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queen marys in sidcup or princess royal in farnborough?

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bambi06 Mon 01-Jan-07 22:49:14

i`m having my 3 rd in aug[cant find aug thread? ] and cant decide between the two hospitals as i had my last two in mayday..never again!!!!!

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cazH Tue 02-Jan-07 00:31:55

I had 2 in Farnborough and my granddaughter was born in the new Farnborough. I think its the luck of the draw. Depends which midwives are working that night and if its busy. Good luck

MrsJohnCusack Tue 02-Jan-07 00:39:55

there are two recent threads in the 'childbirth' topic that might help
here and here

Hattie05 Tue 02-Jan-07 00:45:28

Go for a home birth much more pleasant experience! I had my second at home 6 weeks ago.

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