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Due May 2007 - Thread for week commencing 11/12/06

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Juicythe2ndnotsowiseman Mon 11-Dec-06 10:46:35

Hi Girls,

Back from Geordieland!

Glad to hear you're having a fab time with your DH LG&T. Assume the ball was fabulous too and the champers flowed.

MKG - Got the nose bleeds too, but only intermitently. Thank Goodness.

Bethnalhembub - my 20wk scan is on the 16th too. Is your's at the Royal too?? Mine is 9am.

Got my mw appt today. Hoping she listens to heartbeat. Am getting anxious as little weight gain and it's too early for me to feel movement as this is my first, so convinced all is not well - pure pg-panic mode.

Pebble - sorry your DH is being a bit of a tw*t. Sounds like he needs to grow up a bit and make some grown up choices. He needs to put you and the kids first and give his mum a good talking too. She's only bluffing with the ultimatum. If he tells her how it's going to be she won't risk loosing him. MIL's - ARRRGGGHHH

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Juicythe2ndnotsowiseman Mon 11-Dec-06 10:51:40

Katybumps - are you ok sweetie - your post was a bit worrying. All alright??

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RobinRedBreastsKennedy Mon 11-Dec-06 11:34:19

Morning (JL2 is it just you? HIYA)

God Pebble - I truly hope that your MIL and DH have woken up today and realised how ridiculous they have been behaving. Jesus. You poor thing. Whats wrong with her? I can see that he may be stuck right in the middle, but please, whats her problem? I can only re-iterate everyones advice to take the moral high ground, have Christmas with your parents and remain demure and collected with MIL at all times! May the force be with you Pebble. (love your new name btw)

MKG I hope your litte newphew is ok xx

Creena, my DP thinks we are all mad aswell, infact he thinks Ive joined a cult without realising. Doesnt really grasp the whole idea that we can natter and talk about babies and no one gets bored, whereas I only have to mention mucous membranes and my friends eyes glaze over.

LVBT I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE UP TO RIGHT NOW!! ha hahaha .. erm, oh maybe not, just remmebered you have 5 LOs. Oh well, soz. I bet I know what you wish you were up to if you had a lock on your door! Hope you had a fabulous time and you looked amazing and all is wonderful and cosy and happy with your DH back. As someone else said its funny, we dont know you but we all are so happy for you to have him back and stuff. Althogether now AWWWWWWWWWW! xxxx

So, i hope everyone else had a suitable weekend?
The weather is so dreadful, i did sod all for 48hrs. Made the Boston Baked Bean casserole that Hugh Fernely Whatsisface did in the Guardian mag on Saturday and it played HAVOC with my tummy. And my gas problem. Really shouldve clocked, the names a bit of a give away. Der. So apart from farting competions with DP not much to report.
Oh, one thing that made me happpy in the clothing dept - I have a kind of lycra/cotton strapless tube dress from American Apparel from last summer, anyway, realised its the perfect item of clothing to cover the middle - just roll it off the boobs and wear it as far down as your bottom, and its a cover all and its warm. Sod trying to buy long tops and tucking em into your pants. AA is also brill for very long Ts and stuff..

Righty hoo, enough rabbiting
love p xx

LetitShnowLetitShnowLetitShnow Mon 11-Dec-06 12:44:18

Hi all, very quiet on here of late.

Katybumps, what's up chick? Can we help? Do you want to talk about it- can I offer you a crappy joke? A virtual duvet, DVD and box of chocolates? I hope you're okay, you know where we are.

Pebblemum is your DH always this much of a numpty or is it something special he does for Christmas? I am amazed that he thinks agreeing to spending Christmas away from you is acceptable behaviour and your MIL sounds like a bundle of laughs. I know we're all joking about it, but I'm concerned for you. What a horrible situation for you and while I feel sorry for DH stuck in the middle, he's a grown up and you are his wife. We don't all have to like each other, but we can behave like rational adults. Your MIL sounds like a child. I hope it can be sorted out for you.

Juicy glad to see you back. Hope all goes well with the midwife- I was a bag of nerves before my 16wk appointment, but hearing the heartbeat was enough to stop all the panic. If I was in your neck of the woods you'd be welcome to use my doppler any time!

LVB&T I'm another one who's so happy you're spending time with DH and the ball sounds like it was wonderful. I do, however, need more details.

Anyway, off on a course at 1pm- something to do with websites and content management (wonder if I can sleep with my eyes open). I'm only going for the free tea and biscuits at the afternoon break!

Oh and a friend of mine has given me a piano. I have always wanted a piano...

Hope everybody else is okay. The baby is currently doing laps of my uterus and seems to be banging into each end with hilarious regularity.

Juicythe2ndnotsowiseman Mon 11-Dec-06 13:17:30

Yeh, LVB&T - where is the obligatory piccy of you in your frock? We're all dying to see you in your moment of glory

Thanks SOH - would be round like a shot if you were close. Forever banging on your door in fact to get a go of your doppler!! (Just as well I'm not - for your sake )

Glad you managed to get back on Natty+T+B. You have been missed

Yes it's me RRBK JL2 in disguise!!

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RobinRedBreastsKennedy Mon 11-Dec-06 13:27:02

Oh no, I knew it was you, I just meant is it only you and me here today, and blimey it almost is! Hi LIShow.. oh youre on your course now too.. gordon bennet. I would LOVE to have a doppler machine. Dp tried to have a listen with his lug'oles but no such luck. I would be properly addicted.

So no boss today and no ladies on here either! Ive taken to reading the Due in December thread.. ohhhhh blimey. And as for SPD. Just realised what it is after seeing it on here. GOd are we going to get that too?

Im off to have vegetable curry and brown rice. When it doubt - eat.
JL good luck with your scan my dear, and I know its been said a trillion times but try not to worry about the weight thing. Ive gone down again (although sadly not a stone).

Juicythe2ndnotsowiseman Mon 11-Dec-06 13:41:30

Not a scan only MW with heartbeat monitor (hopefully!)

What's SPD - or do I really want to know <scared emoticon>

See yas later x

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MKGnearlyimmaculateconception Mon 11-Dec-06 13:43:06

Morning everyone,
Update from my sister (because my mom gives crappy information) my nephew is going this week for more tests. But they do know he has a milk allergy (not a big deal) and that his stomach isn't digesting properly, not sure on the details. So we have to wait.

On the upside ds had his first party invitation yesterday. He didn't want to take a nap before the party, when we got there he ate everything in sight, and played like a fool. I put him to bed early at 6:30, normally he plays around with me throwing things out of the crib, but last night his eyes were closed before I turned on his cd player and turned off the light. I didn't hear a peep from him until 7:30 this morning.

wewishyouamerrychristmouse Mon 11-Dec-06 13:49:30

I am lurking today, due to have pregnant worker risk assessment at 2.00 so fleeting visit. For lunch T1 wanted crusty bread with mushroom soup and T2 wanted a jacket potatoe and cheese so I can't have favourites can I? I had to have both, I tried to be healthy and followed this with cherries and grapes yummy.
DD had a practice of the nativity for Church next week yesterday and was so cute - she is lead sheep - obvioulsy a very important role, apart from wearing a woolly coat though not sure about how to make her look sheepish
Hope you are all keeping well and the rellies aren't stressing you all out too much. Good luck to all of you with the 20 scans coming up soon.

peacemakertooneandall Mon 11-Dec-06 14:01:29

Afternoon all. Hope you all had a good weekend despite the crappy weather.

I had a check-up at the hospital on Friday. Got to hear our LO's heartbeat for the first time - 152 bpm Everything looking good so far, blood pressure normal, wee normal Have got our 21 week scan on 12th Jan and a doppler scan on 26 Jan aswell as an antenatal clinic with my consultant on 16 Jan and a medical clinic antenatal appointment on 26 Jan. That bloody hospital are making a fortune out of me with their parking costs .

Hope everyone is having a relaxing afternoon.

lildrummerKel Mon 11-Dec-06 14:20:09

hello all, sorry for being a bit slow to get on today but been busy licking fingers after indulging in some tangy cheese Doritos. Funny but I don't remember being quite so obsessed with food last time round...

So glad I'm not the only one who finds hearing the heartbeat extraordinarily reassuring. I got one of those 'listening devices' (the cheap-ass headphones with the plastic box you strap to yourself from Mothercare) last time and because it's piece of crap naturally heard nothing at first. Was dead useful later on though, must say. HOw much is a doppler anyway? (She asks, obsessive gleam in her eye...)

Oh and Robin thanks for the recommendation for long t shirts at American Apparel. In desperate need of non-tent-like maternity friendly tops...

partridgeannemepeartree Mon 11-Dec-06 14:22:37

Happy new week everyone
I look like a tub today - and made the mistake of having lentils yesterday so am a smelly tub.
MKG - milk allergy ok - my DS is on soya milk and loves it - and he's vege so for the first 3 years of his life has been virtually vegan. He still looks like a scrum half.

twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 11-Dec-06 14:31:54

Hello, hello. Mad busy at work due to skiving for last two weeks on MN and the fact that I'm packing up for Christmas next Tuesday evening. Yipppeee!

Pebblemum, I feel for you. I really do. Those Christmas "whose side are you on" fights are so awful and so bloody childish. And to be frank, so far removed from the Spirit of Christmas that it's sickening. I'm for you. I'm afraid your husband's duty is to you and your kids now and he should tell his mum so. Unfortunately, boys and their mums are a complex relationship (I've discovered), so it doesn't surprise me that he's letting her do this either. I hope you can sort it out.

In the mean time, I'm glad to see you're retaining the MHG (Moral High Ground). And you're managing to do so with decorum, which counts for a lot.

lildrummerKel Mon 11-Dec-06 14:53:42

12DOC, just read your posts on the thread 'no alcohol in pg' and was LOL... right on, girl...

twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 11-Dec-06 15:20:30

I think I ruffled a few feathers though. Hahaha. I took my own advice too and had two (small) glasses of wine and a glass of champagne at my lunch on Friday. It was lovely. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pinkjennyjoytotheworld Mon 11-Dec-06 15:56:08

Hi everyone

I had my triple test this morning. Stupid student midwife took three attempts to get blood out of a vein - felt like a pin cushion. Results in a week, it seems letter good, phone call bad. Anyway, its done now.

I still just look fat!!! I went to a relative's for dinner last night with the top button of my jeans undone. How tragic am I.

On the plus side, it seems my bloods are all normal so far. Not that anyone bothered to tell me, I had to ask them to check my file. I'm sick of the parking costs too.

God how moody am I today.

OMG - almost forgot - we had the dreaded in-laws round on Saturday night. I had a fit when I realised they were drinking my 'alcohol removed' wine without realising. It was so funny, they were all sitting there, terrified to take another sip. I refused to speak for half an hour.

MistletoeandPebblemum Mon 11-Dec-06 16:12:08

Afternoon all

Thanks for all the kind words. Ive had a lovely peaceful day, Dh has hardly said a word to me, so much for talking about it. I thought we were getting somewhere when he took me to MacDonalds but he made me paid for my own so i realised then that nothing was going to be sorted out today. He did open his mouth long enough to inform me that if i dont go to MIL's for dinner (which im not as it was made quite clear im not wanted) then he will see the kids open their presents then will spend the rest of the day and night at his parents house. As im sure you can understand i was not best pleased but rather then beg him to put us first i have just decided that i am going to go OTT with the decs this year and give the kids the best christmas they've ever had. If he would rather spend time away from us then hes not worth worrying about. A true father would put his kids first.

One thing that has really annoyed me is when his mum and dad both phoned him earlier, it was obvious they were talking about me because his voice hushed a bit and he seemed as though he was being careful with what he said, do they really think i wouldnt notice

ANyway apart from Dh being a twat still i am fine, the little bump has been very active, im pretty sure theres been the odd kick which is great.

Glad the ball went ok LVB&T cant wait to hear all the news (when you can spare us a minute obviously Bet you were disappointed you missed all the fun on the labour thread though, i think everyone was waiting for you to go so they could all pop, it was all happening at the weekend

I just love the way we all openly discuss our wind problems on here, some people are so uptight theyt act as though they never do it (my mums friend has never had wind in front of her husband or kids in 40yrs, id burst if that was me!!!)Imagine if they came on this thread they wouldnt know whats hit them (and thats just the smell)

Pinkjennyjoytotheworld Mon 11-Dec-06 16:22:09

Pebble - what is wrong with him! I am incensed on your behalf. Men are just ridiculous sometimes, they regress into little boys when it comes to their parents.

My dh is a bit of a loon when it comes to his mum and dad as well. They're so concerned about upsetting them but it might be nice if they spared a thought for us at times!!! I can't believe he made you pay for your own McDonalds! What a low blow. He needs to get a grip of himself.

Rise above it!

MistletoeandPebblemum Mon 11-Dec-06 16:39:06

I thought it was hilarious, there was me stood at the counter with him when next minute he handed over money for his and left me stood there like a lemon. If anything it made him look stupid, I was just glad i had money on me

Before he left for work he expected me to run around for him getting his work clothes ready and doing him some sandwiches, im sure you can all guess my answer to that Thank god he doesnt get home until 1am, i think if i had to put up with his sulking all night i would go mad

Tell me again why do we get married? Im sure life was easier when i was a single mum, money was a bit tighter but at least i wasnt surrounded by adults being idiots

Pinkjennyjoytotheworld Mon 11-Dec-06 17:00:14

I completely understand. My dh is reasonably well off, whereas I am a serious spendaholic. We have had so many arguments surrounding my maternity leave and who is 'paying for it'. He keeps on saying I need to save up for it, despite him having tens of thousands in the bank - he says this money is for a 'rainy day'.

They are such idiots - he had me in floods of tears yesterday morning over it.

MistletoeandPebblemum Mon 11-Dec-06 17:38:52

Pinkjenny, you poor thing. You are pregnant therefore need to spend your money on certain important things ie clothes, bras, clothes, comfy shoes, more clothes how can you be expected to save money at the same time to cover your maternity leave. What happens when you go back to work (if you are planning to) does he expect you to cover the cost of all childcare or is that something else you need to save up for beforehand . Doesnt he realise that it took you both to make this baby and you will be off work because you need to look after his child, for that reason alone he should stop being tight and accept that if it wasnt for you taking maternity leave then you would need to pay someone else to do it. Surely the baby being with its mum for as long as possible is worth dipping into the savings a bit. Hope he comes to his senses and realises what a fool he was. Also he needs a kick for making a pregnant woman cry

Ive come to the conclusion that men are bigger arseholes when their partners are pregnant or have just given birth because it is easier to upset us due to the hormones, they feel big when they make us cry.

partridgeannemepeartree Mon 11-Dec-06 18:24:49

I think a lot of men don't like the idea of something else (ie LO) being more of a focus than them - hence your DH Pebble. He clearly wants attention so is turning to MIL - doesn't seem to realise that if he gave you attention then he would get it back. GGRRRRR makes me so angry. It's like a friend of mine who is desperate for kids and has had IVF etc and found it all quite traumatic but her DH has not even gone to appts with her when he could easily have done so...THEN... if we all get a takeaway together then she serves him his as if he is a small child - I then see that he isn't that keen to have his place taken by a baby because she might not mother him so much...selfish sod. Sorry, not that relevant but it has been really really annoying me....

We have my (divorced) parents in law coming for Xmas. Should be ok except FIL is completely mad and assumes that you only care about him if you spend loads of money on his xmas pressie. We earn less than anyone else in the family but he still thinks we are stingy. I am going to take great pleasure in only serving vegetarian food to him HA!!!

partridgeannemepeartree Mon 11-Dec-06 18:25:31

wow - didn't realise I was feeling that strongly about things. I feel better now

MistletoeandPebblemum Mon 11-Dec-06 18:40:29

Its great to vent our feelings on here isnt it.

Why are men always so happy and eager to have a baby then start acting like one when it finally happens, pain in the bloddy arses the lot of them (even the perfect men must have their off days)

Ive done the one thing guarenteed to cheer me up, ive been shopping. Actually it was only online window shopping but i now have an idea of all the things i would like to buy for when this baby arrives, all i need now is to win the lottery and i will be fine

largevirginbirthandtonic Mon 11-Dec-06 18:50:56

Evening all, wow you are all suffering with pratty Dh, Partners Not nice behaviour from them all at all.

There will be no photo unless we manage to get mil to scan it, i did have one taken as my mom refused to let my sis back in the house if a photo was not taken (im not a fan of having my photo taken, i hide) So mothers orders and all that....

The ball was great, my sis was very drunk (so funny)as was her bf (more funny)I was not but i did have some champagne and wine with dinner We got back to the b&b about 1 and i woke with no hangover but very sore feet!!!!

Ive booked my 20 week scan (a week early) for next tuesday, we will have the anomoly scan and find out what flavour we are having! So excited {fgrin]

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