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due MARCH 2007-thread no ?????

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divastrop Sat 09-Dec-06 14:12:31

i cant see a new thread so i thought id start another one!

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divastrop Sat 09-Dec-06 14:17:58

hello.hope everybody is ok?

dd2 is much better today,getting back to her normal self.

leo-some doctors have said her lungs would have been weakened by the ventilator and the bronchiolitis and some say it shouldnt have a long term effect so i,ll be interested to find out what the consultant says.

i just hope she is well for xmas.

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TheBlonde Sat 09-Dec-06 14:41:07

Hi Diva - hope DD2 feels better soon

I am v tired here, woken by a drunk DH returning at 5.30am. Bl**dy xmas parties !

kittyschristmascrackers Sat 09-Dec-06 14:43:16

Diva, I give my ds1 some aloe vera juice everyday. It is a general anti inflamatory but has been great for his asthma, it just helps to stop the lung lining become too inflamed and swolllen. You could look into it.

Foxy are you ok. you're v. quiet?
Same for Rainbowgirl and Onilly

divastrop Sat 09-Dec-06 14:45:33

thanks kitty,i will look into it.

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Rosydingdongmerrily Sat 09-Dec-06 15:24:29

Kitty I saw your home birth dvd today Where you live looks absolutely gorgeous, your kids are scrumptious and you and your man look really cute together standing at your front door!
Its great to put a face to a name and you did brilliantly with your labour! wow.

It does make me realise that I'm going to have to do it too though -again. I think I'd like to live in denial til I have no choice but get on with it!

Foxy thanks so much for copying and sending it
too me.

Rainbow txt me your address to 07783131853 and I'll send it to you!

The Blonde I know how you feel, my dh was out celebrating last night, arrived in at 2am talking so loudly on the phone he woke the wee ones and it took me ages to get them settled, then he started cooking for two hours and filled the house with gorgeous spicy smells so then I had to get up and eat some

TheBlonde Sat 09-Dec-06 16:16:00

Thankfully DH got up at lunchtime so my anger has subsided... I hate having to do everything on my own at the weekend. I think it was the dioralyte I forced down him at 9am

We have just consumed the traditional hangover cure of delivery pizza and I have left DH & DS asleep on the couch

kittyschristmascrackers Sat 09-Dec-06 16:50:06

Thanks Rosy !!!!!! I'm glad you liked it. I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine when the time comes.
I'm so looking forward to meeting my little man. I really want to cuddle him right now and I am really looking forward to smelling him. I so love the smell of tiny babies

Never mind TheBlonde it'll be your turn to drink again soon

MossletoeAndWine Sat 09-Dec-06 16:51:30

'noon everyone!

Divastrop glad your dd2 is feeling better, hope the consultant gives her the all clear and she is fine for xmas.

Kitty, everyone's been talking about your amazing home birth vid for ages... do you think I would find it scary (being a first timer and all!) or do you think it would help me make my decision re: birth centre vs hosi+epi?

Rosy & TheBlonde, hope you're both a bit more rested now!

My dh was out last night for his work's do, but didn't drink very much and got in just before midnight. He worries these days about drinking too much in case something happens to me and he needs to be in a sober state of mind to look after me. Aw bless him.

OCalliecomeallyefaithful Sat 09-Dec-06 17:01:49

New thread, how exciting!

Kitty/Rosy/Foxy/Rainbow - I know Rainbow is next in line for the DVD but do you think I'd be able to get a copy of it or have it after Rainbow? Kitty/Foxy, if you've still got an original copy, I'd be happy to send either of you a disc to copy it onto, if you can do that. I'm starting to feel a bit nervous about the whole thing, particularly if I go ahead with a home birth, and I'd really like to watch somebody doing it in that setting and hopefully pick up some confidence. Only if you don't mind Kitty of course.

Diva, glad to hear DD is picking up.

Can I give a shameless plug to a friend's venture? It's an internet radio station for parents called She's a journalist and she and her husband started this after they had their baby early this year because they thought it would have been useful to have advice etc in the early days. Link is here .

divastrop Sat 09-Dec-06 17:05:45

kitty-would you mind if somebody sends me a copy of your dvd?im curious to see it now.who knows...maybe a miricle will occur and my bp wont go up this time and i will be able to give birth naturally(ahhh,dreams)so it may give me some helpful hints

i am worried today in case the next door noise starts again tonight.i could do with some advice on worrying less if anybodys got a spare moment,i started a thread on it here

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Rosydingdongmerrily Sat 09-Dec-06 17:44:52

Kitty's labour is really positive and encouraging. By the time we are all giving birth we could pass it round everyone and Kitty you will be our birthing guru

christmasspongecake Sat 09-Dec-06 17:59:14

am v worried re watching births as can't even read the book the midwife gave me cos of pictures... am planning to glue over them so can read about labour like the idea that it was v positive though, am holding that thought mum has gone home after leaving me giant pile of baby things -although did seem to find it v funny I am squeezed into size 16 (am normally 8/10... she bought me a new dress -size 18- as you will get bigger,hahaha... how supportive is that?!

Rosydingdongmerrily Sat 09-Dec-06 18:17:14

Spongecake don't be looking at labours if it disturbs you!!
It often looks worse from the outside. Must admit, when I was at art college we watched an artyfarty birth film...and I fainted!!! When you do it yourself it'll be fine, you will be intent on meeting your baby!
I am nervous about labour too even though its my fourth! but when the time comes I'll probably be busting to go into labour and get on with it! And as Kitty says little babies do smell lovely

christmasspongecake Sat 09-Dec-06 18:25:00

hi rosy, v good advice, am wearing rose tinted spec 24/7...have never held new baby except my niece 21 years ago (EEEEK! she just got married!) so v excited about mine coming! love the way kitty, you and everyone is so positive...

kittyschristmascrackers Sat 09-Dec-06 18:27:46

If anyone wants me to copy the prog for them I can do that . If you email me at and leave your addresses etc. You can bulk buy dvd's cheaply now and I usually have some in the house.

Mossletoe the camera's not at the business end thankheavens so there's no blood and gunk to see. As far as births go it's quite uneventful and quick.
The thing I've learnt to do is to breathe. I know it sounds obvious, but our natural reaction to pain is to physically tense up and hold our breath. If during a bad contraction you open your jaw slightly that relaxes your pelvic floor and body and helps you to dilate. It also helps to keep you on the rails. I also find it helpful to concentrate on something infront of me , usually the pattern on the carpet, it keeps me anchored if that makes sense.

Calli home births are wonderful, you just feel so much more in control of what is oging on.

Diva fingers crossed for you tonight. i can well imagine how anxious you must be feeling right now. When did the noise start last week?

I'll check out your threads in a mo.

25+3 boy

harktheheraldfoxessing Sat 09-Dec-06 19:53:38


Kitty PC is up the creek . Thanks for asking

Our active birth yoga teacher used to say: deep breath in...Now breath out with loose relaxed lips

Its tru what you say about the breathing.

The film is inspiring BTW

kittyschristmascrackers Sat 09-Dec-06 19:59:06

Foxy, glad all is ok, thanks, you are very sweet

MossletoeAndWine Sat 09-Dec-06 20:39:44

Callieco I will have a listen to your friend's radio station as soon as I work out how to get sound on my PC again (dh did something funny when he was setting up a computer game and sound has suddenly disappeared!)

Kitty I have sent you an email - I would love to watch your programme. I have even posted a message on my local freecycle group to see if anyone has a copy of Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth they're not using any more ('cos I am skint until I get paid on 21st now!!) - I am leaning more and more towards doing it relatively naturally. Could just be pregnancy hormones addling my brain though!!!

Divastrop I have posted on your thread, although I don't know if my advice is of any use. But advice aside you do have my sympathy, I really hope you get it sorted.

Christmasspongecake - if you're squeezing into a size 16-18 you could borrow my pre-pg clothes! I am in maternity clothes now and the few size 22 dresses that sil gave me (she used to be that size but has since lost weight - she told me she knew there was a reason she kept what she called her "fat clothes"!!)

divastrop Sat 09-Dec-06 20:59:15

i have just updated on my neighbour stuff on my thread-thanks for reading it

kitty-i will email you re the dvd

i remember (ish) the mw telling us how important breathing is during my ante-natal classes and it went in one ear and out the other.but when i was pushing ds1 out i kept tensing up and screaming and i could feel him sliding back up(sorry tmi)

my best advice re the pushing stage would be-if you feel like youre going to poo yourself-just do it.i was so worried about it in my first 2 labours that i didnt push effectivley,but when i had ds2 i just thought'oh sod it,id rathr s* on the bed then spend over an hour pushing!'

i went from a size 8-10 to a 16 in my last pg.this time i was a size 10 and im still in low-cut size 12 jeans atm.i dont like it cos i put all the weight on in my 1st pg towards the end and it took me 3.5 years to get rid of it,yet in my last 2 i'd put 3 stone on in the first 6 months and didnt put any more on atall,then the extra weigh fell off in 3 months after the birth.

today i discovered i can no longer bend over.welcome to the 3rd trimester....

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harktheheraldfoxessing Sun 10-Dec-06 07:58:37

Diva - pooed myself laughing at your comment below!

Having done the active birth and the drug induced birth, the latter was easier, but I am so glad I experienced the "natural birth" as well and will endeavour to have an active birth next time as well. I remember DS slipping back up again too LOL - he did it twice until they threatened me with the ventouse, at which point I gave the most almightly push and he popped out!

Rosydingdongmerrily Sun 10-Dec-06 09:04:48

Yeah I remember last time pushing through the pain with a sort of kamikazee(sp) attitude. I only had to do it once and I knew that was the only way it would stop...and what a RELIEF! there's nothing like it!

kittyschristmascrackers Sun 10-Dec-06 09:29:42

I find the last 2 cms of dilation by far the worst part of labour. Pushing is a relief!! it's just a shame it has left me not the woman that I once was . God I REALLY must do my pv exercises!!!!!

kiwibella Sun 10-Dec-06 13:10:06

Hi everyone... hope you're enjoying a lazy Sunday. I didn't wake until half 11 which was lovely after crawling in sometime after 2am!!

Diva... bless your dd. Hope that everything will be ok for her. at the bending over - or lack of it I haven't noticed that (yet) but what is driving me mad is my breasts resting on my belly when I am sitting. Especially when I am wearing an underwire instead of the fugly maternity bras I brought.

Pooing the bed !!!!

Radio station sounds fab and interesting. Thanks for the link, Callie.

Heehee Rosy... why did you watch a birthing film at art school???

Mention of ante-natal classes - is anyone going? We got a letter to say we were booked at the hospital. I'm really not sure what to do... it's my second birth and we're opting for a home birth so I feel comfortable about the 'big day' but it maybe a good networking opportunity?!?! My biggest concern is the classes are until 8:30 so by the time we get home via public transport... it's a late night for a school night .

TheBlonde Sun 10-Dec-06 13:47:02

Kiwi - I am doing NCT refresher classes just to meet some new faces. We haven't even been offered any NHS ones

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