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Any 1st time mums due July/Aug in North London?

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tbc1 Mon 20-Aug-07 04:17:21

If any of you are still looking for antenatal classes then try birthingmatters they are 2 midwives who run classes in crouch end, my friend said they were great and a brilliant way to meet other expectant parents!

katybird Mon 26-Mar-07 12:41:51

Hi Kentyville, sorry I missed your message, the massage course sounded good. I had my first yoga session at the ABC yesterday, really enjoyed it. It's nice to focus completely on yourself and baby with no outside distractions.

We went to Mamas and Papas for the first time at the weekend. I've told myself the baby won't care if it doesn't have all the latest gadgets but their rocking swings are so tempting! I was relying on DP to keep me in check but he was just as gooey as me.

AllyPallyChick - not sure if you're still reading this thread but if so how was the 20-week scan? Got mine next week, really nervous.

Kentyville Fri 23-Mar-07 16:41:25

Hi Katybird and other north London mums to be.

I've just posted message about a massage course for preg and labour with partners at the Active Birth Centre on Sunday. I've booked but we can't go and they won't refund so just wondered if anyone else fancied it? £70 for a couple - 10 till 1. I know a couple who did it and said it was great.

Katy - I've finally put all the innards in our Pax wardrobes. they are fantastic, although various bits broken or bent and have had to go back to shop.

Today went to Mothercare World for a recce. Lots to buy, lots not to bother with.


katybird Tue 13-Mar-07 11:57:29

Yes! It was a real bugger to put together (the people in the diagrams are always 8ft tall!) but it is genius for storing everything away. We're trying to clear out the spare room for baby at the mo, we have so much junk!

Kentyville Mon 12-Mar-07 17:58:39

It wasn't a Pax wardrobe was it? Luckily DP's dad has just built one in his own house, so we had him up for the weekend to help with ours. I'm convinced Pax is going to change my life and make me tidy and well organised...x

katybird Mon 12-Mar-07 12:43:14

Ikea is enough to send anyone mad. I swore I'd never go again a few weeks ago, putting together a 2.4m high wardrobe when you're pregnant isn't very easy or sensible! Might draft DP's dad in to help with the baby furniture.

Can't wait for the energy boost to kick in, I'm dead on my feet at the mo. Suppose it's all practice for when the bump arrives and I won't get any sleep at all!

Enjoy the sunshine x

Kentyville Mon 12-Mar-07 12:22:37

Hi Katybird, I live down towards Kentish Town. Like being central yet close to Heath etc.

I'm 25 weeks now and energy took ages to come - kept waiting for the second trimester burst but was still conking out for deep sleeps at 5pm, or feeling my eyes close in the middle of people talking to me - couldn't help it... I still get tired and grumpy on Ikea trips but what's new!

Have started getting braxton hicks now which I found quite freaky at first, but now just feel glad it's all doing what it should be...

Have a lovely day in the sun.

katybird Mon 12-Mar-07 11:31:07

Hello, hope you're all ok this lovely sunny morning. I know what you mean about having a summer baby, I'm much more upbeat now the sun is out. And my nausea is finally fading, hurrah! Energy hasn't kicked in yet though. And I don't really have a bump, I just look fat, which is annoying!

I can't make the Tuesday yoga class unfortunately because I work til 7 (will be happy to give that up!) so I'm going to try the Sunday classes. If you book on any other ABC courses though it would be great to go together.

Kentyville - where are you in Tufnell Park? I used to live on Bickerton Rd (next to the ABC!) then on Junction Rd, in the church. Muswell Hill is a bit nicer than Archway but I feel a lot more isolated now I can't get to a tube easily.

Kentyville Mon 12-Mar-07 10:56:46

PS Just re-read other posts (having forgotten their detail over weekend) - maybe see you at the ABC! Allypallychick is your class with Lynn? I'm having a couple of one-to-ones with her as I have a couple of other medical issues - but I'm hoping to join a group this week or next.

Kentyville Mon 12-Mar-07 10:53:38

Hi there, I tried to post a message on Friday but didn't work so fingers crossed this will. I live in Tufnell Park, am due June 24th, am 36 and expecting first baby. Now in a frenzy of nesting after tiredness finally gave way to energy a couple of weeks ago. I didn't get into NCT (!) but think I'm going to book the Active Birth Centre course although I read on another thread it's not really a "meet people" type of course, which is a shame. I know loads of mums who made great friends on NCT who they've kept in touch with. I'm going to do yoga there as well though. And then I suppose there's all those baby massage/baby music type courses after its born, or is that just in stokey?

So glad to be having the baby in summer. The recent burst of spring has made me so excited.

Hope all is going well for you guys!

AllyPallyChick Fri 09-Mar-07 08:41:37

Aargh! Just spent ages typing a long message and it didn't post! So excuse the curt second email! Classes are either Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday from 18.30-20.30 (they have some during the day but I presume you both work!)

I go to the Tuesday evening one and it is brilliant. The first 30 mins or so we all sit with a cup of tea and intorduce ourselves, chat about how we are feeling, aches and pains etc. Then for the rest we do yoga, focusing on exercises and breathing techniques to strengthen muscles, meditation, and positions/breathing for birth. If either of you do decide to go let me know.

If not, if you fancy ever meeting up for a cup of tea on saturday lunchtime (how I wish I could say 'a drink'!', do let me know.I've suddenly got bigger in past week and think I might end up the size of a house at this rate....


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katybird Thu 08-Mar-07 10:46:45

Yoga classes sound great, I've been so slow off the mark to get booked onto anything. When do they hold them?

I'm doing well, still a bit of nausea but otherwise ok. Got the first meeting with mw next week, then 20 week scan at the start of April. I think they're really snowed under at Barnet, we didn't get the dating scan until 14 weeks.

Hope everyone else is ok x

kiteflying Tue 06-Mar-07 16:53:15

I am considering it but it would involve getting the northern line after work to get there - not very keen on this prospect! Which classes are you taking?

AllyPallyChick Mon 05-Mar-07 08:28:24

By the way, I forgot to say that I went to my first yoga class at the Active Birth Centre and it is great, really lovely. If anyone is considering it let me know and I will look out for you.

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AllyPallyChick Mon 05-Mar-07 08:26:28

This is Ally pally Chick - I first put my thread up way back in Jan then was disappointed because I hadn't seen anyone reply. So nice to check up on it and see that there are indeed people out there!

1andrea, kiteflying and katybird, if you read this let's keep in touch, and sorry I have been so slow off the mark. I have my 20 week scan in 2 weeks and am excited! How's everyone else doing? lynnec, thanks for the tip - I will check out that thread too.


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katybird Sun 04-Mar-07 18:47:29

Hi, I live in Muswell Hill (well, down the cheap end just off Colney Hatch Lane) and I'm due 23rd August. We're going to Barnet hospital because we're just over the border, but I'm looking for antenatal classes nearer home. Hope everyone's coming along okay, can't wait to get out of the morning sickness phase! x

lynnec Fri 23-Feb-07 23:12:41

Whoops, sorry, forgot to say congratulations to you all!! x

lynnec Fri 23-Feb-07 23:12:13

Ladies, feel free to pop in on the due in july part 3 thread, we are, well most in the same situation as yourselfs.Im due poss end of july/aug It doesnt have to be just due in july mums, everyones so, so nice and very very chatty.

kiteflying Thu 22-Feb-07 13:41:43

I am also living in North London and am due at the end of August. 39 years old and living with my boyfriend but we have not made time to get married yet! I live in Highbury, and am contemplating going to the Active Birth Centre in Archway for AN classes.

1andrea Tue 20-Feb-07 20:35:32

Hi there

Am new to the site-also looking for local mums to be to chat to. Am 36 married and this is my first too, due 10 Aug. I live in between Crouch End and Highgate. Hope all is going well with your pregnancy! Am exhausted at the mo and seem to have had a bit of a growth spurt over the last two weeks, no longer fitting in clothes! Be good to hear from other locals!

AllyPallyChick Mon 15-Jan-07 13:36:51


I'm 29 years old, married and expecting my first child late July/Aug (first scan due in a week and should clarify!) I'm looking for women in the same situation to swap experiences during pregnancy and to meet for coffee/lunch/ gossip whilst on maternity leave.

I live next to Alexandra Palace, and can easily get to Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Wood Green. Hope there are some other newbies out there!

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