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Due Jan '07 part 8: Even the Royal Mail would have delivered by now!

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2Happy Mon 15-Jan-07 10:30:42

Guess all of us who are left are feeling a bit like this now!

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2Happy Mon 15-Jan-07 10:40:03

Decided it really was time for a new thread! I was going to use the LTH one, LTH, but then figured it wouldn't last long since you've got to go soon... haven't you?!
It's ridiculous, really, all these babies flying out all over the place I was getting a bit low thinking when's mine going to come. I'm not even flipping due yet FGS! I feel like I'm about a month overdue by now, it's just so stupid. I think it's hard for us who are due much later in the month, we just watch everyone else going and wonder when it's our turn! I may as well be realistic - it's going to be february by the time baby2Happy turns up, isn't it!
Had a good but exhausting weekend. Trekked all the way to Halifax for a wedding, but pil's took ds so dh and I had the weekend to ourselves which was nice. They had a mega brass band between the wedding and reception, and I don't know what it was - the volume, or the vibrations or what - but it gave me enormous BHs. So there's a great cure for going overdue that no-one's discovered yet - go stand beside a brass band !
Had some 'debris' () that night, not a show, but it didn't half ruin my trying lulumama's visualisation. There I was picturing a flower opening (chose a nice seasonal daffodil, lol!), all relaxing, but after the debris all I could see was a daff covered in snot, and the magic was gone!!
Hope everyone else is doing ok and keeping their spirits up xx

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amyclaire85 Mon 15-Jan-07 11:04:59

Like the new thread title 2Happy!
I know what you mean- I'm not due til 26th and seem to spend each day wondering if it will happen today. It's quite depressing to think it might actually be Feb before he arrives!
It's gone very quiet which I assume means that everyone is off having babies! Hope everything goes well for everyone!

2Happy Mon 15-Jan-07 11:08:26

Dammit forgot to say all my congratulations! (No wonder these threads fill up so quickly, it's because I'm posting every 5 minutes, lol!)
Loubie - massive congratulations to you, so sorry you had such a traumatic time, just relieved the outcome was good x
Galmum - like everyone else, just feel so emotional reading your post. Big hugs to you and dh, and a kiss on Jemima's little nose, she's a lucky girl to have a mum like you. (But 10lb 8oz! )
Congrats also to Daisy, Wilkie and Shimmer.
And good luck today for Harry (it might even be all over by now?)

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2Happy Mon 15-Jan-07 11:09:54

Hello Amyclaire <<waves>>
I was beginning to think there was no one left, lol!

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Lizzzombie Mon 15-Jan-07 11:19:39

So pleased I am not the only one still waiting. had resigned myself to not even logging on until my baby had arrived.
I am so fed up of waiting. 41+1 today and going insane!
Was reading a thread about inductions earlier. Very very scarey. I really dont want one. Am intending to drink raspberry tea and visualise opening flowers all day.

2Happy Mon 15-Jan-07 11:40:54

Oh Lizzz, I was thinking of you last night actually (as I was hitting the gaviscon bottle again!). 41+1, urgh. I went 40+14 with ds, those last 2 weeks were a killer, I was beside myself, so lots and lots of labour vibes to you! Today will be the day. Maybe...

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amyclaire85 Mon 15-Jan-07 11:52:41

Hello 2Happy and Lizzz!
Lizzz I feel bad for moaning when I'm not even due yet- can't imagine how fed up you must be feeling going overdue!
I find the concept of induction scary too - luckily didn't need it with ds as he was 6 days early so praying this one will be early too!

sleepycat Mon 15-Jan-07 11:56:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lizzzombie Mon 15-Jan-07 12:23:55

Moaning is allowed in copious amounts on here! My DP is totally fed up with hearing me complain about the same things. More often than not the dreaded heartburn! The chemist has given me the aniseed flavour instead of peppermint and I cant decide which is worse. Have just worked out that I have got through 3 x 250ml and 1 x 500 ml of gaviscon in the last nine months, and am on a new bottle of 500ml now. So, in total thats 1.25L and I am still going. No wonder my nails are so strong at the moment, and despite all the chocolate I've been eating, I have no problems with my teeth at all! My baby is going to have such strong bones.
40+14 sounds unbearable. I think I will be 40+11 when I go for induction...please God let him arrive before then! x

ChaCha Mon 15-Jan-07 12:30:08

Sorry to gatecrash, am popping in from the February thread. Great thread title btw, couldn't help LOL so just wanted to congratulate those who have had their babies and hoping that the ladies in waiting are not too uncomfortable. I went to 41+ last year until finally induced so am in total sympathy with the 'going over' stage. Wishing you all the best

jessddibs Mon 15-Jan-07 14:57:30

I am here for a moan to and to join the overdue club! 40+3 today and am totally fed up, so much to the point that I spent the WHOLE day crying in bed yesterday!! dh AND dd have had enough of me and waiting for the baby to come! so they say, so how the bloody hell do they reckon I feel!!!?!?!?! People do not stop ringing which drives me insane and to top it off my answermachine has broken! Plus I am waiting for the roofers to arrive to replace tiles that blew off and smashed in the bad weather! It's dd's 6th birthday tommorow, so will have that to keep me busy. Going to do a little tea party after school (her main party is bowling on saturday) maybe the balloon blowing will get me going, or just the stress of having all the family come round and trash the house!! Wish me luck! Also Well done and congrats to all who have given birth over the last few days.x.x

shortie1 Mon 15-Jan-07 15:14:06

Know how your all feeling..i've got 2 days to go and the thought of going over is NOT a good one!! why dont these babies realise we've had to carry them for long enough now and its time to come out!! driving hubby mad, bless him! Eating so much pineapple, raspberry leaf tea(so horrible) and go up and down the stairs all the time to try and jig baby out!!

becks5109 Mon 15-Jan-07 15:54:14

I'm almost over due too! by my dates i'm due tomorrow by hospital dates due on thursday - i need baby to come either today, tomorrow, weds or friday as i have to look after DD1 on Thursday! If only baby could be considerate and come when DD1 is at the childminders and on a day when DH isn't too stressed with work!!! Not much to ask eh!

Took myself off the cinema on my own today to see In Pursuit of Happyness - very good but all the father son stuff set my hormones raging and I was sobbing alot!

Just had a delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows - seems to be eating for England these last few weeks so god knows what the size of me is going to be like after the birth. I vowed not to eat to much in this pregnancy as last time put on 4 stone - eek!

We decided to try the liner on the birth pool last night and good job we did as discovered we had to deflate it alot to get in on and then reinflate so just as well we weren't battling with that whilst in labour!

Lots of out vibes to everyone and hopefully by the end of the week we can all have some new bubbas to celebrate!

Lizzzombie Mon 15-Jan-07 16:15:21

So glad I am not the only one who is suffering this 'lazy baby syndrome' ! I've dragged myself out down the high street and round tescos this afternoon in the vague hope of overdoing it and having something happen!
Also - Holland & Barratt have a special on lavender oil and tea tree oil. From what I have been reading these 2 come in very useful to sooth any swollen bits after giving birth! Hmm, maybe I can wait after all!

Lizzzombie Mon 15-Jan-07 16:15:23

So glad I am not the only one who is suffering this 'lazy baby syndrome' ! I've dragged myself out down the high street and round tescos this afternoon in the vague hope of overdoing it and having something happen!
Also - Holland & Barratt have a special on lavender oil and tea tree oil. From what I have been reading these 2 come in very useful to sooth any swollen bits after giving birth! Hmm, maybe I can wait after all!

wilkie50 Mon 15-Jan-07 16:46:14

Hi girls - sorry that you are all feeling so sh*t. You can take pleasure in the fact that I have just attempted my first poo, have had three stitches and it literally feels like everthing is either going to explode, drop out or tear. Sat on th e loo for half hour but couldn't bring myself to do it so now have chronic stomach ache.

Jacob is gorgeous, just keep staring at him in amazement!

The birth was OK. The first 18 hours were hard but copeable with, when everything stopped at 6cm dilated it was so depressing and then I got the most excruiciating back contractions which is why they dd an epidural. I was so anti epidural beforehand but can honestly say, hand on heart, it was the best decision I made. I basically slept from then until it was time to push and Jacob came out in a record 15 mins.

I'm not going to say anything cliche like 'make the most of it before the baby arrives' - I was damn lucky to pop early and I just hope my labour vibes will speed things up for you.


el123456 Mon 15-Jan-07 17:11:02

hello all,am now three days late and getting fed up aswell.Thought i would be less nervous about labour fourth time around but still bricking it!Anyway just sending some good vibes to all that are left in the hope of getting some back.....

theUrbanDryad Mon 15-Jan-07 18:22:37

wilkie - i SO know how you feel! have had a few poos (sorry - TMI!!!) but it hurts so much!! i was the same as you with the epidural - really didn't want one, but after those anaethetists had been i was in heaven! sounds stupid, "i'm so glad i'm not in pain anymore!" well...duh!!

hope you all pop soon....i was so bored by the time Zac arrived - and he was 2 weeks early!! loving the new thread title, 2happy - do you work in PR or advertising or something??

Lizzzombie Mon 15-Jan-07 19:05:31

As long as you are sure its worth going through with. Coz at this point, I am seriously thinking about giving up, and changing my mind!

LadyTophamHatt Mon 15-Jan-07 19:21:43

Girls, on the "your first poo after birth"
I remeber the feeling well and the only advice I can give you is to eat lots of friut and then DO NOT force it. After each birth I've just let nature do her thing and have sat there until it's wanted to come out on it's own and it's been fine.

After ds1 my fanjo was stitched up like the hem of a skirt, Ds2 resulted in a bit of embroidary too, just a graze after ds3(that always makes me laugh...grazing your fanjo) but I was able to go each time with a day or 2.

IME if you force it it'll be a hard poo( gross) and that will hurt, if you let it happen on it's own it'll be much easier on the ole' fanjo.

I'm still PG incase you wondered, 6 days late now. Have to be a hospital at 7pm wednesday evening to be induced.....Hooo-rahhhhhh the end is in sight!

2Happy Mon 15-Jan-07 19:35:54

Ah yes, not so much the bottom has fallen out of my world as the world is falling out of my bottom. Remember that feeling VERY well from ds (was pushing for a ridiculous length of time with him, then rotational forceps, I'm surprised I ever pooed again ). Not to scare you, but also had major probs peeing too. My pudendal nerve had been overstretched and was left with no sensation of needing a pee and no ability to properly empty my bladder for nearly a month. Just had to keep going regularly assuming I'd need the loo, then I'd have to pee sitting normally, then lean forward and more'd come out, then lift a leg and more'd come out, swap legs... if I didn't then as soon as I stood up I'd leak Should really be making the most of this time and do pelvic floor exercises feverishly shouldn't I?!
ChaCha - thanks for your wishes, really sweet of you
UD - great to hear from you too, hope Zac doing well. Definitely not PR or advertising, and I can't even claim credit for inventing this title, think it was Lizzz or Loubie (half the old thread has disappeared, I guess becuase it was too long!)!
LTH - hope it happens before wednesday for you
Hope Harry went ok today

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Skyler Mon 15-Jan-07 19:45:42

Hi ladies, Congrats to those who have popped and good luck to those still waiting. I was looking to check up on 2happy and I see she is still with you all. <waves>
Just wanted to add on the pooing thing try holding a pad against your stiches/sore bits at the front. I got dreadfully constipated with dd1 (it was worse than the birth) so was determined not to with dd2 and this tip really helped. It gives you the confidence to push a little. Sorry if TMI.
Good Luck again!

2Happy Mon 15-Jan-07 19:56:15

<<waves back>>

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annieapple7 Mon 15-Jan-07 20:04:49

Hi everyone

Well done to Loubie - you sound like you had a frightening time. God, we are such a brave lot!

Fingers crossed for you all overdue. It must be torture. I still have 12 days to go and it seems like an eternity. I shall go nuts if I go overdue, I was early the last 2 times.

I will be the last one on this thread talking to myself....I should have gone on the due Feb one instead and perhaps been one of the first!

Bought my shower curtains from Tesco today (97p a snip!) in preparation for my home birth. But knowing my luck I will go over and have to be induced and the shower curtains won't even come out of their packets.

I don't know whether the baby dropped today but I could hardly walk - it is pressing on my bum and cervix like this a good sign? I hope it means something is happening or it will change position tomorrow as I can't stagger around like I have pooed my pants wincing and grimacing for weeks!

The roofer is coming to take down our leaky chimney tomorrow - does this mean the nursery will be finished by the time baby no 3 arrives? Please God!

If you want cheering up, read the thread about "Does that mean I have a big fanny then?" Guaranteed to LOL.

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