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Due in May 2007 - Thread for w/c 15/01/07

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twelveyeargap Mon 15-Jan-07 13:50:12

This week.

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cinnamontam Mon 15-Jan-07 13:56:08

hello all

Had my scan this morning and it went really well
Having a girl which is what everyone thought (mum, nonna, me, sis etc...)
She moved around so much we had to wait for a while to be able to count the fingers and see the 4 chambers of the heart but everything was there and healthy and the right size except for her legs - very long. But as DH is 6 foot 8 then I guess that is only to be expected

cinnamontam Mon 15-Jan-07 13:58:51

Hi FF - I was just flicking back to the other thread to see if you had got home from your scan. That is fantastic! So glad all is well and great news the placenta has moved. My bean performed beautifully and gave us a great open leg view where you could see the buttocks, the legs and the 3 lines they look for to see if they can see a labia. Definitely no other bits sticking up

Frenchsmallfry Mon 15-Jan-07 14:00:28

Afternoon all,

Soh glad your back on, I have def been saddened by recent events on MN and will of course continue to think of Jellybeans and her angel Mia. GGG's posts have just been so sad, I have lit two candles on the site for her and had a candle burning and a palm cross on the mantle peice on the day of Maudes Funeral. I can't stop reading the posts on the bereavement thread they are so beautiful for the wrong reasons, they make me sob.

lg&t so glad you are going to toddlers this afternoon, will do hugs good and you to get out.

JL- Belguim sounds fab, have a great time.

Pebble & Jess hope you are feeling better today.

Lupins sorry you didn't get more of an answer but I'm sure you are not likely to take any chances, hoping all is good for you.


I had my scan this morning, it was soooooooooooo fantastic. It was the best scan I have ever had. We have a stage baby already. We saw it waving, kicking, sucking it's thumb, opening and closing it's mouth. Sure it was blowing us kisses, Ahhhhhh
Checked all the body parts and they look perfect, size is normal, It weighs 1,lb 2,oz and the placenta has moved, yey!!!! I kept on and on at dh to see if he had changed his mind on finding out the sex, he still said NO, but we both looked whilst the sonographer checked and although we are not trained, we think it's a GIRL!!!!! Put it this way, we had a view from between the legs, could see two buttcheeks and nothing obvious in the middle???? If I'm honest I probably would secretly like another girl so I'm feeling quite excited but I suppose I better not get my hopes up.

Cinnamontam, I wished you luck before mine started, glad it all went well, congratulations on your pink one.

Frenchsmallfry Mon 15-Jan-07 14:07:16

How you going TYG?

twelveyeargap Mon 15-Jan-07 14:38:58

Hello everyone. I've missed you.

I'm so sorry to hear of jellybeans's sad, sad news. It's just terrible.

Glad you're back with us Jess, but very sorry to hear you've been so poorly. I'm glad you're being looked after.

How is your DH FSF? Are you having to do a lot of looking after him?

MKG - I know you're shocked you're having a boy! The good thing is that your sons are close enough in age to play together. It will be nice for them, even if it's very noisy for you!

I'm never going to be able to mention everyone by name, sorry. I promise I have read EVERYTHING I missed.

Oh, LG&T. Your kids are lovely. And all the bumps are VERY neat. I'm . I've got such a fat ass.

Well I'm delighted to be back at work. I never thought I'd say that. It's the first time I've sat down for a week. House was manky as you know, but managed to get kitchen sorted on Thursday. It took TEN hours. Can you believe it? Worked from 9 til 7, ate some toast standing up and as I'm not used to standing all day, I could acutally barely walk at the end. Was hobbling around with sore feet and sore back. DH helpfully suggested I shouldn't have done so much, but I pointed out that was nowhere to sit, nowhere to eat, no tv, no broadband, no books; so unless I went out for the day, there was feck all else I could do with myself.

He sorted out living room on Thurs night which was VERY helpful, but unfortunately decided to do it after midnight, got to bed at 5am, then got up at 9. Called in sick to work and decided the next most important thing to do was insist I brought him to Argos to buy a pressure washer to hose down the decking. I dropped him home afterwards and told him to get ready for his weekend away (stag do) and I went ot the launderette and supermarket. Texted from supermarket to say I was just paying and to be ready to go within 20 mins so I could take him to airport train. He phoned just as I was pulling up to say he couldn't find anything (quel surprise!) and he wasn't ready because he'd been out the back with his new toy. Arse. Anyway, managed to get him out the door, to the station and he got to the check in desk, with I kid you not, 90 seconds to spare.

DD brought a friend home from school on Fri evening and my friend came over for a couple of hours, which was great, becuase it meant I sat down for a while. Sky installations came on Saturday and refused to put up my dish as the phone wasn't working properly. Did some jobs, went to the launderette again (going to be bloody ages before I get a washing machine - arrggh) and made two huge casseroles for Sunday dinner. DH invited his cousin to stay Sun and Mon night and offered me to go and get him from the Heathrow express train. Then invited his sister, BIL and three kids. Then texted from Barcelona to say "by the way, have also invited Cousin X." Thanks a lot! Thankfully, very kind BIL offered to drop off SIL and kids on Sunday and then go to Paddington for me and made a dessert, bless him.

DH could barely speak with post-stag weekend fatigue when he got back. I had stayed up (foolishly, I know) until 3am cleaning out the cupboards and wardrobes in the dressing room and putting things away on Sat night and had to get up at 9am to finish preparing for the hoards arriving.

However, everyone commented on how it looked like we'd been living there for three weeks, not three days, so I felt quite pleased with myself.

Just been emailing the vendor now. He's trying to say, "oh those Christmas decorations I left, you can keep those." So I've gone back and said actually, you left <insert very long list here>. I can box them up for you if that helps. Just let me know when you'd like to pick them up. Trying to be firm without saying, "you're in breach of contract," though that is what I want to say. Better if I can shame him into sorting it out before I get legal on his ass. (Which, frankly, will be more expensive than paying a rubbish clearance person myself.)

It's not like he's short of a few bob. I have a pretty good idea what profit he made on the house as he mentioned when he bought it. He could easily have paid a man with a van to clear his rubbish. If we'd bought from an old woman who couldn't cope with it all, I would have been more lenient, but this guy is just taking the proverbial.

What else is new?

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madeindevon Mon 15-Jan-07 14:56:53

hello everyone. am 22 weeks on wednesday and have been feeling really good but think im coming down with a cold which im not chuffed about!
will slow me down a bit which is a shame. had a weekend sorting out stuff in the house (we moved 3 months ago but still got boxes to unpack) and bought a fantastic new rug for the lounge half price! so spend last night rolling around the floor on the rug in front of roaring fire!!! lovely!
getting very exciting about going on honeymoon a week on friday! got married last april but had to postpone honeymoon due to OH new job. really looking fwd to 2 weeks in thailand. (our first 2 weeks holiday ever and we been together 6 yrs now!)
hope everyone else is well and not sniffling with cold like me!!

Creena Mon 15-Jan-07 15:36:27

Afternoon, all. Good to see some old faces again and congrats to all those with great scan news!

I might be in and out a fair bit this week as I've just been signed off for a week by my doctor (due to pulling muscles last week - still playing up). However, I might also end up going completely insane with DH well before then. I am so angry with him at the moment. I spent the entire weekend cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, ironing etc - I'm not kidding, I spent most of yesterday on my feet doing housework tyoe things and didn't finish until 9.30pm. My legs were like flipping tree trunks. What was DH up to during this time (the whole weekend)? Sitting on his arse, watching more West Wing dvds. He even stayed up until 2am this morning watching them and so, when the alarm went off this morning, he was too tired to get out of bed so I had to get the kids up, make breakfasts and packed lunches, make sure that they'd washed and dressed properly, checked school bags etc. All the while DH snoozed away in bed.

The worst thing of all though is a 'heated debate' we had yesterday. DH has been approached by a rival company who're interested in taking him on. This will mean a substantial increase to his salary. He had a second interview with them on Friday. He announced to me yesterday that, as his current job allows him to be lazy and not have much responsibility and he is able to trundle in late to the same desk every day, he might turn the rival company down because they will give hima job where he'll have to work hard and drive to offices that are further away. He also announced that we won't be moving house after all (despite being crammed into this one as it is, never mind with a baby and all its paraphenalia) and that I am to return to work as soon as my paid leave ends - i.e. before the baby is even 6 months old - because we can't get by on his current wage alone. I should also mention that my job involves a lot of stress and responsibility, having to deal with people who are usually hostile or dismissive, long hours and travelling all over the place, often not getting home until quite late. Obviously, it's perfectly fine for me to leave the baby at home to go and do a job that I hate and that is quite stressful, just so he can carry on in his little world of no hassle. It's not as if he is poorly paid (he's not - he earns over £10k more than I do) but somehow I will continue to pay all of the bills and clothe the children and do all of the childcare and running of the house on my own as well as work. I'm sure that all he'll be doing is sitting on his lazy arse, watching the West Wing (again).

I'm so angry - I'm even contemplating selling up and taking my share of the equity and going off to live in a rented house or see if I can get a housing association/council property. At least then, I'll be able to spend some time at home with the baby and then later on, find a part time job. I'm no spring chicken any more - this will be my last chance to have a baby and raise it myself.

Grrrrrrr! <<....and breathe....>>

Juicylucytoo Mon 15-Jan-07 16:06:19

Creena - really with your selfish DH. I think you need another long chat. But maybe you need to do some thinking about presenting the situation (and his selfishness)to him in a calm and structured way (without loosing your temper - it's so hard for me), so he can see he's being unfair and that if he changed jobs you could stay at home longer etc and a happy you = happy homelife IYSWIM.

Really feel for you. Men can be so me, me, me sometimes (and basically are at heart).

charleymouse Mon 15-Jan-07 16:11:25

Hi all congrats on your scans CT and FSF, get those scan pics posted. Tut men TYG and C who needs em? Ooh sounds lovely MID have a good time on honeymoon.
I know what you mean SOH everything seems trivial in comparison to the news we have had.
LGT your kids all look adorable.
I feel paranoid anyway I had bump/stomach cramps on the way to work this morning and convinced myself this was it the amnio had done for them both. I drove straight home and went to bed and have had terrible heartburn so I am hoping that is all it was. Although I have slept a good chunk of the day as well, maybe carrying two is just b***y tiring and your aches and pains seem more exacerbated. Anyway I am feeling a lot better although I have just remembered I have not eaten anything since half a slice of toast @ 7.00 this morning.
Stopping BF seems to be going well, she asked for it last night and cried a little and I sobbed as well. As much as anything for the pain in my boobs. They were rock hard and as soon as she whimpered last night they had let down. It broke my heart. But she went off to bed with a story and a cuddle in the end. She didn't didn't even ask this morning.
Anyway have to get out of bed now for the 35 mile round trip which is picking DD and DH up from work/nursery. I so hope he gets his confidence back with driving he is perfectly competent just lacks confidence. We have aways managed but I think with the possibility of a section round the corner he may have to take the plunge. Other people are always more bothered than us and say ooh doesn't he drive and how will you manage and it really annoys me. The main culprits are his Dad and my Mum and they really winfd me up about it especilly as MIL never drove and my Mum only passed her test later in life.
Anyway must go or will be late. Will try and catch up later.

largeginandtonic Mon 15-Jan-07 16:20:39

TYG, << hugs her long lost friend >> ive missed you. Glad your house is lovely and you have managed to get it straight far too soon....i would tell you off but it's exactly the sort of thing i would do. I think you are being very patient with the lazy vendour too.

Creena i had no idea that you felt so bad about your DH, he does sound very selfish. My ex (yes ex) was like that, he used to go out clubbing and come home so late he couldnt move in the morning. I was left getting all the kids up, doing the school run, entertaining them at the weekend all alone. Some days i really hated him and wondered what on earth i was doing there. ))))hugs((((( for you xxxx

FSF im glad the scan was so great, it sounds lovely! I thought it was a just looked very pink when i saw you

Glad your scan went well too Cinnamontam, it is so nice to see our lovely babaies on the screen and know we are not making it all up!

I think i too am coming down with a cold, i feel all weird and tingly, my nose keeps spontaneously running and i am sneezing.... I have no time to be ill, no one else can look after the kids and do the endless school run. It had better go away...

twelveyeargap Mon 15-Jan-07 16:21:37

Oh Creena. Poor, poor you. I too would be awfully cross about all of that, and yes, thinking thoughts of leaving! It doesn't have to be that way though. Can you "schedule" a meeting with DH to discuss how you feel? I have in the past, had issues with DH feeling like I was "pushing" him for my own ends. (More or less saying I was gold-digging!) It wasn't the case and was more likely in fact, DH's fear of what he was able to achieve. I think men's fears are often behind this kind of think (career I mean). Try to stay calm for now, but do keep talking. If it starts getting heated, you'll get nowhere, but discussion is the way forward all the same.

I have found that sometimes DH just doens't think... His answer to similar complaints about housework is "get someone in", which is great, but it's taken a long, long, long time to get him to even realise that getting somoene in once a week does not reduce the pile of laundry or solve the problem of me tripping over his pants every morning or continually picking up glasses and beer bottles from all over the house. It's a long road with things like this, but remember that there are very few marriages and relationships which don't run into seemingly insurmountable problems. I had a full year, just after I got married of feeling like I made a mistake, that I'd rather be on my own and that it was all pointless. I was even doing financial planning of how I would manage alone with DD again. It was really bad. However, we came to a turning point and managed to find our way throught it. How you'll do the same, nobody but you will know, but it can be done. <<big hug>>

I found it helped me to write down the things I was cross about. Once I'd written it down, I condensed the many gripes into the 3 main "issues" that they revolved around. It helped me to focus on the real problems, rather than the minutiae and made me the "calm, collected one" in the discussion.

Rant away on here of course. We're here to help.

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Juicylucytoo Mon 15-Jan-07 16:40:16

TYG - if the pooy estate agents don't force a nervous breakdown on me fist (yes it's the foxes), I hope it will all run smoothly.

Frenchsmallfry Mon 15-Jan-07 16:43:46

Glad your house is getting sorted TYG. The vendor does sound like he should pull his ars into gear and get rid of his crap, after all he shouldn't expect a pg lady to be lugging about his rubbish.
Dh is doing OK thanks, he's in a bit of pain and discomfort but he won't rest, it's not like him, he doesn't sit down generally and when he needs to he can't, I'm really trying to tell him off. I don't want him to bugger it up now.

Creena so sorry to hear you are having a tough time with your dh, try to keep rational and talk things through, it maybe hard right now but in the long run it could be worth it.

Lg&t, how was toddlers? and ermmmmmmm looking PINK

Have a fab time on your late Honeymoon MID, stay away from those water bugs though.

SKYTVADDICT Mon 15-Jan-07 17:37:26


Being completely stupid probably but how do you get a piccie onto members profiles?

Frenchsmallfry Mon 15-Jan-07 17:51:19

SKY - apparently you have to now open a conversation first before it gives you the option to insert an image. Haven't tried it yet but thats what I was told. Then follow the steps. Good Luck!!!

SKYTVADDICT Mon 15-Jan-07 17:56:21

Thanks FSF - will give it a try - trying to post piccie of bump

SKYTVADDICT Mon 15-Jan-07 18:02:22

Yey it worked - now for a link to this thread?

largeginandtonic Mon 15-Jan-07 19:43:46

Here is alink to skytv's lovely bump....


Frenchsmallfry Mon 15-Jan-07 20:01:17

Oh we are all getting a bit clever, I've put a pic on too. thanks to lg&t and AM, god why are things so complicated!! Grrrrrr Going to try a link but don't help me yet, I'll beg if I can't suss it.

: hopefully H&M

Frenchsmallfry Mon 15-Jan-07 20:01:59

hehe, lol, yey, yey, wooooooohoooooooooow I DID IT!!!!!!!!

largeginandtonic Mon 15-Jan-07 21:03:48

Oh arent you a clever girl....<< round of
applause >> im very impressed...course i know what they look like, ive met the scrummy bundle...[

AbbyLou Mon 15-Jan-07 21:10:39

Hello everyone. I seem to be having trouble keeping up with these thread so I thought if I joined in when it's still in it's early stages this time I maybe able to keep up better. The problem is I can only read/type at night as I don't have access to a computer all day at work.

So how are we all feeling in this 'glorious' middle stage? I feel ok in myself except for dreadful pain which people have told me is possibly sciatica. I have a deep burning pain in my right bum cheek and back which sometimes goes down my leg. I have alsi had pins and needles in my right foot. Does anyone have any experience of this? I just don't know what to do about the pain as it hurts so much. I am seeing mw on Wednesday so I hope she has got some suggestions.

Pebblemum Mon 15-Jan-07 22:56:16

Evening all

AbbyLou Im a fellow sciatica sufferer and apart from offering a bit of physio there is not normally much can be done to ease our pain. I had it really bad with ds2 during the last couple of months and was hoping to avoid it this time but no such luck. It has already had me cry out in pain when ive tried to move suddenly and im only half way through. Im dreading what it will be like nearer the end At least we can all suffer together

Creena i am another one who is extremely at your DH, hope he sees sense soon. Men can be arseholes sometimes {{hugs}}

I was in agony yesterday, the baby seemed to have settled by my lower ribs and they felt very bruised everytime i coughed, it then shifted a bit lower and i had trouble walking and then today on the way to pick Ds2 up from pre-school the little bugger did it again and i had to wobble along trying to rub my tummy so that it would move into a better position (which it did only to move over to the other side on the way home) Im sure he/she is trying to find the most awkward positions it can find at the moment which will cause me the most discomfort but I can forgive him/her though as at least i know everything is ok in there if the baby has time to try to annoy me

Im sat here coughing, sneezing having hot flushes then shivers so i think i will go to bed and have an earlyish night now that ive caught up on all the news. At least it wont take me as long to catch up tomorrow now although the way everyone chats on here you can never tell, one day theres hardly any posts the next there are tonnes. No wonder men say we chat too much, the May threads prove it

largeginandtonic Tue 16-Jan-07 09:35:58

Morning ladies, i feel like a bag of poo. My cold is taking hold I am stuffy nosed, headachy, sore throat and watery eyed. Bugger. It had better not last long, my parents and dh are coming home this weekend. Im hoping my red nose has gone by then!

The sciatica is awful, i have had it and have niggles already. I did find a cure in my last prg though, I saw a chiropract. He was magic.....i have moved now though and monetary situation means no chance of that this time. If it gets really bad i may have to sell something cos it really does work. It cost about £25 for the 1st session and then £15 each time i went, to start with i was going once a week bt after a month i just went every 2 weeks. I also noramlly get awful backache after the baby is born but with last prg i didnt get any, miracle of the chiropract....well worth the pennies if you have them.

Im eating a huge bowl of museli, greek youhurt topped with blueberries and is soooooo delish. Soup for lunch i think, celeriac and ? any ideas????

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