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Pram/crib mattresses

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leahsmum Mon 15-Jan-07 21:46:46

Hi folks you'll need to bear with me as I've only just discovered mumsnet.
I'm due my second little darling in just over 4 weeks and have finally got round to diggin out my old pram/crib etc. However have heard various opinions on reusing pram and crib mattresses. Can anyone give me some advice on what you should do here - ie am i ok to reuse my original mattresses (used once before for my now almost 3 year old)?

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Pesha Mon 15-Jan-07 22:02:49

When I was pg with my second I asked my mw about this and she said she'd never heard anything about re-using old mattresses and thought it was fine and also checked with her colleagues who felt it was fine. I have heard of some research that you shouldn't but I dont know any of the details. I dont think I would want to buy a 2nd hand mattress but happily reused my own (well dds!) for ds and am planning ion using both cot and moses basket mattresses again in april when I have this baby.

Although if anyone does know anymore about the research suggesting you shouldnt i would be very interested to hear it.

Flower3554 Mon 15-Jan-07 22:34:08

I realise this won't work with cot mattresses but for crib and moses baskets I just pop mine in the washing machine on a cool wash.

Tommy Mon 15-Jan-07 22:38:29

Hi Leahsmum - I'm planning to use my old cot and moses basket mattess in about 4 weeks time too! It's been through both DSs. I've heard what pesha suggests as well - not to buy a second hand one but it's OK to use an old one that you know the history of IWSWIM

leahsmum Tue 16-Jan-07 11:53:22

Thanks everyone for your advice. I think I'll just give them a wash and see how they come up. They are spotless anyway I was just more concerned about dust from being up the loft (mind you they have been well wrapped). With all the varying opinions on everything these days you tend to get a little apranoid - especially when it comes to babies sleeping.

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