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April 07 - Easter bunnies? So THAT'S what's bouncing on my bladder!

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Brandybuttershott Wed 06-Dec-06 14:26:14

New thread! Have to admit that I thought up this title at the weekend and have been itching to post it - how sad is that!!

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opinionsrus Wed 06-Dec-06 14:29:39

Anyone know where I can order one of those funny shape pillows to go between my legs??????

Brandybuttershott Wed 06-Dec-06 14:33:18

Blooming Marvellous have some I think, or try the aptly named pregnancy pillows site where you can get all sorts of wierd-looking stuff!

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SparklySnowflakeKid Wed 06-Dec-06 14:43:47

Any scan news yet?

I bought a newborn gymboree babygro on ebay and it is tiny - actually says preemie on it - so tiny will never ever fit one of my babies - so going to sell it on mn!

My 2 weenotions nappies arrived today - very sweet!

Am feeling bit tired...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

liatHoHoHo Wed 06-Dec-06 14:45:21

Definitely a lot of bouncing on my bladder - great title !

Welcome to Hollyhormone and congratulations Treacletart, what great news! Smole, really hope scan is OK for you today.

Had another scan today & saw my obstetrician as she was away last week. Good news is my blood tests don't show a sign of a virus that could have damaged the baby THANK GOODNESS! Was pretty worried about that. No cystic fibrosis results yet. Consultant thinks we're seeing either a dilated bit of bowel (implying there's a blockage) or a cyst. Not a lot to be done just now - am going to get another scan at 28 weeks and get referred to the paed surgeons then.

So, will try not to fret and just get on and enjoy the festive season. My mum gave dd a baby Annabel today as an early xmas present to get her used to having a "baby" around. I had no idea they were so freaky. Put in the batteries and this thing started to wail, Dd just lost the plot and went hysterical with fear and my poor mum was mortified !! PMSL - hope she doesn't react like that to the real thing. Seems OK now, she's fast asleep with an arm around it.

Anyone else getting heartburn? Time to get in the gaviscon here I think.

SparklySnowflakeKid Wed 06-Dec-06 14:49:16

I find baby annabel scary too! Glad it went better today Liath xoxoxoxoxox

Brandybuttershott Wed 06-Dec-06 14:55:11

Oh Liath - glad you've had some reassuring news.

My nan bought DD one of those dogs that barks and does somersaults last year, and she was terrified of that (not now though - sadly!).

I get heartburn if I have an active day with lots of bending and stretching. Much less of a problem if I am sitting here on my backside at the computer!

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SparklySnowflakeKid Wed 06-Dec-06 15:00:45

Eating lots of chocolate can help

doginsantasgrotto Wed 06-Dec-06 15:10:28

Congratulations treacletart - lovely news,
welcome hollyhormone!

heidle - love your DS' names, very traditional, - loving Harriet too. will you shorten to hattie? Stan and Ted - love those too snowflake! Love Ruby but that is my dog's name!!

Think Rose is lovely too and Rosie is our choice if we have a 2nd girl. this time it will be Alice Mabel (Mabel is grandmother's name - dead now).

We have found boys' names difficult too but don't have to think about that for now. Edward is the only one we agree on!

think we all have excellent taste on the names front and it is lovely not to worry about them being 'pinched'!!

DingDongWaspEllyonHigh Wed 06-Dec-06 15:37:25

Can't remember if I've already said - girl would either be Charlotte or Thomasine Kay (Lotty or Tamsin) boys we're struggling with although Dominic is featuring and we may suprise my living grandfather with Albert as middle.
We have to have a multi-syllabic first name as we're plain old Pegg which rules out any "J" or "M" initials! Dh was born before a JPeg meant anything other than him!
It's also a shame as I love the diminutive Meg or Peggy for Margaret....
I also like Celtic based names too so Orla etc are lovely - what loevly taste we have (and I don't think Rhys/Reece VERY chavvy - hug!)

DecaTheHalls Wed 06-Dec-06 15:50:48

Love the new title BBS! Have certainly been having alot of bouncing on bladder this week, start to panic if not near a loo!

Glad to hear you've had some good news Liath. LOL at your dd and new doll! Your poor mum!

I've felt quite sick today and kept having to eat to keep it at bay. Thankfully nothing worse than that though, so not complaining!

Loving all the baby names. At the moment we are set on Torrin Charlie for a boy, but is a big secret in RL! Torrin is an old celtic name apparently and Charlie is a family name - he was a great Uncle of dh who was an explorer! But quite stuck on girls' names. Quite like Maya, like your spelling too Pesha - Maia. And also like Anouk. But v undecided!

we1becomes3kings Wed 06-Dec-06 16:02:40

A friend brought DD a dolly. I have to say it freaked me out a bit, she has only been on this earth for 18 months and she is already practicing being a mummy.

She sits her dolly down feeds it tells it off and one time in an attempt to put a nappy on it she stuck sanitary towels all over it.

Smole Wed 06-Dec-06 16:21:49

liath - good news.

I've got to back for another scan on Friday 15th Dec. The baby was not co-operating and the sonographer could not get a full view of the heart. Although what she could see was good. Also the sonographer noted a mild left renal pelvis dilation. The cut off is 5mm. All measurements she took were 4.5mm, 4.6mm & 4.7mm except one which was 5.1mm. As this was the highest, this is one she has to go with. So this will also be checked again next week. Also because of this I will need another scan at 32 weeks to reassess the kidneys. This could show a slight turn towards Downs but all other markers so far are normal and the Sonographer felt it was a very positive outcome.

AngeGabriel Wed 06-Dec-06 17:09:04

Oh goody I love a new thread. Fantastic name as well

Liath - good news for your scan today.Glad it went better for you. Those dolls are really scary nothing like a newborn.

Smole - shame bean wasn't cooperating still it's an excuse for another scan

SSK - those premie clothes are soo tiny aren't they? Had some for DS as he was 2lbs 10oz. Got them out the other day and couldn't believe how tiny they were
DS now using them for his doll's clothes - may need to steal them back if I have another premie.

wyebird Wed 06-Dec-06 17:12:36

Hello April bunnies

I'm due on 2nd. Finding it all a bit unreal as first baby. Anyone else having trouble getting head round fact bump will soon be in arms not belly?

It's apparently a boy, but I couldn't for the life of me make out his giblets on the screen despite the sonographer patiently explaining it five times so we shall see on the big day!

PS what do the abbreviations DD and DB and DH mean - I'm guessing son, daughter and hubby but am stuck on the D

AngeGabriel Wed 06-Dec-06 17:15:34

Hello wyebird - congratulations and welcome

Yes you're right about daughter etc, D is dear/darling.

If you click on the acronyms list at the top of the page it explains all of them. HTH.

SparklySnowflakeKid Wed 06-Dec-06 17:27:13

Welcome Wyebird - we're a chatty lot here!

Smole - I nearly had to go back as bean not co-operative - hope all is well at next scan xoxoxox

Curry tonight - have made chicken jalfrezi....yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy

AngeGabriel Wed 06-Dec-06 17:32:42

Mmmmm SSK - can I have some it sounds lovely

Whendoobygotstuckupthechimney Wed 06-Dec-06 18:19:11

Great thread title.Welcome Wyebird and Hollyhormone
Pleased at your news smole and liathohoho.Hopeit all continues to be positive.I haven't even read all the other thread yet!
My scan on Fri and ecas i believe.etting nervous,i have to admit.
I have heartburn..milky stuff does not help me as it seems to make me produce more phlegm which starts me retching..sorry if tmi
We had heating fixed today and it is still lashing with rain and gales outside.But we are warm and almost too hot now[frin]
My lovely friend in the uk posted me the festive oil burning stuff from mand s that i get every year.Not going till nearer christmas[to the one in Cork]so thought it would sell out.So the house smells scrummy.
If the baby is a girl we were thinking of Nancy but do not have a boys name yet!¬I have enjoyed reading about others choices AND HAVE TO SAY I LIKE EM! i think we are an interesting bunch I wonder how we would all be if we met in real life when beans are a year old or so!

SparklySnowflakeKid Wed 06-Dec-06 18:26:06

Its offcial - when I sneeze I pee! What is the etiquette - do your grab you hamburger or wet yourself in public? (note: I work in a secondary school with ebd pupils) seriously....

mistletoejo Wed 06-Dec-06 18:45:07

Mmm, difficult one sparkly. I must be honest I have resorted to wearing panty liners as I do have the same problem At least that way it doesnt feel like you have completely wet yourself It is more when I cough a bit too much! I obviously have no pelvic floor to speak of!

By the way, love all the festive name changes! Just a quick hello, welcome to the newcomers!

DecaTheHalls Wed 06-Dec-06 18:45:28

Hi Wyebird! Glad you made it across.

dooby, I'm nervous about scan too. I keep thinking it's tomorrow. Will be lovely to see baby though.

smole, glad your scan went well. All these technical terms! I hope i'll be able to get my head round it.

I've got really bad headache tonight, which is making me feel even more sick! I think it might have to be an early night for me and I was wanting to watch Love Actually as well!

MerryBugmum Wed 06-Dec-06 19:11:16

Try having the cough from hell and no pelvic floor! Pads the ONLY way to go, girls. And I blimming well did my exercises last time, pre- and post-

Glad to see a newbie - we need fresh blood (cue evil laugh). Is very hard to keep up though, so you've been warned

TreacleTart If you are reading this at all, WHOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Fantastic, fantastic news; I meant to say so earlier, but you know what PG brain is like.

Smole - that sounds encouraging. Enjoy your extra scan

We are considering Ezra, but there's a problem with the anti-semitic connotations, not least because I come from a (secular) Jewish background. Lovely name, though, and would offset the obligatory middle 'Kenneth'.

CaptainDippyClausWithABump Wed 06-Dec-06 19:28:15

Panty Liner?? Don't worry honey - It's not just you!!

I like Nancy dooby!

Hello and Welcome wyebird - Congratulations on the little blue Bean!!

I am glad the scan had some positve news for you Smole honey - [[[hugs]]] Let us know when you get another scan date ....

Glad the scan was positive for you too Liath - [[[hugs]]]] Baby Anabel's are v.scary imho - confiscated the batteries out of ours!!

Waspelly - LOL @ Peggy Pegg!!

Should be moving in by 15th - Yey!!

CaptainDippyClausWithABump Wed 06-Dec-06 19:29:21

Cheers for new thread btw Bramshott honey - great title!!

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