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Due in March 07 - Counting Down the Days Now....

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LunarSea Mon 29-Jan-07 16:34:13

New thread because the old one's about to hit the 1000 posts mark.

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TheBlonde Mon 29-Jan-07 16:37:25

aargghh counting down the days, I am going to start to panic soon

How was everyone's weekend?
We are all ill here nasty gastric bug

Is anyone's baby moving less now? Mine has seemed much quieter over the weekend.

AmieR Mon 29-Jan-07 16:43:49

hope you all feel better soon Blonde! can't be nice.

LaidbackinEngland Mon 29-Jan-07 16:46:09

Sorry to hear you are feeling bad about your scan Kitty - providing you go to term - the baby could put on another 3 llbs easily and that would still be a respectable weight. I am sure they checked that your placenta is working ok ... and even if babe comes early 3 + llbs will be fine. Trust your instincts though and if you are still worrying why don't you go and speak to your midwife and get a 2nd opinion. You are an experienced mum and you know how things should feel.

AmieR Mon 29-Jan-07 16:49:07

Big hugs Kitty, I think you should get 2nd opinion too as Laid back's suggested... may help you find peace of mind.

3rdTriMossTer Mon 29-Jan-07 16:56:43

Kitty sorry you are worried, agree with everyone else, if your gut feeling is that something's up why not get a second opinion?

Theblonde sorry you're not well. My lo is moving around less, and because of this anterior placenta thing even when he does move I don't feel it that much. I manage to do that kick chart thing, just.

Booboobedoo Mon 29-Jan-07 16:59:55

kitty. Please try and relax (easier said than done, I know).

Why don't you start a thread in pregnancy and see if there are any midwives around?

1973magpie Mon 29-Jan-07 17:15:05

Hi All,

Sorry for the disappearing act, we have had serious problems with our internet connection still only works intermittently so here's a quick post while I can get online.

Kitty - sorry to hear that you are worried about your scan , I echo what the others have said about speaking to your midwife about your concerns.

Also, I have read on Mumsnet and elsewhere that the scans are only 50-60% accurate and can be out by up to 2lb either way, so it might be worth asking your consultant/sonographer about accuracy rates?

TheBlonde - sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell, DD1 and I have been ill for the last week with some horrible cold/fluey virus which is pants, and the last thing we need at the mo, what with all the other aches and pains, hope you feel better soon

I have also had a lot of lower stomach ache under my bump, but think it's due to a combination of the baby's head being low and all the coughing and sneezing having a bad effect on my already knackered stomach muscles

Sorry not to have time to reply to all, will try and get on agaib later, connection allowing

foxabout2pop Mon 29-Jan-07 17:34:08

Kitty - what do you suspect might be going on? It doesn't sound too bad from what you say, but can understand you're anxious. Was everything OK re. heartbeat, head circumferance, leg measurements etc?

I got an ambigious result too. The placenta has moved in the right direction, but is still only 2.5/3cm from the "Os" (love that word). The hospital want it to be at least 4cm from Os in order to say everything is OK.

I have another scan booked in three weeks - 19 Feb, to check placenta again.

Consultant wrote on my notes "aims for an active birth in the birth centre but if placenta doesn't move or the baby's head is too high up we'll aim for a CS"

Booboobedoo Mon 29-Jan-07 17:39:58

So a sort of 'it could have been worse' outcome foxy. How are you feeling?

3rdTriMossTer Mon 29-Jan-07 17:42:05

1973magpie hope you get your internet connection working properly again!!

Foxy what is Os?

foxabout2pop Mon 29-Jan-07 17:46:17

Feeling better since I got back and ate some Cadbury's chocolate.

Os is the hole at the top of the birth canal, where the baby will make its exit. I think if the placenta is to close it could get damaged and cause a bleed during the birth.

I'm optimistic about it though. I asked them to check if he's still got his willy and he has Had a wobbly a few months ago about not having another daughter but I am happy now to be having a boy - specially as DS1 is being particularly lovely atm and DD is being a moo.

Booboobedoo Mon 29-Jan-07 17:47:44

Cadburys is like medicine isn't it? Glad you're ok .

foxabout2pop Mon 29-Jan-07 17:53:05

Boo - I think my insomnia of late may be due to consuming too much chocolate

muppetisacat Mon 29-Jan-07 18:15:45

Kitty and Foxy - sorry you both didn't get exactly the results you were hoping for.

Foxy you need to talk sternly to your placenta to get it to move the extra cm or so.

Kitty - please don't feel so bad... it's obviously worrying when they come back at you with all these growth statistics, but if your lo's moving fine and the placenta is holding up well (which they will have checked) then maybe this one's just going to be smaller than your others. We all come in different shapes and sizes... i think you should call your mw and chat about it with her... she'll have seen it before i'm sure...
As for the protein in your urine - did they indicate if it was infection related? I'm assuming the old bp was fine???

Mossy - if lo doesn't turn - yes i'm in the c-section camp. Still got 2 weeks til they book me in. My midwife is optimistic he'll turn but my gp thinks he wont as he's always been breech and quite comfortable with it.

foxabout2pop Mon 29-Jan-07 18:18:17

Muppet - aren't there some positions you can try to encourage baby to shift?

Kitty - I had protein in my urine too today BTW so they're sending it off for testing for infections, but Mr Dishy said it often means nothing.

TheBlonde Mon 29-Jan-07 18:26:58

muppet - I've heard that hypnotherapy and acupunture can get breech babies to turn just in case you fancy trying either

sexkittyinwaiting Mon 29-Jan-07 18:34:10

Thankyou all I know that these scans and measurements can be hideously inaccurate. The consultant today found it difficult to get measurments as the jumping bean had actually gone to sleep in a tight little ball and wouldn't be woken typical. He said that the measurements would therefore be put on the lower side iyswim. My great worry is that there is some growth redardation. I feel slightly less angst ridden than earlier I suppose.

I'm off to the docs tomorrow to see if she think I have a uti and in the light of the protein take my bp as well.

I don't want to have a sickly,small baby

Foxy, that's very frustrating for you. Did they say how likely it was the the placenta would move?

Rosylily Mon 29-Jan-07 19:02:53

Fox the placenta is so nearly clear of your 'o' (never heard of that!) I really hope it shifties along a bit more for you.

Kitty I went through this worry with dd...being told she was small and she was 5 days late and 7lb 9oz and she is actually tall for her age and a bigger build than ds2 who was 8lbs 2oz and he is quite dinky though perfectly formed. Ds1 was always very big and now he's big and tall so it seems funny having a little guy.But he's very cute.
I hope you can be reassured.

Get well soon the blonde!

foxabout2pop Mon 29-Jan-07 19:05:26

kitty - I'm sure your baby will be OK. Its a shame you went all the way up there and then they couldn't get an accurate measurement. HTF can they guess the wight if they can't measure length because the baby is curled up?

My placenta is moving in the right direction so I'm hopeful it will shift another cm in the nest three weeks.

My DS was curled up asleep too, with his head using placenta as a pillow, so that's partly why they want to have another look.

Typical men eh? At 2am they wake us up with their kicking, then when we take them to be looked at, they fall asleep!!

sazzybee Mon 29-Jan-07 19:30:43

Blimey - a new thread? Is this what happens. I'm such a newbie

I'm so sorry your scans haven't relieved your anxieties kitty and fox. I can't give you any comforting advice because I have no idea what I'm talking about but I do know that they get things wrong even with scans especially if they can't really see what they're doing. And I agree that asking more people for advice can only be a good thing.

Muppet - are you alright about having a CS if your LO doesn't turn? I really don't want one but I'm not sure if I have a choice. Have you tried shining a torch up your fanjo or playing music as well as getting on all fours and all that?

Rosylily Mon 29-Jan-07 19:43:32

So does no-one deliver breech babies now vaginally? Is it dangerous or much more painful????

sazzybee Mon 29-Jan-07 19:48:50

I don't know rosylily. By the time I had been told what was going on, I was in such shock that I didn't ask any questions. Just went home feeling a bit battered.

The doctor just had a look at my scan results and said 'come back in two weeks and if your waters break in the meantime, call an ambulance.' And that was that - she sent me on my way.

Don't know if muppet's experience has been any better

sexkittyinwaiting Mon 29-Jan-07 19:54:15

Rosy, I don't think they are prepared to take any risks anymore. I knoiw it is perfectly possible to deliver some types of breech babies vaginally. I reckong the docs are too scared/ too unused to the proceedure to take the risk.

On my hospital notes I am now called "GRANDMULTIP' which means I've had lots of kids . I think at 5 kids I was a mere multip. Diva, you have to go one more I'm afraid

DollyPopsOut Mon 29-Jan-07 20:04:51

Kitty, I am so sorry that you didn't get more conclusive news. I had lots of growth scans with DD and was told that they could be 2lbs out either way. I think to do the est weight they have to take 3 measurements so if the baby was curled up and the measurements were hard to do, that could explain why he is light. In addition, they woudl have checked your amniotic fluid levels and the blood flow through your cord, both of which would have indicated a problem and presumably were fine? I am thinking of you very much - you are always such a support to the rest of us, please do let us know if you need an ear or a virtual cuddle. THink starting a thread in pregnancy is a good idea. Mears is about most nights and she is incredibly helpful. Big hugs XXXX

Foxy, sorry you didn't get the news you wanted either. There is still time for your placenta to clear the os though. Love that word too.

Muppet, if you want the baby to turn, have you thought about moxybustion? A couple of my friends have tried it and it worked for them. You need to burn special sticks near your foot and then the baby moves. There are threads on it which give more detail than my rather potted version!! You could also ask about ECV to turn the baby as that might be worth a try.

Blonde, sorry you are all poorly. My DD2 definitely has periods of quiet and activity(presumably she's asleep??) but I think they do move less as the space in there gets at a premium.

Had an OK day today but overwhelmed with tireness during my teaching session and had to gloss over the law on sentencing just to get to the end . Thought I was going to conk out on the job, as it were. Still, no more teaching left now, just lots of marking. No work tomorrow, tax return sent and feeling much more positive. Sending love to you all XXXX

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