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Winnipeg cot - message for plumpbump

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KatPoo Tue 02-Jan-07 15:37:37

Hi there
I bought the winnipeg cot in white - am really pleased with the quality & it is pretty sturdy; fine for bouncing toddler. Just nice size can fit through door ways / pushed from your room to nursery if necessary without having to take to pieces. I bouight the £40 foam matress - prefer these to sprung matteressed as are firmer; it does also have the removable top sheet that is a must! Definately recommend & for £100 delivered for cot & matress you cannot go wrong!

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MrsBadger Tue 02-Jan-07 15:57:09

can I barge in and ask how annoying the 'two-handed drop side mechanism' is? I always struggle with these as usually when you want to drop the side you have a baby in one arm...

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