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April 07 - role call for the hormonally unstable !!

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AndAKaty44InAPearTree Thu 14-Dec-06 20:27:19

Thanks Chilli

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SleepInHeavenlyPesha Thu 14-Dec-06 21:10:34

Just popping in to say HI

Have no time to catch up on everything as ive missed so much and am so busy atm trying to get all christmas shopping or at least dc stuff before ds finishes tomorrow and they've got christmas plays and parties and father christmas meetings and its all too much!! And now i have to go and wrap some more pressies but maybe in the new year i can catch up

Hope all is well with everyone and I noticed the SOL leaving thing and would just say i think dating from a late scan is fairly unreliable anyway as babys now grow at different rates so if your 12 (ish) week scan said april I'd stick with that. And as someone said when it gets there alot of us will be in different months anyway although as my due date is 16th I really hope im still in april!

MY heartburn is so bad now, I got prescription of gaviscon from drs and they've given me a 150ml bottle cant see it lasting the weekend!!

Anyway best get wrapping, will come back when i can!

Sexonreindeerlegs Thu 14-Dec-06 21:20:22

Lovely ladies, I shall remain with the lovely April thread!!

Hope everyone is ok. I am done in - so much to do still. Hate to sound bah humbug, but it is a bit mad just for the sake of 1 day!

Got myself a great pair of mat jeans from Dorothy Perkins today - they were 15 quid instead of 25 - bargain!

Anyway, better head.

Love and kisses to you all.

weewishyouamerryonion Thu 14-Dec-06 21:37:13

good evening folks - love the title!!!

HollyandMistletoeforever Thu 14-Dec-06 21:48:59

Good evening all. Have cleaned (most of) whole house. DH to do the kitchen ! Off to risk all trying to correct the mess the hairdressers made of my hair with some home dye stuff. Will let you know if I turn green or orange - for some reason I am really beyond caring by now! MIL will be here first thing tomorrow morning. Oh god.

HollyandMistletoeforever Thu 14-Dec-06 23:27:28

It turned out fabulous!


CaptainDippyClausWithABump Fri 15-Dec-06 08:35:33

Nice one H&Mforever!

We get the keys to our new house today!!!!!! Can't hardly believe it! Feeling v.rough - bad cough, all bunged up - yuk. So scared the DD's are coming down with it too - have just had to go and wake DD1 up!!!!! Not a good sign!!!! Eeeeeek!

Anyway, heaps to do, but soooo pleased you are staying SOL!

Will try and pop by later. [[[hugs]]] to all. xxxx

Oooooh, friend had a baby girl yesterday. Lilly Eve. Bless!

maveta Fri 15-Dec-06 09:26:13

Morning all! Like the new thread, can't believe how quickly we go through them!
Has anyone started antenatal classes yet? When do you start? Have been looking into them and the place I called said they recommend from 5 months on?? Don't think I will start til Jan when I will be almost 6 months, which seems a bit more normal..what do you guys reckon?

CaptainDippyClausWithABump Fri 15-Dec-06 10:03:21

Not going to Antenatal Classes as it is my third, but as the Antenatal Booking Secretary for our local National Childbirth Trust, may I take this opportunity to recommend their classes to all of you ladies who are thinking of going to classes. It is best to book on them now as otherwise you will never get a place (they book up very quickly and classes usually only consist of 8 - 10 couple max as places go fast!!) I know they are a bit on the expensive side, but they are worth every penny imho!! [fsmile]

maveta Fri 15-Dec-06 10:22:09

Wow, sneaky little hard sell slipped in there Dippy
I am not in the UK so can't do NCT classes but seeing as the state midwife here hasn't even breathed a word of their existence to me yet, I've decided to go to classes held by a private midwife who has a great reputation around here and is very Natural-birth-oriented.
So 5.5 - 6mths isn't too early??

CaptainDippyClausWithABump Fri 15-Dec-06 10:24:58

I wouldn't say it was too early, no. Classes sound good maveta - shame you are not in the UK to experience the fantastic benefits of NCT Antenatal Classes though!! [fwink]

CaptainDippyClausWithABump Fri 15-Dec-06 10:25:34

Why didn't my festive wink work!!!!?


CaptainDippyClausWithABump Fri 15-Dec-06 10:25:47

we1becomes3kings Fri 15-Dec-06 10:49:54

Hello all.
Was awake most of last night with what I suspect was braxton hicks, just mild ones althought annoying enough to keep me a bloody wake. grrrrrrrr
It's not to early to be getting them is it?

As for the antenatal classes I don't think there is much point in me doing them as I already know I am going to have a c-section.

I didn't get to do them with DD either as i was to late finding out with her.
I feel a bit cheated I will never got to do them

cruisemum1 Fri 15-Dec-06 10:55:28

intruding here! none of my smileys worked on my thread either. must be a fault!

Whendoobygotstuckupthechimney Fri 15-Dec-06 11:02:57

OOh Good luck with your move CaptainDippy[fsmile]
Hope everyone is well and hi to any new ladies and beans[fgrin]
Tree is up and feeling festive.Ds is getting excited but trying to keep it under control.He asked for a couple f games , a book and world peace so the war would stop in Iraq[fshock]...he told dp last night.I wish we could provide that!
Look after yourselves today everyone.

we1becomes3kings Fri 15-Dec-06 11:13:50

Oh CD is it the big move today! Good luck! hope it is not too stressful.

opinionsrus Fri 15-Dec-06 11:17:33

Braxton hicks all over the place too, a bit like strong period pain, and a bit uncomfortable.

We're all coming up to 6 months so I guess not too early, but its still a bit strange when you do get them, and uncomortable!!!!!

we1becomes3kings Fri 15-Dec-06 11:46:51


EmmymummyChristmasPudTummy Fri 15-Dec-06 12:43:13

Hello all - have my 21 week scan this afternoon - wish me luck (am v nervous).

nuttygirl Fri 15-Dec-06 13:17:15

Good luck with scan EmmyMummy!

Would have liked to do NCT classes but can't afford them so making do with the NHS ones...bit concerned cos they don't start until 19th Feb. They only last 3 weeks aswell. I picked the Monday evening classes (only evening class that was convenient) and am to find out they start at 5.30....which is gonna be a real hassle for DH to get home from work, pick me up, get there and find the room (especially as they don't actually tell you which room or even which floor they're on ). I kinda expected evening classes to start about 6.30 or so.

Found out DH getting a pretty nice bonus this year so hopefully that'll help out money's not that we have no money but since I stopped working we've got significantly less than before so have to budget a lot more!!!

Good luck with the house move CD...getting the keys is soooooooo exciting (well it was for us but maybe that was because it was our first house!!!!)

I spoilt poor DH's surprise pressie for me aswell cos I guessed that he'd got me a cd I wanted and he went so red I knew I was right He's now v disappointed and keeps saying he should get me something else aswell ...poor thing.

Bit of a cough here too...hopefully it won't last too long. DH's xmas party on Saturday so should be fun...they're having some actors in doing a murder mystery thing (Al is hoping I can figure it out with watching murder she wrote in an afternoon!!! ) Woo xmas day in 10 days!!!!

maveta Fri 15-Dec-06 13:18:23

Good luck EmmyMummy!
I am so SO not arsed to do any work today. Just went and skived for a couple of hours but even that had to end sometime so here I am again...Only 3.75 hours to go. Urgh.

Sexonreindeerlegs Fri 15-Dec-06 13:54:46

I just posted and it never showed up!

Was just saying good luck CD with the house move and good luck emmymummy with the scan. Let us know how you get on hun.

Not much to report here. Had a run in with dh the other night, as he admitted that he wasn't excited about this bean, which I found v upsetting. I said he made me feel insecure as he never asked how I was - all the focus was on how dd was.
He apologised, and the next evening he came in with 2 glasses of champagne. Love him.
Men eh!

Got our work do ronight, which I am really looking forward to, although knackered. Slet until 8.00 today so don't know why so tired. Dd has been waking up late which is lovely, but always makes me wonder if she is coming down with something. Hopefully she is just recovering from our weekend away when it was 4 late nights in a row.

Anyway, better head as at work.

Hugs to all. xx

opinionsrus Fri 15-Dec-06 15:04:24

PS is anyone else starting to lose the plot with all this xmas stuff?

Not to mention a nutty 3 yr old to look after - please god give me the strength!

Coping strategies that don't involve alcohol would be very welome.

Arrrgh god a xmas with no booze help!!!!

Sexonreindeerlegs Fri 15-Dec-06 15:10:27

I find the only way to cope is to have regular breaks, which include cups of tea, and a sit down in front of the telly!

I have also been writing lots of things down in a notebook - ie lists of stuff to be done. I never used to have to do this, but it's like my bible!


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