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Due Jan '07 part 6: Santa baby, slip a baby under the tree for me (and save me the agony of labour!)

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2Happy Thu 07-Dec-06 08:13:13

Well it's one better than coal...

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LadyTophamHatt Thu 07-Dec-06 08:50:35

2Happy = thread title writer extraordinaire

OonaghBhuna Thu 07-Dec-06 09:03:03

love the new thread title

spinasnowflake Thu 07-Dec-06 09:32:30


Not fair.Want your thread title.STOMP STOMP STOMP!

(also want Santa to bring said baby as 3yr old is beginning to expect him as I'm due on the 25TH Dec!!)

PS I'll be back on here come Jan first when LO hasn't turned up and I need some pg company.

elliepmummy Thu 07-Dec-06 09:48:17

Love the title - think new job for 2happy could be marketing with these clever lines!! Spina hope you don't go overdue

Work xmas meal went really well but got cronic heartburn from the amount of food I ate!!! Got my secret santa pressie it was so me a pair of xmas rubber gloves they are red with white fur and bells etc they obviosly know my obsession about cleaning plus a lovely double silver photoframe so I can put a pic of each of my aughters (eeek scary more than one!) in it and have it on my desk when I go back to work, I guessed who my Secret santa was and I knew she would buy something so appropriate (sp?)

As it was my leaving meal as well they were goin to give me my maternity leave pressies but apparently they were too big (aargh what have they bought???) so I'll get them a week tomorrow which is my last day (apparently they have organised a taxi to take me to the park and ride as I won't be able to get on the bus with it??)any ideas?

theUrbanDryadWithSparklyWings Thu 07-Dec-06 11:29:42

elliep, could it be some sort of cot bumper or perhaps a baby gym or something? hmm, i'm intrigued now. you'll have to let us know.

anyone else heard anything from jessdibbs? either i'm not paying close enough attention to things that don't directly concern me (no change there then, self-obsessed little madam that i am! ) or she's not been on in a while...

i think DH may have been taken over by some sort of alien; last night he got home from work and found me lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, and then he went to the shop to get me fizzy water (and brought back a twirl as well, bless him), cooked the dinner, did the washing and drying up, swept the kitchen floor and wiped the top of the cooker. not like him at all. THEN he ran me a bath, massaged my back and rubbed my feet. i'm very suspicious. when i asked him who he was and what he'd done with the REAL dh, he said "you're 8 months pregnant, enjoy it" then added hastily "but don't get used to it."

loving the new thread title btw....

poppynic Thu 07-Dec-06 13:44:50

Congratulations Magnolia - very encouraging to hear good news hospital story.

Love the thread title - best yet.

I have decided not to moan about my pregnancy "woes" for at least several days since watching Robert Winston's programme about the trials of ivf.

Hoorray - at 34 week scan yesterday my "breach" baby has decided to put it's head down where it's supposed to be. (There's a good link to ways to change breach baby on my thread question about acupuncture and breach baby in London). I got on my hands and knees for a bit and also made dp talk to baby where it's head should be!! Maybe coincidence.

Tillypup Thu 07-Dec-06 14:15:06


At my 34 week midwives appointment earlier in the week the midwife told me that the baby was now lying head down so one less thing to worry about! However the measurement was only 32cms (it was 31cms at my 31 week appointment) the midwife didn't seem too concerned though and said possibly it was due to the way the baby was lying (to one side).

Apparently the bump now feels different as well, not sure why.

It is all getting scarily close now, 35 weeks yesterday and I've started to gether the stuff I might need for my hospital bag, DP said he will stop drinking once I've packed it! Not that he drinks all that much anyway!

pitstop Thu 07-Dec-06 17:18:16

Love the new thread name!

Magnolia, Congratulations!!! thats a lovely name! Hope everything is going well?

Wilkie, I'm 32.5 weeks , giving it all up next week for about 6 months!! Can't wait, I'm knackered! Spent today tramping around in the mud enduring the wild weather, wanting to sit down every ten minutes or so!

wilkie50 Thu 07-Dec-06 20:19:53

Pitstop - I'm intrigued, what do you do??? I am so desperate to finish but I am the project manager for a big client's project so really have to stick this out until 29th Dec - arghhhh! Feel like I am going mad with the impatience of it all and I still have another 14 working days to go......(not that I'm counting).

One of my bosses is a complete w*nker and is barely speaking to me because I have raised one or two concerns regarding my workload and he didn't like it!

Ho hum. Sorry to hear things stopped LTH

Daisypops Thu 07-Dec-06 20:56:31

Ok ladies, I know everyone is quite chirpy on this thread so far but I gotta have a whinge. Carpal tunnel is really bad, cold water and splints not working and my back is agony, I can hardly walk. This is my first bub and I'm sure I shouldn't be suffering to this extent. I can't sleep because of the carpal tunnel and my ankle are swollen and sore. My bump is really tight all the time. Today I got stuck in bed and nearly had to ring someone to come and help me up, when I finally got up I just sat and cried. I'm still working, don't finish until 22 December, but DP phoned in sick for me today, have had to have quite a few odd days off because I'm so tired. Is all this normal, its really starting to get me down. Sorry for moany post just wanted some advice from those of you that already have LO's or anyone. x

LadyTophamHatt Thu 07-Dec-06 21:04:13

Daisy, I really truely think that the 1st PG you live through is teh worst.
Everything is such hard work because your body just has no idea what the f*ck is going on!!

I remeber crying at work, at home, in shops...everywhere because I felt so utterly shite all the time.

there have been afair few times when I've been stuck on the sofa, or when trying to turn in bed or getting sock on/off or (FFS,this one really pisses me off) sitting up to wash when I'm in the bath!!!

There nothing I can suggest to make it all's all just a long hard slog.

Can you finish work earlier? I think with teh carpal tunnel it might be a good idea.

Daisypops Thu 07-Dec-06 21:13:42

Thanks LTH. Have your pregnancies got easier with each one?

I really want to finish work but desperately need the money, I get full pay til 7 Jan. Obviously my health comes first so maybe I'll just have to see how I go over next few days and pack it in early if I can't carry on.

Everything is sooooooo hard. Irony is, I keep dropping stuff with this carpal tunnel thing then I've got to bend down to pick it up which hurts my back, FFS, how typical is that.

DP has to pull me off the sofa and has to have his knee in my back in bed to keep me comfy. To top it off I think I've got ribflare now!!!

My poor body, DP said hes gonna send me to the scrappers!!! Had enough now want this bub to be here. x

LadyTophamHatt Thu 07-Dec-06 21:26:29

Well, my PG's with DS2+3 were a breeze compared to this one and were also deffo better than the first PG....does that make sense??

So they got easier and then harder....but I think it's mentally harder this time too because I was so unprepared for it.

It is shit feeling so awful all the time, isn't it?? especially as there really isn't much anyone can do about it. I remeber saying to Dh once I just wish I could take it (my bump) off for a few hours.
If only eh??

elliepmummy Fri 08-Dec-06 07:12:37

Oh Daisy sounds like you are haing a really rough time, my 1st pregnancy was a breeze compared to this one but I am convinced that was because I sat on my arse all day at work came home and sat on my arse all night and because she was breech never had all the pressure of head down and backache etc I am having with this one. This time I'm also struggling as DD is only 2.3 so wans my full attention and still wants me to pick her up at times I am so glad she potty trained herself in september as couldnt face doing nappies as well. But everyone is different and hopefully if you decide to have another one you'll sail through it.

Right off to work today so better get DD dressed and get ready to drop to MIL's. Only another week and its my last day (monday and friday next week yipee although that does mean I have DD 24/7 till July aaargh!!)

GodRestYeMerryGentELMen Fri 08-Dec-06 07:20:09

Tilly/Poppy: Glad your babies are behaving themselves and facing the exit now

Daisy: Sorry the carpal tunnel is so bad, you are having a really bad time, and the 22nd must seem like ages away.Big Festive Hugs, I hope you start feelingn better soon.

EllieP: Definitely want to know what the pressie is.....I think I will end up with vouchers, if anything. Useful, but hardly exciting!

LTH: will make a mental note to stop at 3 babies... LOL: I think I will take some serious convincing to have No 2!

Had my tour of the neo-natal ward yesterday, it was lovely, full of bright colours and friendly people, but not sure I would like to spend up to 6 weeks visiting DS there

DP as usual couldn't get the time off work to come and then really pissed me off by contradicting everything I told him saying.. 'well on the internet it says such and such' well if you could be bothered to come you could have asked!! Rant over!
... all we have to do is wait for Tuesday to find out the big day... I'm so nervous

Podmog Fri 08-Dec-06 07:43:32

Message withdrawn

Loubie37 Fri 08-Dec-06 08:11:31

I agree too, this pregnancy has been by far the hardest both physically and mentally. I don't know how much that has to do with the fact that it's 13 years since I last had a baby or that I'm now a lot older (38) but I really don't relish the thought of another one.

Had my GTT yesterday, all I can say is yuck and I hope they don't have to repeat it! I hate lucobloodyzade at the best of times so having to drink a pint of the stuff (and it was warm, even yukkier) wasn't pleasant!

No time for personals as I should be getting ready for work, but I do try and read every day to keep up with what's happening with you all! Once I start my Mat Leave hopefully I'll have a lot more time to chat

Take care everyone

Loubie xx

theUrbanDryadWithSparklyWings Fri 08-Dec-06 12:23:47

morning all!

daisy - i completely sympathise with you with the crappy tunnel syndrome and backache. DH "made" me try tubi-grips instead of my wrist splints last night, conseqeunce: i can't feel my fingers at all today. when i asked him why he wanted me to try the tubi-grips, he said "the velcro from the splints scratches me at night!" wanted to scream IT ISN'T ACTUALLY ABOUT YOU!! but felt so relieved that my normal DH had come back after his bizarre behaviour the other night i didn't.

miriam says that in the last few weeks of pg you should feel a "lightening" of the bump when it drops. i can't wait, this bump is really high and i get so breathless going up stairs. i know, LTH, you've beem moaning about having a low bump, but in some ways i would prefer it! maybe we could swap?

poppynic Fri 08-Dec-06 12:50:38

Hi Daisypops - sounds like you need a soothing all-over massage or similar. I'm dreaming of one. I wonder if acupuncture can soothe carpel tunnel? The best, most soothing thing I found in first pregnancy was ante-natal "swimming" in the extra warm hospital pool. If you have classes near you it's definitely worth a try.

The funny thing about my two pregnancies is while they have been equally horrible the "horriblenesses" have been quite different - e.g., carpel tunnel last time v thrush this time, etc. etc.

Sparkly Urban - I know Miriam's a guru but has she had children? The only "lightening" I recall is when the thing comes out.

Podmog - hope your drs visit went well - let us know the gory details.

Galmum Fri 08-Dec-06 13:48:38

Love the new thread name!

Loubie37 - I think we're having similar issues - large bumps! My GTT is clear, but measured 38cm at 32+6 weeks today - oops! Have been cutting back on portion size and my weight gain is less than last time - but still growing like mad. Consultant was lovely ....did n't think the baby felt noticably big, but I'm off for a scan to check. Still hopeful for birthcentre, but let's see. My bump is sooo tight - it looks like the belly button is going to pop out soon. I'll take that as the timer and that the baby is ready to take out the oven !

Went to theatre with DH and MIL last night - Avenue Q (rude muppet type show!?) in the West End. Very funny but a bit rude. MIL seemed to like the "internet is great for porn" song (shock). Loved it but wish I could have a few large ones before hand!

Galmum Fri 08-Dec-06 13:50:30

PS I can't get the shock face to work or in fact any of them that rely on brackets - help - am I being a MN Muppet???

Podmog Fri 08-Dec-06 14:47:54

Message withdrawn

2Happy Fri 08-Dec-06 15:22:37

Galmum, remember to use the square brackets [ ] not the round ones ( ) (or the curly ones { } which I often do by accident!)
Podmog, hope the tablets help. I haven't had to do a GTT but couldn't agree more about the taste of lucozade, esp when warm, eurgh!
Poppynic - you've got me dreaming of a massage now... Hmmm wonder if I could persuade dsis she needs one to soothe her worries away and that I would need to accompany her!
ELM - will be thinking of you on tuesday x

Guess what I did on my second day of mat leave? I went into work!! Had some loose ends to tie up, but actually is quite nice going in knowing I'm not going to be asked to do anything else, just quietly diddle away in a corner (and confuse some poor bloke I'd called and asked to phone me back, because the receptionist didn't realise I'd come in so when he phoned she carefully told him no, no she's on maternity leave now, lol!)

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2HappyTurtleDoves Fri 08-Dec-06 15:26:06

ELM - I've had to shorten your idea for a Christmas name, but I think it still works

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