monday.

Hope you all had a good weekend, haven't had time to catch up.

Going to London today so all really excited. Only reason I put PC on is to see if the Sound of Music website had been updated with news of Connie and it hasn't so we'll just go along and see.

All have sore throats, DD1 coughing badly and DD2 hurt her arm over the weekend so wish us luck!!

Back home Tuesday night so hope to catch up Wednesday.

Frenchsmallfry Mon 19-Feb-07 08:41:33

Your right Lupins. Our also went back after 3 weeks. The report came back from maclaren saying that they found 121 faults with it. I have to add though, we haven't really had a problem with it since it was sorted by them, It is useful on the rough ground over here and great each year when we go skiing.

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Frenchsmallfry Mon 19-Feb-07 08:43:05

Have a fab time SKY TV I really hope she's back and you all have a great break. x

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lillaura Mon 19-Feb-07 08:44:12

have fun skyaddict - im off to surprise hubby at lunch time me and kids catching bus to his work so we can all have lunch together - dreading the journey but looking forward to lunch

scootermum Mon 19-Feb-07 08:45:42

Morning all,

lwatkins-d'you want my trousers that are too small for me now or what?!I went through a simlar nothing- to- wear- crying- fit when pg with dd so you are not alone.I do remember one particular skinny T shirt I had from Paul and Joe that I loved and I wept when that one had to be consigned to the too small pile.(And it has remained too small ever since I might add-dont start me off again)This time Im more mentally prepared...
Dont worry you have youth on your side..(she says from the ancient viewpoint of being 27!)
You say the word lday and trousers will be in a large envelope before you know it..

Lay awake nearly all last night worrying about work, RMA, Fridge et al.So eventually got up and got ready and came in.Was here at 6.45.Thought would get some stuff done and then leave early.Gaah. Forgot, have a meeting until 4.00 this aft..Also arrived to find a police car and an ambulance outside.One of my old gents managed to hire himself a lady of the night last night who subsequently robbed him and a few other people..On one hand-big ups to the old fella-life in the old dog yet!On the other hand FFS!

A word on the Fridge.Buzzing still.But not as loud.Cant tell if its fighting back or simply weakening.DH at home today however, as his back in spasms last night poor thing, so he is maintaining the vigil today.It will not be alone should the worst happen..

And god bless my child minder.I told her about dh last night and she offered to come and pick dd up this morning-def not in her job description-so I could go to work early and dh wouldnt have to lift dd into car/try to look after her all day whilst being crocked.I love that woman..

April you have persuaded me on the phil and teds..You really should get commission.Does anyone know anywhere they physically sell them though as dh will need to see to believe.They didnt have them in Welwyn John Lewis at all..Mothercare World?

lillaura Mon 19-Feb-07 08:48:42

p&T's they do them in mothercare now saw it on their website last night!

cinnamontam Mon 19-Feb-07 09:09:21

Morning all,

Can't believe what the Mum's have been saying to some of you guys. I thought from them at least you would be safe

I don't 'think' mine would say something like that but she's in Oz and won't be getting here till 3 days before I'm due so I'll be massive in her eyes no matter what.

Scoot - am crossing everything for your fridge (except legs - can't do that as belly gets in the way) in the hope it just has a cold and will right itself

2nd morning of explosive poo from one of the cats that they have both tracked through the house and over our bedding. So washing all the sheets AGAIN and mopping the floors AGAIN. Introduction to motherhood i guess

lillaura Mon 19-Feb-07 09:10:48

careful of toxins in cat poo hun!!!!!!!

cinnamontam Mon 19-Feb-07 09:14:45

The Hammock I was talking about is instead of a cot. So Bean will be sleeping in it for the first year (maybe a little less). I'll try and do the link thing amby hammock

We are doing a bit of travelling this year so I thought it would be good to take with us so she is sleeping in her normal contrivance rather than a travel cot. Going to France, Turkey, Tunisia and Australia so the mosquito nets you get with them will be really good as well. Anyone used one of these before? Most people on Mumsnet who have them RAVE about them

cinnamontam Mon 19-Feb-07 09:15:44

Thanks Lillaura - I've tested positive for toxioplasmosis from years ago as we have had cats since I was born so hoping I am fine but still trying to be careful

lillaura Mon 19-Feb-07 09:23:45

gota go see if i can fit in any of my nice clothes in a minute some chance spent last few weeks in pj's or joggers dnt think dh be too impressed if i turn up at office in pj's prob take me to lunch at nuthouse

Juicylucytoo Mon 19-Feb-07 11:59:06

Hope you're all feeling better today and there will be no tears before teatime

FSF - Yes the bugaboo does tick all the boxes except the cost one. I'm thinking that once the baby gets to one all I'll need is a cheap light, easy fold pushchair (i.e. Maclaren XT), so do I buy a bugaboo off ebay for a year then flog it again, or do I go straight for the cheaper one and put up with it not having all the whistles and bells.

Also have a small bugbear about it being "the one" that everyone has and am I falling into the trendy / "Oh it's the best one" trap.

My one issue with the loola is the weight. Can I cope with it weighing nearly a stone more than the other 2 alternatives???

Had a big pig out yesterday - which I put down to the painful indecision caused by our 2 day pushchair test-driving expedition. Now back on the fruit

BefnalBub Mon 19-Feb-07 13:26:12

afternoon all!

pramwise, low down on the loola - there is a lot of it! chassis/chair bit/car seat/carry cot & they nicely threw in the changing bag which i wasn't expecting, as well as the rain covers and a 5 min demo of each bit! Very overwhelmed so let my mum take it straight home to put in the shed until we need it so not really had a go. looks very good tho!

My mum was a real star yesterday - driving me all the way out to Kent, buying me lunch & post drive drink, then offering to store the pram as well as....PAY FOR IT. OMG very pleased and feel guilty about any nasty thoughts i may have had about her & the baby.

Lwatkins Mon 19-Feb-07 13:32:24

Afternoon All

Scooter you lovely woman you, would absolutley be very grateful for trousers. Are you sure though? What's your email address and I can email you my info?

Skytv have a fab time in London, and hope you all get well soon.

Cinnamontam don't know anything about the baby hammock thing, but get it - it's so cute! If I could afford it i'd be getting one and looks fab for travelling too. My big sister's in Oz right now, got a postcard from her today. Great Barrier Reef <snarf> i'm not jealous.......HONEST!

LL have a lovely lunch with your dh, oh how cute and thoughtfull.

Lupins take it easy today lady and don't go overdoing it even if you have got things to do, especially if your tired. Doctor LWatkins' orders!

Juicy, i've heard chocolate goes very well with fruit....Go on, have a cookie - you know you want to

FSF, happy monday to you to

Right think i got eveyone, 10 points to LW. Now for my moan. Have just reheated my award winning (ahem) lasagne to eat and was carrying to my room with a pint os juice in the other hand. Went to open my door and the two kind were kind of introduced to eachother. I now have orange, lemon and pinapple flavoured lasagne. Ladies, i think my nervous twitch is going to make a return. It's just such a shame, it was so beautiful and i don't have anymore to reheat! Sob sob

cinnamontam Mon 19-Feb-07 13:57:43

Oh god - you poor thing LW. No way you can shake it off and ignore the fruityness of the cheese and bol? What a pain in the asss! Wish I had some to send you but if I mailed it then having juice over it would be the least of your probs.

There are a few hammocks on eBay so going to try and get me a second hand one as they are pricey and everything is adding up.

Befnalbub - the pram sounds great Nice to put it away and then discover it again in a couple of months.

Juicylucytoo Mon 19-Feb-07 14:10:16

I really like the way the loola works and love the crib.

Maybe I should buy a loola and a cheapy one?? Dilemmas, dilemmas. I'm sure I wasn't as indecisive as this when I wasn't pregnant!

BefnalBub Mon 19-Feb-07 14:33:47

loola-wise - i'd check on ebay - i've seen the whole travel system go for £150 in the last month (sadly not what I got it for tho!). think i'll get it all out in may to have a play. the guy i bought it off thought it was very funny that i'd never even been pram shopping and was happy to buy on recommendations from m'net alone...

then again, i don't even know what model my car is (just the colour and shape -green and boxy - have frequently been known to try and get in other peoples by mistake...there are lots of green boxy cars out there!!!) sadly, this isn't just due to pregnancy hormones. hoping i'll recognise the pram by the baby thats in it.

Juicylucytoo Mon 19-Feb-07 14:40:07

BB - yes, I've seen the loola system going for between £150-£300, so am watching quite a few bids of that AND the bugaboo to keep my options open. Just have to keep reminding myself that I have 3 more months to make a decision, so not to jump in until I actually know what I want!!! I do love a bargain though!

I'll email you today and then try to use IM at home tonight as it's forbidden at work.

notsolilKel Mon 19-Feb-07 16:25:35

Cintam, just thinking, if your bub turns out to be halfway as active as mine, the hammock might be a touch difficult to control... DS used to wave his arms and kick his legs quite a bit even at a couple of weeks old. On the other hand maybe it would just make it swing more Def a buy for Ebay tho as it's only going to last a few months prob...

ShowOfHands Mon 19-Feb-07 16:42:58


Going to view a house at 5.30pm. After all the hoo-hah of the last failed attempt I'm almost wanting to back out (and what the bloomin' heck's happened to interest rates?). On the surface everything seems very good- nice house, gardens, garage, near work. Going to actually meet the vendor this time and try not to scream 'are you a numpty?' in desperation as we walk through the front door.

Think I might have Carpal Tunnel. Anybody else?

Wish me a lot of luck. Ooh a house. Must. Not. Get. Hopes. Up. This. Time.

PS. PMSL at the randy old bugger hiring a lady of the night. Norty.

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