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Roll up, roll up: it's the ante-natal fitness motivation club. All welcome

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sputnik Wed 10-Jan-07 16:04:00

Some of us on the June thread wanted to get together and give each other some support and motivation for a bit of exercise in pregnancy, and, not wanting to disturb others on our thread who just wanted to chill out in peace, thanks, thought it'd be a good idea to set up a new thread for everyone on the ante-natal threads, all welcome.

We're not talking marathon training or anything here, but it would be great to have a place where we could share our experiences of exercise in all stages of pregnancy, swap tips and links, and gently motivate each other when we might be flagging a bit. I for one am in serious need of it, having spent xmas doing nothing more strenuous than chewing on quality streets.

So, who's up for it?

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BefnalBub Wed 10-Jan-07 16:20:03

Fab idea - I've been given some exercises to do at home with a swiss ball and hand weights, and also bought myself a spin bike on ebay! I've been going to spin classes at the gym throughout my pregnancy (am now 20+4) - obviously been taking it a bit easier since I found out I was preggers.

Told the instructors when I was 12 weeks but was a bit upset when one of them asked me not to continue the class recently (I told her it was ok)!

I've checked it out with the doc and she said continue anything you were doing before but be aware of how you feel and don't overdo it. She also said we were more likely to get suddenly hungry as when blood sugar gets low you need to feed two and quickly! Therefore am now carrying bananas around just in case.

Booboobedoo Wed 10-Jan-07 16:29:10

I've only got 8 weeks 'til EDD, and am waddling. However, I think this is a great idea. In fact, you've inspired me to get the yoga mat out!

sputnik Wed 10-Jan-07 16:30:05

Brilliant, already I have found someone who can tell me what to do with that giant ball thing! Welcome.

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sputnik Wed 10-Jan-07 16:34:38

That's the idea Booboobedoo.
I've already had to put my money where my mouth is today and inspired myself to do a mini version of my old fitness routine, which I'd pretty much abandoned since falling pg, what with ms etc.
So it's working already!

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LupinsBigLump Wed 10-Jan-07 16:36:46


Great idea - I actually spoke to the guy running aquanatal classes today, sounds great they work on back and hip strength and mobility and general toning in other areas and floating about for a bit at the end, really looking forward to starting next week

I definatley want to stay far away from the 5st i put on with dd,

Usually do ALOT of walking, but the top of my hips has felt really weak, was in the pool today with dd and the refief was fab

Good luck everyone

Lisa due May 29th

Indith Wed 10-Jan-07 16:43:29

I'm about to pop/be forced to pop but my little bit of wisdom is that aquanatal is the best thing in the world ever. Fast became my precious float and gossip session and included exercises geared towards labour, breathing exercises etc. Mine were run for free by Surstart too but if you don't have any near you any good instructor of a normal aqua aerobics class will adapt exercises for you.

Must have done something too because my bottom is certainly not as squishy as it should be considering the packs of biscuits I've got through this pregnancy!

Good luck!

catstar Wed 10-Jan-07 16:48:31

What a great idea! Saw your message on the due in July thread and felt inspired to join you! I am 14+3 weeks and think I am just starting to come out of my ms (two good days on the trot!) and so I went to the gym this morning for the first time in two months. Even just going made me feel better about myself psychologically. I took it very easy though so am not sure if it even counts!!

I used to do a lot of high intensity spinning and running before becoming pregnant so it's been quite a shock feeling so rough that I can barely walk to the station.

BefnalBub - I'm too scared to start spinning again!!! I have been warned about so many things liek heart rate and body temperature. Do you wear a heart rate monitor?

Do you think it's best to talk to a doctor or a gym instructor about limits/best exercises etc? Or does anyone on Mumsnet know their stuff?

KDRacey Wed 10-Jan-07 16:52:49

Having seen sputnik's idea on the June thread and having felt very lazy for the last 16 weeks I thought I'd join up for Aqua aerobics as I thought that would be a bit easier for me. Didn't quite work out though! Local leisure centre swimming pool is closed for refurbishment and doesn't re-open until just before little one is due, the nearby gym want £10 a session (what a rip off ) and won't let me book in advance as I'm not a member! and the leisure centre in the next town only do Monday mornings (no good as I leave for work at 6.30) and Thursday evenings 8-9pm which by then for me it's likely to be aqua-sleep!!!!!

I'll have to come up with another idea me thinks - will keep an eye on here for suggestions

sputnik Wed 10-Jan-07 17:01:12

Been googling a bit on this, everything I've seen says do check with doctors or gym instructors first, especially if you have been having complications.
Found a good link with general info here

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yomellamoHelly Wed 10-Jan-07 17:32:17

Actually gave birth to ds2 3 weeks ago, but wanted to say "good on you all and go for it". As far as I know pregnancy is not a time to decide to get fit / active, but if you already are there's not much to stop you. Even then I don't see why you can't tweak your lifestyle if you are a couch potato to be healthier. It's just a matter of extremes surely. If you're healthy surely baby benefits too. I would say to trust your instincts as to what you can and cannot do and don't mind any one else. I got fed up with the gym staff (who are half my age and look like they're fresh from a levels) voicing their concerns when I went.
Presonally I ran 5km three times a week before I fell pg and for the first 10 weeks then switched to 3km everyday until I was 27 weeks pg. (5km felt like too far in one go. Then got too big to run any more.)
I also walked between 4 and 9 km every day throughout.
Went back to gym 3 days after ds born (really missed the gym) and was amazed by how little fitness I'd lost and today I fitted in my pre-pg jeans for the first time (with ds1 it took 9 months having been bed-bound for the last 3.5 months of that pg).

BefnalBub Wed 10-Jan-07 17:40:04

Sputnik you are right - definitely talk to your doc/midwife and fitness advisors (if at a gym) first. General advice is keep heartrate below 140, keep hydrated/blood sugar up and don't overheat (ie heavy sweating bad!). My doctor made me very relaxed about it as I am low risk(nb I was quite fit before, had very little ms and kept going to the gym 2/3 times a week during first 3 months). I was worried because the gym instructor told me to stick to swiss ball/swimming/walking & recumbant bike. I found myself getting very frustrated with not having a proper workout and considered not going to the gym (which is ridiculous as keeping fit is meant to make birth and pregger health much easier).

Anyway. As a result the doc told me to trust my instincts and my body - if something didn't feel right, then to stop. Makes sense to me. Spinning is meant to be really high intensity - I just don't take it up to what I used to do, but still enjoy taking part in the class (I now won't go over 60% intensity, have stopped doing dips/lunges/squats) - hope that helps catstar...

Swiss ball/weights wise, I got a gym instructor to show me some moves to do at home and my fave is wall squats - put the ball between the small of your back and the wall while standing, feet out in front and shoulder width apart. Roll down the wall, making sure your knees don't go over your feet, and don't go over 90 degree angle ie stop before your thighs are parallel to the floor. you can pair this with weights (or water bottles) which you lift to shoulder height as you squat. my this is complicated to type - will see if I can find websites/links for this and others I am doing! hope others can start posting more to inspire you sputnik...

NB they do say not to exercise on your back after the first trimester so some swissball stuff which is great at the beginning becomes forbidden later, and some instructors are funny about squats...

agghh - just seen the length of this .. apologies all for the essay!

sputnik Wed 10-Jan-07 18:09:17

That's inspiring yomellamoHelly. Sounds like you have always been superfit. I'm not really myself, more someone who tries to make an effort 2 or 3 times a week as I've realised the benefits.
I think trusting your instincts sounds like sensible advice, and I reckon a bit of walking or doing a bit of Boogie Beebies with DD (I got her the DVD for xmas!) isn't going to need checking with the doc.
Thanks for the ball tip BefnalBub, will be trying that tomorrow.

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annobal Wed 10-Jan-07 18:45:44

In anticipation of this thread starting I've had my gym programme revised and have been 4 times in the last week - as well as an aqua class! Have even been practising my visualisation while doing the spinaker thingy (that really hurts).

Long may it continue - I give it about another 2 weeks or so

aprilmeadow Wed 10-Jan-07 19:12:04

Hi there,

Due on 3rd May (24wks) and am going to start going to the gym with a friend once/twice a week from now until as long as poss before the birth. I have a 21mth old ds so am kept busy and active with the mamouth shopping trips i go on. My incentive is to get back into shape 12weeks after the birth as my friend has asked me to be a bridesmaid for her at the end of July - NO PRESSURE. So i figured that if i tried to keep reasonably fit now then it should help after..... So far i have only gained 10lbs which i am pleased with as i piled on 3st with ds and couldnt ever quite shift that last 7lbs, so figured may as well have another and combat the weight after that!

Looking forward to seeing how long we all last

LupinsBigLump Wed 10-Jan-07 19:22:52

Thanks Indith - it is the same instructor who does the no pg classes, been to a couple of them and it was really fun - not like one womans class i went to that was just torture, these arent free classes but are only about £3.50 so not too bad

What is spinning - never heard of it??

annobal Wed 10-Jan-07 19:26:11

btw I did mean give ME another 2 weeks for excercise continuing - not this thread...

DollyPopsOut Wed 10-Jan-07 20:11:13

I'm up for it. I am due end of March but DD2 likely to be delivered by planned CS middle of March.

I am not doing much gym wise, but I walk everywhere with DD1 as we don't have a car at the moment. The pedometer usually shows at least 10000 steps .

I am 29w now and feel very uncomfortable today. Generally I can alleviate this by getting on hands and knees to move the baby off the sore bit. I intend to try and keep moving with the buggy for as long as I possibly can. With DD1, I did put on a lot of weight (but ate SO MUCH! It was fab) but even so, recovered from a horrendous labour and em CS well. I really think that being fit helped me to cope and helped my body to recover. That said, I did nothing for the first 16 weeks as my MS was bad, but am back on it now.

Thanks for starting this thread. I think it's a great idea for those who like this sort of thing .


sputnik Wed 10-Jan-07 20:43:15

Whew Annobal, don't overdo it or you really will only last 2 weeks!

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doggus Thu 11-Jan-07 12:58:34

Hi sputnik. Thank you for starting this up.

The only exercise I did before getting pg was walking, about 15 miles rambling each weekend. I gave that up as soon as the ms kicked in. I have a bad back so will stick with walking, but try to do a little every day instead. Hopefully this thread will motivate me.

I know this is a cliche but the weather really isn't helping, it's chucking it down and windy here every day which just encourages me to snuggle by the fire and watch crap telly.

sputnik Thu 11-Jan-07 14:17:27

Doggus, maybe I can help you with the back thing, I've had back problems on and off for years, including a slipped disk, sciatica etc. and it was one of the reasons I took up exercise in the first place. I diligently continued them in my last pg and avoided any problems, which I was actually congratulated for by a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon [proud emoticon]. He was surprised.

There were just 2 exercises I stuck with, very quick and simple:
Get down on all fours on a mat, knees below hips, hands below shoulders.
Raise your right leg and left arm while tucked into your body then strech them out slowly, hold for a slow count of 6.
Do it again for left leg and right arm. Repeat 6-10 times

The other was the cat stretch.
Same starting position as above.
Inhaling as you go, tuck your chin down towards your chest, and draw your lower abdomen in towards the spine, round your back upwards. Hold for 5-10 seconds.
Exhale returning to starting pos, then lift your head and curve spine downwards. Repeat 8-10 times.

That's it. I was able to do these right til the end, even after stopping everything else.

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beckyw1982 Thu 11-Jan-07 14:22:30

hi sputnik

Just come back from lunch so i thought i would join your chat so thanks for telling me about this thread.

If anyone can help i have been trying to find somewhere in my area that does excercise classes for pregnant ladies but the only ones i've found are about an half hour drive away. does anyone now of any contacts or places i can try i live in Winchester.

strawberri Thu 11-Jan-07 14:39:34

becky try the british wheel of yoga website for antenatal classes in your area,

I've just been told that I can no longer practice at my Bikram yoga studio as a woman in america is suing the founder as she lost her baby I promised the teacher I won't sue but no joy.. Have found very lovely antanatal class and will ask if there's one in Winchester

By the way, what DO you do with the big ball? My mum asked if I wanted one, do I?
I'm very impressed by the motivation and fitness levels on this thread, inspiring.

strawberri Thu 11-Jan-07 14:45:17

ok sorry for being a spaz
Just read what to do with ball, thank-you!

beckyw1982 Thu 11-Jan-07 14:46:28

Sorry I sent a message for you on the other thread.. I found a contact on that British Wheel of Yoga website thanks for that.

All i know is those balls are good for your posture while pregnant they make you sit properly

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