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Twins due in June ish!

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Smiler81 Thu 21-Jan-16 21:15:59

I am 18 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins, just wondering if there is anyone else on here expecting twins about the same time? This is my first time round so it's all a bit daunting!

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purplemeggie Mon 01-Feb-16 13:10:11

Hi Smiler. I'm not quite in the same position, but I was just about to start a "twins or more in the summer" thread when I spotted yours, so I wondered if I could come and join you?

I'm expecting triplets - two monozygotic, one fraternal. I'll be 35 weeks at the beginning of July and they won't let me go any further than that, so I may well be June, too. Currently 13 weeks, but already got a sizeable bump! I have an 8 yo, so I have (kind of) done this before, but was beginning to give up hope of it happening again. We've lost a few on the way, so I was a bit superstitious about joining an antenatal thread until now, but beginning to feel that it's real now, so I thought I'd take the plunge.

How have you been so far? I've been pretty lucky with my pregnancy: no sickness, pretty tired, but that's not surprising given that I'm brewing three! Hope you're feeling okay.

blessedwithtwo Thu 11-Feb-16 15:47:58

Hello I'm 19+4 with ID twin girls. It's been a gruelling pregnancy but I'm so excited to meet my girls when they are cooked properly of course. Ill be unduced at 36 weeks. Hope your both well.

Smiler81 Sat 13-Feb-16 11:31:27

Hi, I thought two was daunting but triplets, wow how exciting.
We had our 20 week scan this week and it was nice to see them both moving about, seemed strange as I'm not feeling that much movement! I couldn't get over all the waiting around at the hospital especially to see the consultant, but I guess it's something I just need to get used to.
We're just starting to think about what we need to buy, we are moving house before the babies arrive so it seems difficult to plan for a house I'm not yet living in. Have you both looked at travel systems yet?

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