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Due in July - Part 3- we are a chatty loy...

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twoplusone Thu 01-Feb-07 18:29:53

Thought would start a new thread...

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twoplusone Thu 01-Feb-07 18:35:45

Justaboutmanaging- I know a few people who had IUGR with there first then other pg were fine.

How much did your DS weigh, my dd was 2.2kg, (4lb14oz) I was lucky though she did alot better than what they were expecting her to do, she only had an hour in SCBU, this was for a lumbar puncture bless her..

My DS was 3.1kg (6lb 15oz)

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twoplusone Thu 01-Feb-07 18:36:32

Just noticed my mistake in

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Justaboutmanaging Thu 01-Feb-07 18:41:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twoplusone Thu 01-Feb-07 18:58:24

It is weird when you first get out isnt it \I had 8weeks in hospital before I had her was admitted on the 8th Aug 1996 had her 3 oct 1996 left hospital on the 10 oct 1996

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Justaboutmanaging Thu 01-Feb-07 19:00:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

giulia68 Thu 01-Feb-07 19:42:53

hi ladies, i have been away and trying to catch up with everyone' s news, this thread is soooo busy.. it may take some time though. no news other than i had a brilliant holiday and my DS ( 19 mos) slept all 12 hours of the flight there and back.. marvellous.
15 weeks tomorrow, can't believe how it's going quickly now. will try and read up to see how you all are in the meantime. giulia x

MelissaM Thu 01-Feb-07 19:59:54

Welcome Justaboutmanaging - I'm sure everything will be fine with this lo.

Miaou - thanks. I was wondering what IUGR was too

Catstart - hope the rash is getting better.

Boobunny - sorry to hear about your scare but glad everything is ok. Take it easy. This seems to be a very common.

Guilia68 - glad you had a good holiday.

I'm having a good day today. Had my hair cut last night and some new clothes were delivered. Feel like I look loads better and much more like me. ms seems to be taking a backseat too, which helps! 17+3 today. 20wk scan date came in post for 20 Feb. Can't believe almost halfway through!!!

twoplusone Thu 01-Feb-07 20:12:05

giulia68 - glad you had a great holiday

Melissam- youre next scan is on the same date as mine

I am still waiting for some clothes for me from next sale to arrive, at the moment I am living in a pair of materniity jeans, and a pair of combats (that I have to wear on my hips otherwise they are too tight!) I have a coupkle of trackie bottoms to lounge about the house in.. I am hoping my new stuff comes so I can look decent for DH next week.... I am getting my hair done on Wednesday.....

I am getting soo excited now.. DH left his camp in Harat on the 31st Jan, I have no idea where he is at the moment, I was hoping he would have phoned me by now to let me know where he is and that he is ok...only 7sleeps left

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MelissaM Thu 01-Feb-07 21:16:10

wow - you must be getting very excited now, twoplusone! I am sure dh will be in touch as soon as he can. Will be great to have your hair done and have new clothes for when dh gets home.
If the next clothes were in stock when you ordered them, they shouldn't take too long to arrive. It's usually only a few days I think (although some of the items I last ordered from there were on back order so took a couple of weeks).
I was getting desperate for clothes as I hardly had anything with any room. I lost weight b4 pg and most of my clothes were quite fitted. Still don't have any tracky bottoms or anything really for relaxing in. At at least dh did talk me into buying stuff that actually fits! Feels much better than wearing tents.
Hope your scan goes well must be a good day for them.

MelissaM Thu 01-Feb-07 21:17:55

If you get chance check this out. V funny!!!

typhoonsmum Fri 02-Feb-07 09:13:53

Thread three. How many will we have under our belts at 40+ weeks gone. Maybe we all need to get out more often and stay away from the computers

abgirl Fri 02-Feb-07 09:50:15

Weekly stats - these could well be wrong! After my two weeks sick have not kept up so well with newbies and date changes. If there is an error please post a message and will correct for next week!

Date Name
27-Jun Beartime 19 +2
29-Jun 3flightsofstairs 19 +0
29-Jun Cakehead 19 +0
29-Jun Justbeme 19 +0
30-Jun Swift1 18 +6
30-Jun Dophus 18 +6
01-Jul Gingertoo 18 +5
02-Jul Pulapula 18 +4
02-Jul Becks08 18 +4
05-Jul Relax 18 +1
06-Jul Abgirl 18 +0
06-Jul Emmyb 18 +0
07-Jul Pookey 17 +6
07-Jul Greyclay 17 +6
08-Jul Helenmumof2 17 +5
08-Jul Cyee 17 +5
09-Jul Flipflop 17 +4
09-Jul Nadinetd 17 +4
09-Jul Catstar 17 +4
09-Jul MelissaM 17 +4
11-Jul Earthtomummy 17 +2
12-Jul Dorisofdevon 17 +1
13-Jul Loujay 17 +0
13-Jul Breadandroses 17 +0
14-Jul Firsttimer40 16 +6
14-Jul Hamptonnewbie 16 +6
14-Jul Weddingcake 16 +6
15-Jul Bodkin 16 +5
15-Jul Twoplusone 16 +5
15-Jul newby29 16 +5
15-Jul MarchBunny 16 +5
16-Jul Cutiebabies 16 +4
16-Jul Earlyriser 16 +4
16-Jul Gingerbics 16 +4
17-Jul fido 16 +3
18-Jul Keiralou 16 +2
18-Jul Saf1 16 +2
19-Jul Kyte 16 +1
19-Jul Vicky55 16 +1
20-Jul Faby 16 +0
20-Jul MissusC 16 +0
21-Jul Miaou 15 +6
22-Jul Jennster 15 +5
22-Jul Baysmum 15 +5
22-Jul Tutter 15 +5
22-Jul Madmumnika 15 +5
22-Jul Chooster 15 +5
23-Jul Dewmeadow 15 +4
24-Jul Firststar 15 +3
25-Jul Groveregg 15 +2
26-Jul Bubble78 15 +1
27-Jul Lynneclynne 15 +0
27-Jul Leiselvontrapp 15 +0
29-Jul Tallysmummy 14 +5
29-Jul Myfairone 14 +5
29-Jul Typhoonsmum 14 +5
30-Jul Giulia 14 +4
31-Jul Littlepiggie 14 +3
31-Jul Justaboutmanaging 14 +3

abgirl Fri 02-Feb-07 09:53:02

Hi justbemanaging - my DS (in addition to his other problems) had IUGR so have already been told to expect 4 weekly growth monitoring scans from 24 weeks onwards.

My 20 week scan isn't until 2nd March when I will be 22 weeks (hmmmm)! Got a doppler scan on 23rd March to look at blood flow from the placenta to baby, hopefully will all be very positive!

Myfairone Fri 02-Feb-07 11:44:59

Morning all,

I am really suffering from 'baby brain' today...either that or I am completely stupid! I had a big conversation with a girl in work about the book 'Devil wears Prada' and told her she could lend my copy and read it. She came up to me 10 minutes later and asked if she could borrow the book and I was totally confused and had no idea what she was referring to! She had to remind me that I had said she could borrow it! Thats so not like me!

Anyone else finding this? Or am I really just stupid!?

Abgirl, glad to see you are feeling better. Thank you for the stats.

giulia68 - glad you had a great holiday! Seems like you have been away for ages!

Twoplusone - YOu must be sooooooo excited! Lets hope that DH gets here sooner than you think!

And to all those that spent weeks in hospital, I hope that you don't have a repeat experience this time.

Big hugs to all and well done on the haircuts and new clothes! Makes you feel so much better.


auntymandy Fri 02-Feb-07 11:59:19

I am due 30th June makes me 19 weeks tomorrow!
Still no scan. look like a house side...think I must be having a giant or a litter!! Or maybe I have no stomach muscles to hold it all together!!

Chooster Fri 02-Feb-07 13:02:33

Hi all! Wow, its been busy here... I ahven't caught up the end of the part 2 thread, so just seen this one.

Auntymandy - I know what you mean. I am really big and already people are starting to notice (I deliberately haven't told work yet but I know people must guess!!!). I'm only 16 weeks (on sunday anyway) but look more like 20wks. Its definately true that my stomach muscles have all but disappeared

Welcome to the newcomers and sorry to hear about long hospital stays. That must be so difficult! Fingers (and everything else) crossed that this time goes much smoother for everyone.

I have my anomoly scan on the 21st Feb so only a day after a couple of you. Its my 20wk scan at 18wks. I'm already terrified about it... I saw the mid-wife yesterday for bloods (triple test) and heartbeat (which couldn't be found by the student doing it - once the midwife took over I heard it and breathed a massive sigh of relief!) and she was so nice to me about the problems with my last pregnancy that I have to say I started crying . They were lovely people and I hope you all get to see such wonderful mid-wives (I know there have been some dodgy stories already).

Twoplusone - It must be such a relief to know that DH has started his journey home. Its fab you are getting new clothes and haircut - you'll feel on top of the world when you see him . I bet your kids are excited too.

I hope everyone else is doing well - I'll catch up with the last thread to see what I missed!

Thanks for the stats abgirl!!!

firststar Fri 02-Feb-07 13:03:05

Message withdrawn

abgirl Fri 02-Feb-07 13:44:40

Just been in to local town at lunch time and Dorothy Perkins have some nice sale stuff - bought some chocolate brown maternity cords for £5 - definitely worth a look for anyone going shopping this weekend.

Also had a look at twin pushchairs in Daisy & Tom and Phil & Ted's E3 explorer is definitely the one so need to get serious on ebay now! Was over £400 with all the extra we want new!!

firststar Fri 02-Feb-07 14:19:24

Message withdrawn

Myfairone Fri 02-Feb-07 14:20:31

Afternoon all,

Auntymandy, sorry to hear you haven't had a scan will make your first one all that more exciting!

Chooster - so pleased to hear that everything went well with your midwife! What a pleased for you!

Firststar - go for it with the trousers! You may find that the sales are still on but if not I found New Look pretty good. Got a great pair of black trousers out of there and they washed up okay too.

Abgirl - Bargain! Excellent tip thank you.

Well I actually feel pretty good this afternoon. Had a real craving for a sausage sandwich so got one and ate it like I havent eaten for months! I am wearing a maternity skirt today and I cannot remember the last time I was this comfy! Heaven!

Big hugs to all

Myfairone Fri 02-Feb-07 14:25:36

Quick food question: is anyone else finding it hard to eat what they normally eat? I usually eat a ton of veg and fish and right now I cannot go near it! Still getting that really sickie feeling if I try.
I have never liked pork very much but seem to be craving ham, bacon etc....

Im getting a little worried that Im not eating healthily enough (am eating fruit and taking vits), but nothing like as healthy as I normally would.

Anyone else like this?

abgirl Fri 02-Feb-07 14:55:48

Myfairone, I am finding healthy eating a total nightmare at the moment, particularly in the mornings - just can't face the wholemeal seeded bread I usually eat, though plain white seems OK. Am definitely off fish too, we normally have it 2-3 times a week but now having salmon once a week if that - can't go near white fish. I just seem to spend all day looking at food and not really fancying it! Trying to eat more healthily in the evenings but get peckish around 9pm and it's more easy to reach for snacks/ice cream than anything else...

Have now peeled the stickers off my trousers that were covering the original price- they were £25 originally - I am the bargain queen!!

twoplusone Fri 02-Feb-07 15:01:49

On food I cant decide what I want to eat...

I am so hungry, more and more so everyday.. but dont fancy anything I have in or anything i see in the shops!!.. I really dont know what I want but know that i want something specific.. if that makes sense

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twoplusone Fri 02-Feb-07 15:04:41

Sorry also ment to add-
Chooster- glad your mw appointment went well.. I am waiting on my results from the triple test..

Abgirl- well done on your bargain... I hardley ever find the bargains!! I am a rubbish shopper.

Have a good weekend all .

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