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July 2016 (3)

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allthegoodnamesalreadytaken Tue 24-Nov-15 19:27:35

Trying to start a new thread before we run out of space, haven't done it before so hopefully it works

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lilygirl81 Tue 24-Nov-15 20:08:50

Brilliant, can't believe there is a third thread already!

Vickie360 Tue 24-Nov-15 20:16:37

I wonder how many pages we will get through! X

redstrawberries101 Tue 24-Nov-15 20:40:58

Marking my space smile

redstrawberries101 Tue 24-Nov-15 20:42:09

Is anyone experiencing really greasy hair? I usually shower every other day but I'm finding that I really need to shower daily now.

BergamotMouse Tue 24-Nov-15 20:47:26

Marking my place.

Cheery1 Tue 24-Nov-15 20:57:13

Hello ladies! Thanks for starting allthegood x

wantingno2 Tue 24-Nov-15 23:37:52

jumping over x

Mordirig Wed 25-Nov-15 06:52:33

Good morning everyone, so sad to hear Ellie's news, just so unfair sad I hope we see her and all the other ladies on another Ante Natal thread soon x
Had awful nights sleep, my own fault really, nodded off around 7 after dinner and woke around 11ish, couldn't get back to sleep until 2am, mind racing, I am so impatient it's silly, I just want to see my baby, make sure he's ok.

smallplainblonde Wed 25-Nov-15 07:01:20

Hi Mel, I have really greasy hair at the moment too.
I've not been posting as I'm really struggling with work and tiredness. So sad reading all the news on the thread. I'm 7 weeks today and I look about 5 months pregnant. My stomach is huge! Is this normal?

redstrawberries101 Wed 25-Nov-15 07:06:36

Mordrig- know exactly what you mean, you should've seen the state of me when I had the bleeding. But then I realised its not in my control and I can't make myself ill over it. I'm just taking it one day at a time and trying not to think ahead or get too excited. It means I'm not really enjoying the pregnancy but think it's important to keep a level head.

Small plain blonde I feel quite bloated too! Can't see any weight on my lower tummy though.

SunnyScot89 Wed 25-Nov-15 08:08:53

Checking in here. Hope we're all feeling positive this morning.

beckslovestimmy Wed 25-Nov-15 08:14:26

Good morning ladies, just marking my place.

SoniaShoe Wed 25-Nov-15 08:27:21

Oops just posted in the old thread. Talking to myself again...

SoniaShoe Wed 25-Nov-15 08:32:57

smallplainblond I'm looking very pregnant and I'm in a maternity dress this morning. I tend to carry weight on my tummy anyway and it is my second, but still its quite a distinct baby bump already. I showed it to the midwife but she didn't think it unusual to be this rounded with your 2nd at 8 weeks.

Jem01 Wed 25-Nov-15 08:34:37

Good morning all! I'm 7 +4 today and so bloated so your not alone
smallplainblonde and Melvali! Just not sure if this is normal. I have my scan on Friday so I guess I'll find out.

BelOfTheBall79 Wed 25-Nov-15 08:36:29

Morning ladies. After all the sad news on thread 2, let's hope that's behind us now and we have an uneventful time from here on in. I was so sad to read of people's losses. Had a few tears last night after reading Ellie's news. My DH couldn't really understand why I was upset about someone I have never met but people have been so supportive on this thread and I feel we're all in this together. Still, let's be positive about what's to come for us all in the future!

I for one cannot stop eating. Literally can't go an hour without needing something. Nothing is satisfying me really though (although I did enjoy my bacon Frazzles yesterday, which were inspired by someone else on this thread). DH is being quite particular about what I eat and drink though, he was reading the ingredients of all the cordials etc in the supermarket!

And finally, beautician thank you so much for your advice on my dry skin, much appreciated, it seems to be having an impact too! Hope your day in the salon today isn't too bad smile

Somnambulator Wed 25-Nov-15 08:41:38

Checking in

Ladyboluna Wed 25-Nov-15 08:42:14

What does 7+4 mean?

I'm 5 weeks according to an app. I've already told work as my job involves heavy lifting and looking after people with contagious infections but it has kind of panicked me a bit about people knowing and I don't even know why!
Feeling very bloated and sleepy. Keep feeling sickly and headache and thirsty too.

Booked first midwife appointment though!

I just keep alternating between being happy and scared which I guess is normal. Getting over the shock of it now! Lol smile

Cheery1 Wed 25-Nov-15 08:47:47

Morning ladies - yes Bel let's hope that the sad news is behind us indeed. As my GP keeps saying to me: think positive! As you say Mel it's out of our control.

Sonia - I was just chatting away to myself on the old thread, glad I wasn't the only one!

Bel - I am eating for England and already can't fit into my jeans (I'm 7 + 2)! Unfortunately my pregnancy seems to go to my bum, which is frankly big enough already! Elasticated waists and comfy dresses are the way forward I think. Let's be kind to ourselves eh? Our bodies are busy doing something amazing so what are a few extra pounds! smallplainblonde - if you're a small lady (I am barely over 5 ft) I think it possibly shows a bit more.

Hope everyone has a good, uneventful day today.


Cheery1 Wed 25-Nov-15 08:50:30

Lady - happy and scared is exactly how I feel, think that's how it is. I had to tell work too as part of my job is physical - most important thing is that you're safe. They were really lovely about it.

7+4 is 7 weeks, 4 days smile

SoniaShoe Wed 25-Nov-15 08:56:42

Irs alright cheery I read your post.

I know I was affected last night too I felt really sad about all the losses. I think with Ellie it was such a shock because it came out of the blue. She had no warning signs. One day she was talking about maternity bras and the next thing you hear its lost. That's such a scary thing for all of us to read.

Anyway, like people have said, we need to be positive for the rest of us now and keep looking after ourselves.

wantingno2 Wed 25-Nov-15 08:58:01

Morning ladies beloftheball glad to see you enjoying my bacon frazzles lol I love them I'm 6+1 today x

Kaytee1987 Wed 25-Nov-15 09:10:39

Found the new thread, was so sorry to read of people's losses, I feel like I'm constantly paranoid at this stage sad

Wrt caffeine, I have 2 cups of tea and one 220ml can diet coke most days, I'm completely oblivious to caffeine amounts and how much I'm allowed. Does this sound like an ok amount? I used to have the 330ml can but found smaller ones to buy. The rest of my drinks are just plain water and I never drink coffee. Xx

Gx91 Wed 25-Nov-15 09:17:26

Yay I'm in lol was being a dunce and couldn't find new thread lol X

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