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Due in March 07 - Gettin' ready to Pop.

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Booboobedoo Thu 11-Jan-07 14:24:48

This must be our 100th thread.


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3rdTriMossTer Thu 11-Jan-07 14:38:18

Sorry X-posts only just saw this, I posted this on the original thread:

Booboo lol, if we had an HR department I would deffo see if I could wangle a cake-based incentive!

...unfortunately the issue is that I have run out of them at home. Dh is working from home today (I am so of his job!) but I forgot to ask him to pop out and get some.

He is normally excellent though and I will probably find some chocolate-based products at home when I return.

Actually he is lovely, it makes me laugh, if he ever goes the Asda on his own he will forget to get the essentials like washing up liquid, mince, shampoo etc, but he will have a bag full of sweets or a cake for me!

1973magpie Thu 11-Jan-07 15:06:06

Thanks again for the lovely welcome, and Hi to Nova Yankeefish, and Shanks (and anyone else I may have missed - sorry )

I know what Shanks etc mean, it is quite intimidating trying to keep up with all you prolific posters , how do you all find the time? I'm off work now so have all day (apart from nap times ) and I can't keep up!!

Sorry to hear that your dp has been so thoughtless Kitty, I agree with Diva that sometimes people project what they see as their own shortcomings onto others, and we all know that people take stuff out on those that they are closest to. I think that you are amazing, I only have one dd (6 going on 16 ) and I am worrying about how I will cope with two kids, so to manage five everyday, and have the energy to contemplate another is awesome

1973magpie Thu 11-Jan-07 15:11:08

OOh, and Moss, I'm soo of your chocolate muffins, with having diabetes I am trying to be really good as I desperately want a home birth, and won't be 'allowed' if I am insulin-dependent

However, I have managed to have a few ferrero rocher on the odd occasion.... but I figure I have earnt them as I have radically improved my diet!!

divastrop Thu 11-Jan-07 16:49:50

hi all.

ive just been catching up while eating my tea,but i finished my tea before i finished reading so i had to have a donut as well

hi magpie-i think i joined on the 2nd march thread(i was 10/11 weeks)so i dont remember you.i have had AND in all my pregnancies,including this one.things did start to get better around week 24 but i still,as kitty put it,'just want to take the baby out and be me again'.

hello again nova.

this thread is mad,i know,but the only time i didnt read all the posts was when i'd moved and had to give up after 2 hours
i'm too nosey to miss anything...

moss-cath is still with us under a different name.

kitty-at your dp.

i went to the hospital this bp was fine again so i dont have to go back till week 36(have to see the mw before then though).the consultant has booked me in to be induced on march 7th(unless my bp goes up again substantially and i have to be induced earlier).i know a natural labour is preferable but i would be f**d if i went into labour in the middle of the night.if i know when its going to happen then my mum can come up and dp can be there for the birth.

omg...8 weeks.


foxabout2pop Thu 11-Jan-07 16:51:45

Bloody Hell! I've been off here for 24 hours and so much has happened. Never have so many PG women talked so much!!

The Blonde - go for it girl, it'll be your last night of freedom for a while. Just take your hospital notes with you and have a great time

Dolly - LOL at Dolly Towers

Diva - what is Tiscali like then - I'm thinking of switching to Tiscali as they're cheaper than BT

Eids - IKWYM about the discomfort. I feel as though LO is pinching my cervix really hard when I try and walk

Moss - I know how you feel too - we're right out of custard tarts and I feel all panicky, not knowimng where my next custard tart is coming from.... . You're Dr Who thread is really lively isn't it??

Laidback - flying back Sunday - wow - hope it goes more smoothly from now on. At the back of my mind I'm thinking "wonder if Laidback's DS will want to do some more Dr Who card swaps when they move here?""

Leo - Callies baby coming has certainly focussed us all I think!!!! Wonder who will be next?

Magpie - welcome back again you've had a rough time haven't you? I bet you can't wait to get the bay out. Is it your first?

Kitty - your DP is a cheeky fecker isn't he? Why don't you offer to swap roles; he can be a sahd and you can go out into the "big wide world"!!!!? You always strike me as being the strong one IYKWIM

Nova - welcome back. Try and pop in now and again so we know how you are doing

Morocco - I put out a pre Chrsitmas request that any smellies be Occitane, as it sthe only product I can use. Its dear but lasts absolutely ages.
You could recycle the pressies?

Shanks - Hi again and good luck with the scan

Muppet - I really do hope your placenta has moved - I have the same issue but won't find out until 36 weeks

Yankee - Hi and welcome - stick around (we're all mad)

Booboo - I'd love to be your Buddy Mine usually come a couple of days early but they'll still be really close to each other anyway won't they?

3rdTriMossTer Thu 11-Jan-07 17:14:16

1973magpie have you been to Thorntons? They do lovely sugar-free chocolate. It's not cheap but it's nice and especially at the moment - well, without going into too much detail, it's a lot tastier than prune juice but works in a similar way!

As for talking too much, I should really, really be doing some work, but chatting on here is just so much more interesting!!

Anyway, if we posted on here less there'd be less for Diva to read and she wouldn't have a reason for a donut!!

Diva who is cath now then, am I being a bit thick?

Foxy, the thread was lively but then it went quiet again, come back and prove I've not scared people off!!!!

TheBlonde Thu 11-Jan-07 17:37:59

I think Rainbow used to be Cath

TheBlonde Thu 11-Jan-07 17:39:15

Need opinions on this MIL issue oldbabyclothes

AmieR Thu 11-Jan-07 17:40:08

got here eventually!

3rdTriMossTer Thu 11-Jan-07 17:47:08

TheBlonde I posted on your thread.

Rainbowgirl if you're cath we are due around the same date

YankeeFish Thu 11-Jan-07 18:13:28

TheBlonde, I think MIL will not notice too much if most of the items are never seen again - but it would be nice to salvage one or two to show her you still have them. I wouldn't worry about giving them back to her - can't use them now!

LunarSea Thu 11-Jan-07 19:48:48

Grrr - why when I'd been in the office since 9.30 do they wait until after 5 to have the half hour meeting I'd had to go down there for? And that after I'd told them I needed to be away on time.....

I'm so sorry Amie - but even breaking the speed limit all the way home couldn't get me to St Nicks on time. Hope you enjoyed it though. I did get there about 10 minutes after it had started and had a quick look from the cafe area - will definately do it next time I get a chance - maybe even next Wednesday for the morning one if I can sneak out for an hour or so (dh is away all next week, so no going out in the evenings for me).

DollyPopsOut Thu 11-Jan-07 19:54:45

Hi girls, hope everyone is well today and not blown away! It is so bad here, the buggy went ahead without me and I had to chase it down the road when I stopped to pick up DD's hat! Fairly comical for everyone to see a 6 months preg laydee staggering down the road.

I must have forgotten to put my date etc on the list - could I be added please? I am due on 26th March but expect I will have a planned CS the week before. Moss, could we be buddies as you are due the day after? I promise to be around much more now I have cut the work down a bit. Plus you and DD1 are birth twins....

Off to look at your thread now, Blonde


1973magpie Thu 11-Jan-07 20:21:23

Foxy, this will be my second dd, dd1 is 6 and very excited about being a big sister at last! I also have a sdd with my new husband, she is 4 and lives with her Mum.

It's taken me 6 years to have another one cos I was so sick last time, however this pregnancy really takes the biscuit as far as ailments go

I am looking forward to the new arrival, but am starting to get a little nervous about the labour (dd1 was 9lb 1oz ).

I am intending to have a home birth, so spend a lot of time researching gestational diabetes and homebirth!!

Moss, I haven't tried the sugar-free chocolate from Thorntons, but have bought them in the past for my Mum who has got Type 2 diabetes - that's where the poor genes come from then !

AmieR Thu 11-Jan-07 20:29:37

Lunar - don't worry, I think I saw you looking from the viewing area, but I didn't have my glasses on and I can't see too much without them!

Just to let you know, I am now knackered! She got us to use a lot of the muscles we'll use during labour, I hope I won't be needing them for a while yet!

foxabout2pop Thu 11-Jan-07 20:35:21

Wow it was a bit windy wasn't it?

Lunar/Amie that class sounds great

Magpie - do DD and SDD get on with each other? Must be nice to have a new husband, I've had mine for 16 years LOL!

divastrop Thu 11-Jan-07 20:35:55

fox-tiscali are ok,although ive had an email from them saying i was breaching their fair usage policy..yeah,im always downloading large files??!?i think dp was 'borrowing'stuff outside the specified time
their customer service is good and their call centres are staffed by people who can speak english.

i'm all confused about this due date buddy thing...i mean,im due on the 14th,but im being induced on the 7th if not what date should i go with?

moss-yes,its rainbow.

dolly-i was struggling to keep hold of dd2's buggy today while she was in was quite scary

foxabout2pop Thu 11-Jan-07 20:39:15

Diva - you mean their call centre is not in Bombay? LOL

TheBlonde Thu 11-Jan-07 20:44:23

Quick qu for those in London - is anyone else going to St Thomas'? Is it worth going on the tour?

1973magpie Thu 11-Jan-07 20:51:27

Fox, DD and SDD alternate between having a wonderful time together and grassing each other up for every minor misdemeanor

My new dh is absolutely wonderful, we got married last year, and if DD2 is born on her due date she will be born 9 months and 8 days after we got married (funnily enough I was born 9 months and 8 days after my parents got married )!!

It really makes a difference being married to someone supportive this time around, I think that's how I managed to shake off the AND.

Does anyone know if there's a link between AND and PND, cos I think I probably had PND when DD1 was born?

MrLSG Thu 11-Jan-07 21:15:11


If you are going somewhere for a meeting and need to be somewhere else later: tell them (in advance) that you need to leave by X. When X arrives: leave. They will soon learn.

divastrop Thu 11-Jan-07 21:26:58

magpie-i had AND with my ds2 and didnt get PND.i had PND after my first 2 but i was in an abusive relationship so that didnt help matters.i have read that there is a link between the 2 but my personal feelings on the matter is that when the AND goes untreated and unrecognised it can carry on after the birth.i went to a support group for women with PND and alot of them said they were depressed during pregnancy but it wasnt picked up on untill after they had the baby.

eidsvold Thu 11-Jan-07 21:29:08

sorry if I missed anything from the end of the old thread - too much to try and catch up.

welcome to the newbies.

going okay here - on the countdown til dd1 goes back to kindy - she has been asking everyday and probably will do for the rest of the time. Six weeks worth!! THankfully she has a birthday party tomorrow for one of her kindy friends - just hope that doesn't make the asking increase

Then it will be the countdown to no3's arrival.

Will know the date of my c-section on 23rd Jan when I see the consultant.

another scorching hot day here again today - gotta love it. As long as it is not as humid as it has been - makes it hard.

Bought last thing I needed last night - new moses basket mattress. Just need to do the liner for the basket and I am done - sort of

29w today - fri

Rosylily Thu 11-Jan-07 21:29:08

Now you see, I usually manage to keep up with the thread but now I'm lost!
Anyway its good that the thread is buzzing and lively!

I'm getting loads of braxton hicks now and I can hardly do things without becoming really uncomfortable. I am in utter chaos and not remotely ready for this baby! I feel all out of control and panicky! I want to be calm, serene and on top of everything and I'm the absolute opposite...eek.

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