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Calling all Londoners - MN discount!!!

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pattilou Tue 13-Feb-07 11:57:53

I'm running a fantastic 2-day course for expectant mothers in Notting Hill on two Saturdays in March - 3rd and 10th. It's a perfect complement to your NCT / NHS course, as it's all about preparing for the emotional challenges of motherhood - and believe me, there will be some. This is a brilliant way to give yourself a head start and make sure you're as ready as you can be for what's ahead.

As it's the first one I've done, I'm offering any MN mums-to-be a HUGE discount. Instead of the usual price of £150, I'm offering places for only £50, which includes lunch and refreshments on both days and a rather fabulous goodie bag with some very desirable samples and vouchers.

You'd be mad not to - and it would be a great way to meet up with other mums-to-be.

You can book places and take advantage of the discount by e-mailing me on

(By the way, I've advertised formally in the classifieds section so I'm not being cheeky here - it's just that I find the pregnant women don't go to the classifieds section so much).

Patricia xx

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pattilou Tue 13-Feb-07 12:03:43

Just wanted to add that this is equally suitable for those who are expecting for the second, third, fourth time...

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pattilou Tue 13-Feb-07 17:54:22

This course is now being held on ONE DAY ONLY - on 3rd March. Price is £50 but MNers only have to pay £30.

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pattilou Wed 14-Feb-07 10:40:44

Just bumping this up - still places available so please contact me if you're interested. OHs very welcome, too, by the way. xx

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