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Due in Feb 07 - when the bumps turn into babies (soon hopefully) !

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suis Thu 01-Feb-07 05:40:27

Hello everyone and welcome to the shiny new thread. Hopefully this will be our last in ante-natal !

For reference, I've put in the due list. I think I got all the corrections / newbies since the last time it was posted, but apologies if I've missed anyone.


PLUMPBUMP Jacob 2nd Jan, 5lb 1oz -32 weeks!
MUMMYTOJAKE Boy 24 Jan, 7lbs 1.5oz


SHHHH 31 Jan
LUCYB9384 9 Feb
SUIS 11 Feb
BUNNY3 12 Feb
DRJO 13 Feb
BABE 7 14 Feb
BECS21 14 Feb
SUZI2 15 Feb
TITCHY77 15 Feb
TOMMY 16 Feb
12YEARGAP 20 Feb
ANDYROBO237 26 Feb

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belgo Thu 01-Feb-07 06:32:29

suis - who thinks up the antenatal thread names?

suis Thu 01-Feb-07 06:43:36 this case me... why ? is it awful ?

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belgo Thu 01-Feb-07 06:44:28

no it's fine! but some are very imaginative, and I wondered who decided on them.

suis Thu 01-Feb-07 06:45:00

I have had very little sleep... (as usual) did my sleep deprived brain do a bad thing ?

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Cadbury Thu 01-Feb-07 08:21:24

morning folks.

we get our babies this month for definite!!!!

peachygirl Thu 01-Feb-07 08:27:48

Hooray.. well done suis you early riser!!
Good morning everyone
I will be around this morning trying to keep busy and then I'll be off for my ECV later. The ironing will be calling me though and some paperwork I have to do.. although I'm sure I can ignore it's calls. Off to have my light breakfast.

snugglebumnappies Thu 01-Feb-07 08:58:01

Morning to everyone, lovely new thread, good luck peachy, I would say don't do anything but relax prior to ecv and tense abdominal muscles can make it more difficult, great excuse to relax and have a long soak in the bath!

bubblebell1 Thu 01-Feb-07 09:01:30

o a lovely new thread!! well done suis!!

i have that horrible feeling that i have forgotten something. must be coz lo is so close to arrival and i have spent all these months preparing and everything is done now except the baby being here.

i have my pre op assesment today. am nervous i have no idea what to expect.its 5 days til my cs i feel like hiding under the duvet didnt think i would be this nervous.

are any of you nervous or more excited?

im really worried about my ds and after yesterday have had a word with dp and he is goin to be on his best behaviour.

thanks for everyone who gave me advice

sorkycake Thu 01-Feb-07 09:09:32

Well done to all of us for getting this far!


Bouncyminky Thu 01-Feb-07 10:05:44

Morning all. I've got MW appointment later today. Not expecting anything special as I think it will just be bp, urine, feeling around etc.

Baby keeps on shifting around with back out the front of my belly which is slightly uncomfortable as it stretches everthing - how stretched can we get?

Does anyone know if the best position (apart from upside down) for the baby's back to be is at the front or at the side for the start of labour? I know they move around during but can't decide when to praise baby for good position and when to tickle it to move around a bit..

bubblebell1 Thu 01-Feb-07 10:16:08

bouncy im not 100 % sure but i think i read somewhere that left occipital position is the best postion. but u can go into labour in any position. and even if they are op they can sometimes move around.


SmudgeMum Thu 01-Feb-07 10:17:42

Morning. Well done for new thread suis and lovely title Good luck all with MW appointments and I hope the baby turns peachygirl.

Bubblebell I think I am more petrified than excited but I just can't imagine what it is going to be like (prob a good thing) and I wonder if the unknown is the most scary thing. Still, as lots of people say, you'll get through it and what a lovely prize at the end

I'd be up for trying to sort out a meet up but reckon we're never going to suit everyone. MrsJC do you have any plans to come over to GB in the next 6 months or so? If not, I reckon we'll have to work out a live link or write to Jim'l'Fix it for us all to come to you!!!!

Odd that noone is in London (or are you all hiding?). I wonder if suggesting somewhere in Midlands is best but no good going for the middle if it ends up that noone can travel there. Let's wait til a few more say where they are and then try and work out a plan. As Sorkycake says, I'm in Newcastle.

Choc brownie cake for breakfast today - DH Birthday. Plenty for everyone and did you know it's a well respected treatment for piles, threadworm, KNUF and all other ailments

peachygirl Thu 01-Feb-07 11:11:21

smudgemum I'm really london , I'm just being a snob when I say south east, lovely Croydon is really where I am. I could also do midlands as I'm originally from Nottingham.
No paperwork for me - I had my breakfast and went back to bed!!

ja9 Thu 01-Feb-07 11:18:48

hi, can i join in again?

i've been lurking for ages but you're such a chatty bunch that i've been finding it difficult to keep up with all the posts. However, as we are on the final countdown now i could really do with the support!

My EDD is 24 Feb. DS was 12 days early so i'm really hoping this one will be early too. I've booked a homebirth and MWs go on call on 10 Feb, however, i'd happily give that up if the baby would come earlier!! I'm very uncomfortable and just want it out!! Got a tummy bug at the minute from ds. Vomitting several times this morning... and the other end affected too . Feeling very hard done by as this is my third tummy bug this pregnancy - one of the joys of being a primary teacher is being exposed to the bugs of hundreds of children. Ah well! Despite the sickness I have had a really healthy pregnancy - no problms with BP or infections etc, so have a lot to be thankful for.

looking forward to chatting more over the next few weeks.

Tommy Thu 01-Feb-07 11:20:52

ohh - nice new thread - thanks suis
Feeling decidedly crap again this morning. DS2 is off school again but nearly better so quite annoying, DH is still off and DS2 is in a grump.

Piles and varicosities back with a vengeance which doesn't help either.

At least tomorrow we have a planned day off (INSET day at school) and are all going out to new posh soft play area where I will sit of a comfy sofa and read the paper while the boys rush around.

Can't believe it's February! I rcekone mine's going to appear on 26,27 or 28th!!

sallyn Thu 01-Feb-07 11:27:38

I can't believe it's finally February! The baby WILL come, quaffing of red wine shall resume (in moderation of course) and our world is going to be turned upside down. It's going to be great.

Think I might be a bit high on lack of sleep - been up since Suis posted, watching films and eating toast to kill time. I am possibly the most impatient person in the world.

Help please... has anyone had acupuncture to kick start labour? If so, did it work or am I wasting my money? I'm booked for a sweep next Thursday if nothing's happened, but I've heard that it's not very pleasant...

Good luck everyone, esp those due today...

MoosMa Thu 01-Feb-07 12:23:09

You're right sallyn, sweeps aren't very pleasant, although I've heard that the nearer you are to starting labour naturally the less uncomfortable it is. I was very unready when I had one last time and it hurt but I have heard others say that they didn't feel much.

I haven't tried acupuncture but have heard good things about it

MoosMa Thu 01-Feb-07 12:23:23

Pinch punch btw

leahsmum Thu 01-Feb-07 12:30:18

oooh nice new thread - love the title!

Well after Tuesdays mw appt and then rush to hospital i ended up back at hospital last night again! Had been having mild tightenings all day yesterday and about 5pm decided to time them - pretty regular at roughly every 4mins, decided to phone hosp to see what they thought as they werent too painful and werent getting any worse. Told to go straight down. Imagine my disappointment - and feeling like a complete fraud - when on arrival all stopped! Well not quite i had 2 more on arrival then zilch!! Totally gutted!
Anyway they tested my blood, bp and urine, bp not perfect but bit more settled than Tuesday and +++protein in urine along with a few others which I cant even begin to remember - if snugglebum or sallyally is on later might see if yous know what could be as hosp not really telling me much (nothing new there then). Anyway mw was back out this morning and bp slightly up but nothing too scary and only trace of protein in urine (strange). Apparently hosp told her i have an irritable uterus which may have been causign tightenings - apparently they reckon its jsut the way the baby was moving. To go back to hosp tomorrow for day care assessment of bp and urine. Need to go on my own tho as dp, my mum and all freinds at work (except one who has kindly offered to look after dd). Will feel like a right singleton on my own - but hay ho I dont have much choice!

Sorry to hear about you lot with piles/thread worms etc. I thought I had piles a few weeks back - def not pleasant - but seem to have disappeared again - shouldnt say that guarunteed i'll go to the loo and have some visitors!

Sallyallyally Thu 01-Feb-07 12:59:57

Leahsmum....protein in urine linked to two things mainly. One is the obvious pre clampsia which is when the BP rises and affects the body chemistry and kidneys (hence proteinurea), more common towards the end of pregnacy and identifiable by raised BP, protein in urine, blood tests and sometimes symptons such as flashy lights in front of eyes, a really nasty pain like awful, awful indigestion and a pounding frontal headache. However BP can raise slightly just before onset of labour, or due to a million environmental factors (no sleep, high anxiety, pain etc!). Urine will show protein if contaminated in any way. E.g vaginal discharge, unsterile receptacle, bleeding, infection, bad luck! So a trace is not really significant. 3 +'s significant if on more than one occasion. By doing a daycare assessment of urine and BP they can get a more realistic picture of if it is significant or not . I can really really sympathise with the on and off onset of contractions. everyone has stopped taking me seriously now, but I keep getting some very convincing pain! Irritable uterus...what a fob off!! Take yourself some good magazines and snacks in with you as BP checks can be pretty dull.
Big sympathy with those with insensitive DH's. (or just downright bloody rude by the sound of some). Mine has certainly had his moments, he is smashing at the moment, but then the stress of being so nice seems to get to him and he acts like an idiot...guess it must be a strange time for them, but find it very hard to be overly sympathetic!! Keep going chaps...we are all wonderful and doing absolutely marvellously. (and deserve large wads of cash, medals and everlasting happiness and non fattening chocolate!!!!!).

Tommy Thu 01-Feb-07 13:15:40

sallyn - I had a sweep wth DS2 when I was 40+ weeks. the mW said it would hurt - a bit like when I was induced with DS1 (which was agony ) but I was a bit desparate by then and prepared to put up with it. When she did it, I didn't feel anything and she told me I was 3cm dilated and DS2 was born the next evening. might not hurt

MrsJ Thu 01-Feb-07 14:35:22

Hey, nice to see a new thread...
I posted this on another thread and sorry if its not allowed to double post but I really need a little feed back on it it plz plz plz..
I've been under the hospital as they've been concerned with the babies growth, i'm due on the 11th Feb. and 3 weeks ago they said that the babies growth had tailed off and the blood flow through the placenta was only just borderline ok. pretty much scared us, stipulated very strictly that we need to keep vigialant kick chart and we had to go back the next week and the week after for another scan. so completely stressed out to desperation I focussed on the next scan which was what I saw as answer time etc etc so yesterday came and had a nightmare day, Doctor simply seemed unable to answer my questions, infact she got a little flustered a couple of times.
They are now saying that she is the right size and the last measurements may have been a mistake, the back tracked away from the word mistake. but are saying that the blood flow remains the same as before, so borderline ok.
I have to go back next week for another scan and continue with kick chart. I just had absoloutely no confidence in her and was so angry and frustrated then spent the rest of the night crying or completely flat.
I feel utterly deflated today and numb and completely depressed. just wish i could be how everyone expects me to be, thinking ooh any day now is it today? but I can't its not really even occurring to me at all. waited all pg for the first day of feb and feel its all been ruined a bit and spoilt. Completely irrational i'm sure but have no confidence in them, feel they dont listen to me and i felt patronised.
My mum said I was very anxious and she said yes I see she is a little flushed and laughed!
I couldnt understand all she said, and when i asked her to explain she seemed to really struggle, couldnt even tell me how engaged baby's head was.
She just kept saying baby fine, baby fine don't worry. So why the F* am I going back next week then??? I go from being completely numb to wanting to brain someone over something trivial to sitting and sobbing.
Don't know what to do...

sorry to vent but I dont know what to do... really sorry. it prob helped to wriet it all down so ignore if you wish, but thanks for reading if you got this far xx

sallyn Thu 01-Feb-07 15:02:55

MrsJ - sounds like you've been having a horrible time, I'm not surprised you're stressed, worried and have seesawing emotions. I've been feeling all those things and I've got nothing out of the ordinary to fuel it! If it's any help, I do think the medical profession by and large like their 'averages' and normal curves and sometimes get a little over-obsessed. I've been studying osteopathy for the last two years, and have experienced a lot of that in all areas, but think it's especially prevalent in baby-related matters. One midwife told me at an ante-natal group not to get too concerned if our babies don't conform to the norms - they often do more harm than good, esp in terms of mother's stress (and therefore adrenaline) levels, which is probably more damaging than anything else. Try and remain focused on the positives: they've said the baby's fine, the protein in your urine's down, borderline ok still means ok, not bad, the baby's kicking, and they're keeping a close eye on you so if they need to they can whip the baby out a bit early (and they rarely need much of an excuse to suggest that). It sounds to me like the constant monitoring is just being super-cautious. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, but I'm sure that if they were really worried you'd be in theatre already.

leahsmum Thu 01-Feb-07 15:05:52

Thanks Sallyallyally - think thats what was initially suspected - certainly what i was suspecting as I have had on/off flashy lights in eyes for a few weeks but never mentioned to mw as bp and everythign else was alright. Not had any since Tues tho (fingers crossed) also had a dull headache on Tuesday and last night but nothing too bad. MW did say at hosp on Tues to look out for severe indigestion like pain - got permanent heartburn/indigestion anyway so suppose just need to be wary of it worsening. Wee bit concerned because i was induced with dd due to pre-eclampsia - well no one ever confirmed that but all the signs were there and i was in hosp for almost a week beforehand to be monitored. If they going to induce me i'd rather they did it sooner rather than later when damage may already be done. If they suspect pre eclampsia then surely best for baby to be born now before it develops fully? I was 38weeks yesterday? Bloods seem to have all come back ok.

Thats awful for you MrsJ sure it'll all turn out fine.

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