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December 2016 babies - thread #4 - blooming in trimester 2!

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lilydaisyrose Thu 23-Jun-16 16:49:30

New December babies thread!

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lilydaisyrose Thu 23-Jun-16 16:52:12

Thread one - 21/3/16

Thread two - from 25/4/16

Thread three - from 31/5/16

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Jfw82 Thu 23-Jun-16 17:07:42

thanks lilydaisyrose can't believe we're already on thread four

lilydaisyrose Thu 23-Jun-16 17:09:46

Kitkat - we need the list please!

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TipBoov Thu 23-Jun-16 17:11:05

New thread! Marking place so I can find it again later.

SouthDownsSunshine Thu 23-Jun-16 17:14:58

Place marking!

billabye Thu 23-Jun-16 17:18:06

Hi everyone smile

HannahJH Thu 23-Jun-16 17:20:42

Hello xx

Lovewatchingrainfall Thu 23-Jun-16 17:38:47

Place marking so I don't get lost.

Bigfam Thu 23-Jun-16 17:51:40

I still can't really believe the HB thing either. I bought a Doppler and have used it once per day since it arrived last Thursday, I've always managed to find baby's hb without too much difficulty as well.

Theaks Thu 23-Jun-16 17:57:14


goinggrey1978 Thu 23-Jun-16 18:11:56

Hi marking place too, these sea bands are brilliant if any of you are suffering with bad nausea, best 8 quid I've spent in ages!

excitedmummytob Thu 23-Jun-16 18:14:05

Checking in!

ermmm Thu 23-Jun-16 18:14:28

Oh going back to old thread to read about the antisickness bands-
Still at it here 14+3 now😩

DartmoorDoughnut Thu 23-Jun-16 18:19:48

Thread 4?! Wow we talk a LOT grin

Babydreaming Thu 23-Jun-16 18:27:35

Mine checked at 16w but she offered me the option to not check it as she said they might not be able to find it this early...I think that's a good compromise? Of course most ppl would still want to check!

Has anyone else had nosebleeds? I've never had one in my life but I've got a bit of a cold and had a really busy night at work. Around 5.30am I got a horrific nosebleed and was coughing up big chunks of blood from back of my nose. My work had to send me home to get some rest
They were really worried! Going back again tonight...hopefully it won't happen again!! Scary. I've read they are more common in pregnancy tho?

firawla Thu 23-Jun-16 18:36:13

Thanks for making the new thread!

I've had a bit of annoyance with the hospital today, as I was saying in the other thread i didn't get an apt yet for 16 weeks - well I should have chased them earlier, as I had loads of missed calls from them later on in the day while at kids swimming, and apparently I had missed a consultants apt today - I never had any letter for it so I didn't know! Now I have to wait a whole month for another one shock - quite irritating, I never would have missed it if I'd been told!!

They've given me a midwife apt in the meantime though although it had to be on the day that I already have an appointment for one of the kids at another hospital an hour away, and my private scan (I'll have to move that I think) - argh! It will end up being a bit of a rush that day!

Essybird Thu 23-Jun-16 19:02:45

Place marking

puppythedog Thu 23-Jun-16 19:07:33

Just marking my space :-)

puppythedog Thu 23-Jun-16 19:13:51

For those wanting to join FB group if you private message me your Facebook I can add you as a friend and add you to group. Won't mind at all at being unfriended afterwards either :-)

puppythedog Thu 23-Jun-16 19:15:00

Anyone know how I find my private messages on MN?

SolomanDaisy Thu 23-Jun-16 19:18:21

My friend lent me a doppler and I found the heartbeat pretty quickly today. It was lovely because DS could listen. We used it to listen to his heartbeat after we heard the baby's.

If the midwife doesn't listen to the heartbeat, do they feel your uterus to check growth is ok? My midwife here does both, I don't remember the uterus poking from having DS in England.

ElodieS Thu 23-Jun-16 19:23:50

Place marking

LittleBear01 Thu 23-Jun-16 19:24:01

Puppy: you can only check your messages on the mumsnet website I think, not the phone app.

TipBoov Thu 23-Jun-16 19:36:42

I bought a Doppler from Amazon, it was reassuring to find the heartbeat, brings back memories of when we'd listen to DS's!

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